Dying For Some Sun


Sunbathing for Vampires

A/N: What if Sookie was kinda killed by Rene...

Wait for it, wait for it... PING, I am awake. No big deal, I hear you say. Well for most people to wake up at... wait, what is the time? 8.42 am. Holy shit. That's the earliest yet. "Too bad I am checking out today! Did hear that you big A hole?" I yelled at the corpse in the bed. Of course not, I think to myself. Why would he? His smug ass is dead to the world.

The big deal is; I died just over four months ago, how?... well a lot of factors really. Rene Lenir, fiancé to one of my best friends and fellow ex co worker began the process. Having already killed my Grandmother and cat, another fellow co worker and old school friend before me; not all at the same time but in series of murders, he then came after me.

Instead of being at peace, with the deceased members of family (of which there are a lot) in heaven somewhere, I have to walk the earth as one of the undead. Bill bless his heart; that's my Vampire boyfriend, ex if you talk to Mr high and mighty, tried to save me. Unfortunately going out in the midday sun when Rene was trying to kill me was not so good for him. So by the time he rose four days later- healed, I was already a one day old vampire.

My boss or should I say ex boss tried to save me, he was too late as I was already nearly as good as dead, he landed himself in hospital for his trouble. Had he not been a shifter, a little factiod I had newly discovered he too would be dead. But as it was and thank god, he made it. Healed fully.

So there I was, in a coma on life support minding my own business, having been given the diagnosis I wouldn't see the morning. Would it have been too much to ask? Huh? That my brother sat with me, maybe held my hand till I passed away peacefully- well apparently it was! No, upon seeing me, he left me there, got shit faced, went to Fangtasia, to chew out the Vampires; on how they had brought me nothing but trouble and heart ache. Getting in the sheriff of area fives face; that I was as good as dead, all because of them. Not because his co worker and good buddy, Rene tried to kill me, oh no. It was the Vampires fault. Go figure.

There no such thing as; 'as good as dead' to a Vampire that wants to keep you. That's how I found myself Vampire child, to smug bastard, high handed, controlling and downright annoying Eric Northman. He finished the job of killing me. One that nature was doing on its own, due my extensive injuries. Instead of getting to be dead, I am just undead and it suck's; literally, figuratively and actually-sucks. I HATE IT. To know I'll never get to have kids, never grow old, never sunbathe again. I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry-it's just too gross anyway. Well it really ticks me off, I'd rather be dead than undead.

Now he controls every moment in my life, well not every moment. You see I have a secret. I smile smugly to myself. After about week of being undead, I began wake during the day. At first it was late afternoon, few hours before the sun would rise. But the time just kept getting longer and longer like today for instance, 8.42am dawn was just over two hours ago. I died at dawn like a good little Vampire then I should be dead till I rise at sun set, however I now rise before and then go back to being dead before my keeper awakes. But going back to the dead seems to be my choice.

There isn't an aspect of my life that isn't my own, apart from this right now. He controls the clothes I wear- all new ones, the 'food' I eat, currently I am banned from true blood- 'no child of mine will mainstream', quote un quote. Where I go, what I do is all up to him. I not allowed to see Bill or anyone from my former life. I am allowed to have sex, lots of it, just as long as it's with Mr high and mighty. Eh, no thanks. To tell you the truth I am soooo grateful that I wake during the day; as saying no, for this long with my new Vampire impulses would have been impossible.

I have turned into a horndog, wonton, would be slut; if I could not take care of things myself when I rise during the day who knows what horrid mistakes I would have made by now. I know for certain that this pisses Eric off no end, he thinks, I'll soon crack. And when I do crack as he puts it, he'll be there to please my every sexual desire. Well he's in for a shock tonight when he rises. No more Sookie doll to torment.

That's what I've become a doll, a puppet for Eric Bloody Northman to show off, 'oh look how pretty it is', 'oh you must be so proud', 'new borns are sooo exciting'. Nothing more than a freaking show piece, that's my undead life. I should have died four months ago, today will be my last on this earth. I don't approve of suicide, but I am dead already so surely it's not suicide. I am going to sunbathe one last time, see there that doesn't sound so bad when you put it like that, right? Yesterday I wrote out all my letters to people, who matter to me, you know to say goodbye and stuff. I couldn't stop crying, so it took all day. With the blood loss (I cry tears of blood-so gross, don't ask) I nearly drained all four fangbangers I fed from, Soooo not good.

So might you be wondering why, I have not freed myself from my maker and just staked his sorry ass while he was dead for the day. Firstly. No, mainly I just couldn't do it. I just couldn't stake someone even if they had finished murdering me, turned me against my will as I lay there defenceless. Also that would make me no better than Eric, now would it.

I strip off my night dress figure it will go faster if I am in my birthday suit. Well I came in this way, so if I go out this way; naked as the day I was born it's kinda... well, I don't have a word for it but I guess, I will have come full circle. Poetic, that was the word I was looking for. Yes, it was poetic.

I place the letters to everyone on the chest of drawers hopefully Eric will honour my last wish and deliver all the letters to all the people that are important to me. There even one for Eric, in it I've tried to be as polite as possible. Which let me tell you, was really hard. He ripped me from my home, I am not even allowed to see that. Pam has been in charge of remodelling, it breaks my heart each time she torments me with all the horrid stuff she says she done to it. Pam, don't even talk to me about her. Now there's a girl with a serious psychological disorder, she worships the man who murdered her. We've even come to blows over it, it's just sick. She says liberated, I say murdered.

No letter for Pam. I take a deep breath, put my hand on the outside door- this is it. I send a quick prayer to God, as I disarm the codes, I asked him to please take me home. I open the door and step out into the midday sun, figured it would go quicker to wait till the sun was high in the sky. I walk into the middle of the patio, my arms out wide and drop to my knees as I am blasted by a hot wind that hit's me.

"Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu," my lungs fill with hot air, it's that sound when you been underwater for ages and you gasp for breath when you breech the surface. I feel the heat on my body, no burning yet... actually it feels quite nice. I open one eye, then the other one. I am not burning, I am not burning. Tears burst forth. Why am I not burning?

"Argggggh, I can't even meet the sun," I scream in frustration. White hot anger fills me as the frustration of my impossible situation hit's me full force. "Eric Fucking Northman, I HATE YOU," I yell into the empty yard. I can't do anything I want. Huge tears fall down my face, I pound the ground with my fists. I am a lousy Vampire, I can't even burn in the sun, as soon as the thoughts leave my mind, I have another. I AM NOT BURNING.

Holy shit, Jesus Christ Sheppard of Judea! Sorry God but how is this even possible? Talking about possible this has possibilities. What's that sound? OH MY GOD! I lay my hands over my heart, yes... it's beating. I am sitting on the patio naked as jailbird in the sun! And my heart is beating, was it beating when I woke up? No. No, I am sure it wasn't. Defiantly wasn't. So what the sun... made it beat again? I'll file that away for later.

I realise I am squinting, my eyes are much more sensitive now I am a Vampire, I need some sunglasses. I am a Vampire that can go out in the sun. Wait, maybe I am no longer a Vampire...No, still a Vampire, I realise as my fangs snap down.

Closing my eyes I enjoy the sensation of the sun on my skin, I lean back kicking my legs in the air ah this too good. I just giggle, "Wooo whoooo," for the first time in a long time I am filled something else other than anger, sadness and sheer pity for myself. So engrossed in being not dead... or is that a Vampire with beating heart, that I don't hear the damn human approaching.

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