Dying For Some Sun


Dead Humans Sunbathing

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Both Preston and Eric stilled what they were doing, "If you are calling that's mutts name we are both doing something seriously wrong?" Eric looking confused as I've ever seen him. I was flaying trying to get the limbs off me.

"No, Eww! No. God No. Sam Merlotte just Eww. . . he's like my brother! He is snooping around in yard outside," my voice laden as fought to clear the sexual fog I was in. Eric reacted first cocking his head to listen outside.

"Lover is there anyone else out there?"

"Just a void over in the Compton place but it doesn't feel like Bills," I commented, desperately straightening out my clothes.


"Eric why did you say it like that?" my eye narrowed on him, "what are you hiding?"

"Bill, is wrapped in silver in New Orleans back at the compound," he shrugged like it was nothing. Eric always told like it was.


Eric pulled a face that said seriously, 'you want to get into this now?'

"We will get into it as soon as we get home, mister," I huffed in answer to his unspoken sentiments

"Very well,"

I sat up only to flop back down on the bed, "Oh God- kill me now," I sighed dramatically.

"What's wrong, what's happened?" Preston asked concerned.

"We smell like sex," I stated.

"So?" Preston said, but out of the corner of my eye I could see Eric shaking his head at Preston grimacing, amusement played in the bond.

"He's a shifter. . .oh Lordie, I wasn't raised to be this kinda girl. . ."

"Ah you are worried that he will see you differently from when you where human, yes?" Preston asked.

"Yeah, I guess." Or just a big slut. Duh what do you think I am in bed with two guys? Oh God I am a big slut. A BIG, big slut.

"Perhaps he can help, your Majesty. I think I have a solution." I looked at Eric to see if he knew what the fairy was on about. Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. All eyes on the fairy then.

That's how we found ourselves standing in Bon Temps grave yard, just me, Eric, Sam and Preston. There was a grave marker with my name on it, the word 'human' underneath. Okay this wasn't macabre at all. Where it had come from don't ask me- Supes.

"You're killing my human self?" I asked, read screeched.

Eric cupped my face, "Lover, no one is killing anyone. But if you are ready to accept, the facts and let go of a woman that is already gone, I want you to know that I am here for you. Its time to let go, you are Vampire now, but your more than that. You are my Sookie, my wife, My Love."

"Not a very good Vampire I am standing out in the sun. . . oh geez could I sound any more whiny? Just ignore me. You are right and this was a very good idea Preston. Its time. Sam you okay with this?" Preston preened at the praise as I took a big breath.

"Sookie, I have accepted you're a Vampire. I didn't know you where having such trouble, I am here for you Cher whatever you need." He was blushing, from his mind I could tell we were sniffer dog busted.

"Okay, lets do this. I mean how many people get say they got to go to their own service, right?" I smiled feeling much lighter than I had in days, Eric noticed squeezing my hand. We each took turns to say something about my human self. Some of it made me laugh, some made me tear up, but all of it made me feel lighter. Sookie the human was laid to rest today.

I hugged Sam goodbye, we all popped back to the compound ready to welcome my friend and sister to her first day of day walking.

"FUCKERS," Pam hissed as her eyes shot open, Eric look at her in amusement. "What do I have to do, for you to hand over the Video master?" Pam seethed.

"How did you know?" I gasped wondering if Pam was psychic.

"I am covered in glitter, there will be a whole memory card of video at least, shit!"

"Well stop pouting times awasting get your butt in the shower, you Bella wanna be, you," I held out my hand as Eric slapped it, as we all chuckled at Pam's outraged face.

"Sunshine," Eric simply said with a know it all smirk that I had come to love so much. Pam shot out of the room.

"I wish I could burn this room to the ground," I sighed, turning.

Eric caught up to me in the narrow corridor, pulling me against his chest, "we could make it into a play room," he whispered into my ear. Damn that man could take my panties from dry to damp in zero point four seconds.

A strangled whimper tore from my throat. "We could make it so, that this room would only know pleasure from now on- our pleasure," he continued. Dear lord in heaven why are still wearing clothes? Tell me why?

As Eric sensed my urgency my clothes where ripped from me, as I tore at his, my legs clamped round his waist as I impaled myself on his cock.

