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Each day starts the same. That's how I like it. I wake up at four A.M. sharp, weekends included. Once up, I make my way to the bathroom, to get ready for my run. Every morning I run to Mel's coffee shop, I get a chi tea, sit on the fluffy red chair in the farthest corner, and read the morning paper, and then head back home.

I rely on my day starting out the same. I've honed my life around a schedule; you have to when your profession is to take lives. My name is Isabella Swan, and I'm a paid assassin.

I can't say my life has been easy breezy, but who can when they kill for a living. You know something had to fuck them up along the way to end down that road. I don't like to talk about what got me here. I can't imagine who would.

It was an early September day and it started out as any other. Up by four A.M., got my shower done, and headed out the door for my run. I ordered my chi tea, made it to my comfortable chair, and read that day's paper. All was normal until I came across the last thing I was looking for in life.

A man.

Not just any man, but the man, and his name was Edward Cullen.

Here is my story.

Tossing my cup in the trashcan, I headed towards the front door. I kept my eyes down as always, making eye contact had forever bugged me. As if people looked me in the eyes, they would know my dirty secrets.

My thoughts were consuming me. My head filled with details surrounding my next mark, causing me not to pay attention to my surroundings.

My first mistake: never let your guard down.

I ran right into someone spilling his coffee all over the both of us.

"Oh, wow, I'm so sorry," I said, grabbing napkins from the counter and wiping down everything in sight that had coffee on it. My mind was in such a frazzled state that I did not even realize what I was doing until I heard musical laughter coming from above me.

I looked up, feeling the blush creep onto my face. I was met with the most amazing green eyes on earth; they should have been illegal. As I took more of him in, I noticed his hair was in disarray, as if he walked in after a night filled with amazing sex, which was probably the case. My eyes slide down and widen.

"This man has a jawbone of a God," I thought, wanting to lick it.

My mouth was watering and I knew I looked like a dumb ass, just staring, but I could not help myself.

"Are you alright?" The God like man asked me.

"Huh?" Was all that made the journey from my brain to my mouth.

He bent down in front of me pushing some hair out of my eyes. "I said, are you alright?"


At that moment, I realized I was in my coffee shop, on my knees in front of a man who was too gorgeous to be human. I had groped at his package with a napkin because I ran into him spilling his coffee.

Mother fuck!

I stood up and gave him a fake smile. "Ah yeah, I'm fine. Sorry about the mess, let me replace it please," I said, in one breath as I jumped up and made my way to the counter.

Irena, the woman behind the counter gave me a smile. "What can I do for you Miss Swan?"

"Can you replace this gentlemen's order please?" I said as I pointed behind me.

She rang it up and I handed her my card.

He stood next to me with a half grin on his face; as if he had this amazing secret and he could not tell anyone.

I want to know the fucking secret. I screamed silently as I took in his sculptured form.

I took a breath and tried to clear my head. Being around him made me feel like my brain was in a permanent fog.

"Please," I said. "Just let me replace it, I feel awful."

He gave me another angelic laugh and pushed his hand into his hair, making me clench my thighs together.

"Alright," he agreed.

Irena handed him his coffee as I quickly headed for the exit, this time paying attention.

I heard someone shout out after me; I turned quickly, ready to take on whoever wanted to fuck with me.

The God-like man was in front of me with that crooked half smile, again.

"May I help you?" I asked, coming off annoyed even to my ears.

"Well, um." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Do you come here often?"

I laughed and turned around, walking away from him. I looked over my shoulder and said, "I guess you'll have to find out."

My jog home was filled with thoughts of that man and his amazing jaw, and all the dirty, dirty things I want to do to him.

Finally, getting home, I jumped into the shower and rinsed the coffee and sweat off my body.

As I lathered, using my favorite Midnight Pomegranate body wash, I thought about the most amazing pair of green eyes. I thought about his hair. I wanted to run my fingers through it and give it a little tug. I thought about the amazing jaw that I would do anything to bite.

Before I even realized what I was doing my fingers wondered down to the promise land.

As I touched myself, my thoughts all rolled around green eyes, sex hair, and a jaw I just really wanted to have my mouth on.

My climax came with blazing glory.

I finished my shower and hurried to get dress. My extracurricular activities made my shower run longer than normal.

After dressing, in a pair of grey dress pants, and a white button up, I grabbed my heels and headed out of the house.

Getting to work was not hard, even in the Chicago traffic. You just have to be the bully of the road, and being the bully was not hard for me. In addition, it helps that I drove a black 1967 Shelby Mustang GT-350, with white racing stripes.

Walking into work, his green eyes were still on my mind. I knew I would have to knock that shit off, and quick.

"What the fuck is up with you today, Swan?" Rosalie, my best friend asked as she started walking along with me.

