E/O challenge word = stumble word count 100

Disclaimer: The show belongs to its owner and I'm not one of them

Spoilers: through Season 5


Stumble on, I must stumble on.

I thought I had fallen never to fight again.

But now I find I'm back, somehow.

And I once again must stumble on.

I made so many bad decisions.

I don't want to decide anymore, to fail anymore.

I've stumbled.

I've fallen.

I've risen to fight again, only to fail again.

I'd thought I'd reached the end of all my mistakes, the final choice.

I'd finally reached the end of the fight at least for me.

I was wrong.

It is a fight, a never ending road, once again.

So I must stumble on.


A/N Possibly Sam's POV on being back topside