"Shit this is not going to be gentle, my Sookie," Eric hissed.

"Just as well I am your Vampire, Master," I took a long lick of Eric's neck, before roughly plunging my fangs into his neck. I could feel the plaster work around me crumbling as Eric's pace became frenzied.

"Faster, harder Mmaster," gasped out, loving the feeling of his hips working like pistons, his rock solid cock impaling me over and over. I don't think either of us would last long at this rate, so when Eric bit into my breast and took such a strong pull I could feel it all the way to the tip of my toes it was little wonder that it had me screaming his name.

The sound of our combined breathing and heart rates rasped and echoed in tiny confined space of the narrow passage way. I have never been so glad that this passage way opened up to my wardrobe. My clothes if you could still call them that looked like they had survived me turning into hulk and back again as only scraps remained of everything I had once worn.

Pam was sat on one of the couches waiting for us in the wardrobe, "Finally," she huffed. Her eyes widened when she seen us naked, her fangs run down.

Human Sookie was dead right? I could admit I had a nice body a little bigger than I might have wanted to be capture for all eternity, but as it goes I look good naked. So instead of hiding behind Eric, I squared my shoulders, stood tall, "Pam you wouldn't be a dear and find me something to wear, I seem to have accidently ripped my outfit," I smirked.

"Perhaps I should help you dress as well sweet Sookie," she purred.

"Sure, if you like," I winked at Eric who was pulling out a black wife beater and jeans with a smirk on his gorgeous face, feeling my amusement.

"Mistress is it my Birthday?"

"Why don't you put your hands on me? If it isn't you birthday you'll lose them, if it is you'll get to keep them," I grinned, Eric chuckled.

"Mmm I seem to recall now birthday is in November, how silly of me," Pam pouted, holding out cream trousers and a sheer black blouse and with a silk tank to go under.

"What no panties?"

"Times a-wasting you can shower after," Pam pouted.

Preston was waiting for us in the little sitting room, he smiled when he seen Pam and I. Well at least I think it was Pam and I cause if it was Eric that made him light up like that, Eric and I may be in serious trouble did I mention how crazy good looking both men where?

"You nervous?" I asked Pam, reaching for her hand.

She just nodded. "It's been a long time since Pam tangoed with the big ball of fiery death, 1899 I think it was?" Eric posed the last part like a question.

Pam palmed her face, let out a strangled embarrassed sound, "let's go." I would have to get the back story to this soon. I would so have to get that story!

I opened one of the escape routes, opening the outer door first then Preston stepped through I followed and finally Pam, Eric taking up the rear. Pam squinted wincing as the late afternoon sun hit her face.

Her exposed arms went pink, but didn't burn. "Are you okay?" I placed my hand on her shoulder gently, but Eric removed my hand gently pulling me back, crushing my back against his front and wrapping his arms around me nuzzling my neck. I thought what a miracle it was to feel Eric's heart beat. Looking to Pam I realised that her heart didn't beat. She was a true daywalker.

Lover, just give her a minute , I have never felt Pam this overwhelmed, not even the first night she rose. Eric sent to me, I just nodded at him.

I may have giggled when Pam placed the biggest designer shades you have ever seen on her face, "I will need an entirely new wardrobe," She declared. " And some sun screen." Just like that Pam had processed two hundred plus years without sun, that Pam- you got to love her.

I noticed Preston was very quite, "Preston?" I asked, Eric letting go of his grip on me.

He looked at me but he seemed far away, "Preston?" I asked again.

"This is an amazing gift my people can give yours," he swallowed. I liked him even more in that moment.

"Yes. Thank you for helping me," Pam clapped Preston on the shoulder. Couldn't help but smile at Pams gesture I don't think she even realised she did such a human thing, as clap someone on the shoulder.

"Lochlan was an evil son of a bitch it was my pleasure," Preston's eyes locked with Pam's.

We sat as long as we could in the Garden till it was time for Eric and I to go back inside and die. It sounded all so teenage angst...I am going inside to DIE! Actually I was feeling pretty good about dying, human Sookie was buried, Vamp Sookie was gonna rise then I decided I was going to own this no little thing called Vampirism. Gurl Power- yell it with me.

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