Just Pick Me

Chapter 2

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Katherine stuck her tongue out. "Nope. I have more plans for the four of us."

Damon growled. "What else Kat? You have what you've been looking for, Stefan." He held Elena tightly.

Katherine laughed, and grabbed Stefan's hand. "You will just have to wait and see." Then they were gone.

Elena gasped, breaking free of Damon's grasp. "What have I done? Only if…." She trailed off.

Damon stiffened, his look turning cold. "You regret choosing me over Stefan?"

Elena looked at him, startled. "NO! He's your brother and I don't want you to be missing your brother." Elena hugged him, trying to reassure him. "We need help. Should we call Bonnie?"

Damon's face softened as he looked down at her. "I can do it. Don't worry. I do not need help from a witch."

Elena snorted. "You and your pride. Yes we do need Bonnie, and let's get Caroline while we're at it." Suddenly Elena froze. "BONNIE! CAROLINE! Oh my GOSH! When you came to me tonight, I was getting my stuff ready for a sleepover with them. We have to go to them!"

Damon sighed. "Fine. Let's get to the car." He put his arms around her and he ran to the car, although Elena just blinked and they were at the car. She hopped in the passenger side, while Damon slid into the driver's seat.

The engine revved. "We were going to stay at Bonnie's house, so you know how to get there right?" Damon nodded and took off. The car was silent as trees flew by. It was getting really dark outside.

Elena could see her breath on the car window as she watched the shadows of the trees. One glance at Damon revealed how tense he was. Katherine had just taken his brother and revealed that she had future plans. On top of that, Elena had expressed her love for Damon.

Damon coughed. "So did you mean what you said when you said you loved me?"

Elena turned to face him in the expensive car. "I-"

They pulled up in the driveway, with two girls peaking their heads out the door. Bonnie's face lit up, running to the car. Caroline ran after her, but ran into her friend when Bonnie stopped in front of her.

Elena unbuckled and stepped out. Bonnie looked furious. "Why are you with Damon Elena? You know what he did to Caroline!"

Elena's shoulders dropped. "Katherine took Stefan. She compelled him, and now they are now somewhere else." She felt a presence behind her.

"Katherine isn't done with us. I brought Elena her so she would be safe. Kat has already been inside Elena's home but not yours, Bonnie." Damon said without emotion. "I will head be to Elena's to pick up some of her stuff and be back here soon." With that said, he jumped back into his car and sped off, leaving a stunned group of girls.

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