Chapter 1: The Boy-Who-Was-Kidnapped

It was a cold night in Privet Drive. While some were celebrating as the war was finally over, others were grieving for the lost of some dear friends.

Albus Dumbledore, on the other hand, was taking care of some important matter.

"Good luck Harry Potter", came the voice of a certain Headmaster as he finally apparated away from Privet Drive.

He had just left Harry Potter, now known as the Boy-Who-Lived, on the doorstep of his aunt and uncle's house.

The small boy lay fast asleep in his light blue blanket. The only thing moving was his stomach and shoulders that showed him to be still breathing and sleeping peacefully without a worry at the moment. He had jet black hair (from his father), beautiful green eyes like his mother and a unique lightning shaped scar on his forehead (where he had been struck with an awful curse known as Avada Kedavra ; The Killing Curse).

At the corner of the street, a plump-like woman suddenly appeared. Hidden under a cape with its hood up, she walked quickly but quietly to her destination.

As she came up to the Dursley's residence, she bent down and swept up the baby boy in her arms.

"Your destiny is too big for muggles like them to ever comprehend little one", she whispered to Harry, "You'll be safer with a real family, people who can care for you more then these awful beings..."

The short woman stood back up and looked around at her surroundings, making sure she hadn't been followed or wasn't being watched.

When she was convinced the coast was clear she disappeared with the smallest pop that could have only been heard by Harry who was too busy dreaming of flying brooms.

She reappeared in a castle situated in Scotland (far away from Hogwarts, the famous school for witchcraft and wizardry).

It was in another dimension. Time still moved but once people hit a certain age and if they had sufficient magical power, they were frozen in their current state for eternity.

It was built like a smaller version of Hogwarts on the outside. It had a Quidditch Pitch in the back, two Green Houses to its left, a large lake to its right that expanded until the forest's border and of course a forest filled with weird but friendly creatures (most of them are friendly that is).

However, the inside layout was quite different from the magical school.

The castle only had 4 floors. The first floor had the main entrance, the Great Hall. The Great Hall had a very long table in its centre that could fit thirty people, an enchanted ceiling like Hogwarts and floating candles. It was the place used to eat meals. The last room on the first floor was the kitchen where the House Elves (little creatures that resembled goblins) were busy at work.

Two big staircases left from each side of the main entrance and went up a floor where the potions room, a classroom that was rarely used and the biggest library ever was found.

On the third floor was the bedrooms and about twelve guestrooms.

The last floor had a training room for muggle combat techniques and sword fighting. A second room where magic duels were practised could be found beside it. Different passageways led to different towers for a gorgeous view of the lands (and the starry sky at night).

The woman pulled her hood down to let her tied, dark red hair show. She rushed up the stairs as fast as she could, trying not to be caught as ran towards her bedroom where she knew Harry would be safe for the time being.

"And where have you been", she heard a deep, bored sounding voice from behind her that could only belong to...

"Salazar", the woman said as her eyes widened and she kept walking without turning around, "I'll talk to you later... I'm busy right now"

"Gryffindor, I found her", the man shouted.

A man with a big beard that could easily compete with Dumbledore's and a sword attached to his waist came running up the stairs towards the other man. A woman with pale skin, long black hair and a crooked tall blue hat on her head, was close behind him.

"Helga! There you are! I've been so wor-" The woman who had just ran up the stairs started saying but she saw that her friend was trying to get away.

"Where are you going", the man known as Godric Gryffindor asked.

"My room. Quite tired. I'll see you all at supper tonight", Helga told her friends quickly. She had never been good at lying.

"What are you hiding from us", Salazar questioned suspiciously, "Don't say nothing because we all know you can't lie."

Helga stopped in her tracks, frozen with fear. She knew they would be mad at her for what she had done.

"Helga? Could you please turn around so we can talk to you", the other woman who went by the name of Rowena said.

"I-I... Oh... Very well... But before I do... Promise me you won't shout at me, you might wake the little one",

"Wake up whom", Rowena started to ask but her friend had turned around to show a small baby boy sleeping in her arms.

"Helga Hufflepuff! How could you?" Rowena Ravenclaw shouted.

"Shh!" Helga reprimanded her friend as her grip tightened slightly on little Harry.

"We said we wouldn't interfere with the boy's life until he was older", the witch said a little less louder this time, "You should not have taken him. Now they'll be looking for the boy everywhere. He may have a tracking spell on him."

"There isn't. All the spells were on the house. I felt them", the plump woman stated, "And I couldn't just leave the boy there. We all knew that his muggle relatives are awful people and that brat of a cousin is just as bad. I had to take him."

"Agreed. It's those kind of muggles that made me want to change our standards for Hogwarts in the first place..."

"Slytherin not now... I thought you had gotten over that", Godric Gryffindor said.

"Yes, well... Old habits die hard", the man in black wizard robes said his voice still sounding bored.

"Boys!" Rowena cut in before a fight could break out between them as usual, then she turned back to her friend who had been trying to get away once again, "Helga!"

Helga froze and turned around again with a sigh.

"Look, you all know it was the best choice. He would have suffered with them. We can take care of him better in this place. He'll be safe, happy... Please..." She pleaded her friends to agree with her.

"I guess... We were thinking of taking him later on in his life anyways", Godric said. He was usually the first one to agree to most things.

"Whatever", Salazar stated.

"Very well", Rowena sighed in defeat, "We shall take care of the boy."

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