Of course, she would notice when I'm thinking about a man, which I never do.

"You know what," I said looking at her, "I have no clue." I shrugged and walked into my office.

Rose walked in behind me and sat on one of my black club chairs in front of my desk. She gave me "the look", which meant, "I know something is up, so don't play games."

Rose was my second hand man; she handled all of the digging for dirt on my marks and information on my jobs. She set up everything for me; she was my lifeboat. Once I received the orders, she knew their whole life and background in about two minutes flat. She was a mad hacker and loved every minute of it.

At first glance, you would think she was a model. You would never guess she was the one who probably sent you that virus in your email that crashed your computer.

Her gorgeous blond hair naturally had an amazing shine to it, which compliments her perfect shaped face and supermodel frame. I told her all the time she should get into another field of work. She would just roll her eyes and tell me I couldn't survive without her.

This was probably true.

I met Rose the first week I moved to Chicago. I was nineteen and just starting out in this business. Jake, my best friend from Washington got me into all of this and brought me out here. His family already had a pretty good set up and Rose worked for them. We hit it off right away after I said she looked like a fucking cunt. She laughed, telling me I looked like I couldn't fight my way out of a wet paper bag.

Now, it was just Rose and I working as a team. I received my orders through an untraceable email and Rose did the digging. We had an office, but it was just a cover. To the untrained eye, I worked as an Insurance Adjuster. Boring right? Yeah, that's the idea.

"So are you gonna tell me what's up or what?" Rose huffed.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Well, this morning just got a little fucked up, that's all."

"How did your morning get fucked up? You're like a machine. Did you not wake up early enough or something?" Rose joked.

"Ha! I wish, no this morning while at Mel's, I accidentally ran into someone, and spilled their coffee all over them," I said, trying to omit as much detail as possible.

"And…," she said, motioning to me with her hands to continue, knowing I was hiding something.

"He was gorgeous and I can't stop thinking about him. There are you happy now?" I put my head in my hands, sighing.

"Really?" She squeaked in surprise.

"Yep, it is totally fucking up my mind right now."

"Well, get your shit straight because things on your next job have changed; you leave tonight, instead of tomorrow." She handed me my fight information. "Now, I need to get back to work for your scrawny ass so, get your head in the game." She tapped a manicured nail on my desk, and headed out the door.

I sighed and ran a frustrated hand over my face.

Really should quit thinking about that green-eyed fucker.

I turned my computer on and started the final preparations for my next mark. I put my IPod on the dock and turned on some Papa Roach.

I relaxed as soon as I heard the start of the song.

You know I love it when you're down on your knees,

And I'm a junky for the way that you please.

You shut me up when you swallow me down,

My backs to the walk and you're going to town.

I listened to the words and laughed.

I almost told you that I loved you

Thank god I didn't 'cause it would've been a lie

I say the damnedest things when you're on top of me

I almost told you that I loved you.

I huffed and laid my head back on my chair. These words wouldn't bother me at all on a normal day. Usually, I just laughed and sang along, but today they were hitting a sore spot. I swear I could have shouted, "I love you" to green eyes the moment I looked at him, if he would have fucked me.

Could it be mere coincidence that I Almost Told You (That I Love You) came on first? Na, I think whoever is upstairs really wants to fuck with my brain today.

Trying to get my work done I push green eyes to the back of my mind, but he never fully left my thoughts and it was fucking frustrating.

Pulling into the parking garage under my building a few hours later, I got out of my car and headed up to my apartment.

My place wasn't anything too spectacular, but enough for me. My furniture was all mismatched but it made the place feel warm. My TV wasn't huge, but I'd rather read anyway. I had a solid oak, may I add heavy as fuck, bookshelf on the far wall filled with all my favorites.

I headed to my room to relax for a while before I had to catch my flight.

After finishing at home, I caught a cab to O'Hare for my flight. My only bag was a carry on and all it held was a toothbrush, my comb, and a change of clothes for the flight home. Everything I needed for the hit was already in New York.

My flight would only take a little over two hours, if everything was on time. I hoped it would be so I could get the show on the road.

Finally arriving in New York, I caught a cab and made my way to the hotel Rose set up for my brief stay. Using the fake name she picked out for me, I checked in. Tonight, I'm Maria Stewart. Knowing Rose, she made that name up because she knew how much I fucking hated Martha.

After my shower, I dressed myself in a scalloped lacy black Teddy, that didn't leave anything to the imagination. Playing a hooker always made me laugh; men were so easy to figure out. Just get naked and they are like putty in the palm of your hand.

I let my hair fall down around my shoulders with it curling on the ends. I applied my makeup giving myself bedroom eyes while keeping my lips clean.

