Title – The Power of Future Sight

This story was created from the 'Super Luigi Series', and will include key things from the books. It will however, differ in numerous ways.

Luigi was running in terror. Terror, because he did not know what he was running from. The only thing he could see was black darkness. He could only see himself, the indigo sky and the outlines of the naked trees whose leaves had long since fallen.

A sudden tremor began to shake him, knocking Luigi to the ground. He now knew that whatever Giant was coming, it was getting closer, as Luigi suddenly began doing flips on the ground. Luigi looked up, the tremors stopping as quickly as they started, and saw an enormous shadow glaring down at him.

The wind stopped, the Koopas hid in their shells, the Boos vanished, the Shy-guys covered the eyes of their masks, the Yoshis huddled together and held their breath.

Then the creature lunged at the lonely Luigi.