I put on a black trench coat to keep myself covered until I meet with my mark. He paid a pretty penny to get a woman to party with tonight; little did he know this party was going out with a bang.

A limo was waiting for me when I came down and I headed off to The Plaza Hotel.

"May I help you?" A bitchy looking woman asked me from behind the concierge desk.

"Yes, I'm Maria Stewart. Here for Mr. Ebbet," I said politely. The bitch rang a number and let them know I had arrived.

"Someone will be down in a minute Ms. Stewart." She growled at me.

"Thanks," I snapped.

A few minutes later a huge, house of a man, exited the elevator and walked towards me.

"Mademoiselle Stewart?" He asked speaking through a thick French accent.

"Oui." I smiled at him.


"Parlez-vous français?" he asked me.

Do you speak French?

"Oui, un peu," I answered, holding my fingers up like a pinch.

Yes, a little.

"Eh bien, mademoiselle, je dois vous recherchez," he said politely, as he stepped towards me.

Well, Ms. I need to search you.

"Je comprends." I nodded at him, while pulling the belt off my coat.

I understand.

I opened my jacket slowly, reveling to him my teddy underneath. His face reddened with a blush and he coughed, he reached to take my coat off, but I stepped back out of reach.

"Je ne pense pas que votre patron voulez-vous me toucher. Je suis pour lui seul," I said, as I tied the belt back together.

I don't think your boss would like you touching me. I'm for him only.

He must have understood the meaning of my words because he just grunted and headed back towards the elevators.

While in the elevator, I concentrated on my breathing, I wasn't nervous about the kill, I just wanted to make sure things went smoothly and that meant me playing the part. With each job, it was different. Sometimes, it was necessary to get up close and personal with the mark and other times they didn't even see me coming. I had trained myself to look at the job like taking out the trash. The marks I took out were the scum of the earth, nothing more. They ranged from child pornography dealers, to the milder money launders. I was paid to get rid of these people. In my eyes, it made the world a better place. There was no peace without war.

The ding of the elevator brought me out of my musings.

I followed the big bodyguard to one of two doors on the floor. He knocked twice then opened the door, allowing me to walk past him into the front hall of the suite.

"Mlle Stewart est. là pour vous monsieur." I heard from beyond the hall.

Ms. Stewart is here for you Sir.

"Je vous remercie, lui apporter po" I heard another voice say.

Thank you, bring her in.

A man the same size as the other guard walked into my line of vision and motioned for me to follow him. I took in all the details as I headed towards my mark. The suite was very high end, lots of mirrors and marble. Way too big for just one person, but the evil and corrupt always did it big.

Sitting in a wingback chair in front of a huge marble fireplace was a gorgeous man. His blond hair was in a band at the nape of his neck. His button up shirt was white and he left a few buttons on top open reveling some of his bronze chest. The black slacks and Italian loafers completed his outfit.

His fiery hazel eyes met mine. "Ah, you must be the fabulous Ms. Stewart, please sit." He motioned to the chair across from his.

"Je ne serai pas besoin de vos services ce soir Michael. Dites Jamie laisser à," he said, with a shake of his hand.

I won't need you services tonight Michael. Tell Jamie to leave too.

"Oui, monsieur," answered the bodyguard with a bow, before heading out the way I came in.

Yes, sir.

"Thank you, for spending this evening with me Ms. Stewart. Care for a glass of champagne?" he asked as he stood and headed for a cart that was holding a bottle of champagne, champagne flutes, and strawberries. Before even answering him, he dropped a strawberry in a glass and filled it, handing it to me.

"Thank you, sir," I said, taking a sip.

"Please call me, Laurent," he said with a smile on his face. "May I call you, Maria?" he asked, even though I knew he would no matter what my answer was.

"Yes, please." I learned over the years, the less you say the better.

Laurent Ebbett was a piece of shit; scary movies were written about scum like him. He trafficked and sold human body parts through the black market. I was more than a little giddy to be able to take that sick fucker off the streets.

"So, Maria," He gave me a menacing smile, meant to strike fear, but also an attempt to entice me. "Shall we get down to business then?"

I took another swallow of my champagne and gave him a smile. "Of course." I sat my glass down on the table next to my chair and stood up. I slowly untied my belt and let it fall to the side. I walked towards him and ran my hands up his arms to the back of his head. I let my fingers dig into his hair and gave a tug to his hair band. He gave a shallow growl and smiled up at me.

"You like it rough, Maria?" His hands reached up and he slowly rubbed up my thighs.

"I love it, rough," I whispered into his ear making him shiver. "Can I tie you down so I can eat you all up?" I asked knowing damn well this fucker was going to let me do anything I wanted. Rose found out that he had a little BDSM fetish; he loved to let a strong woman take control over him in the bedroom. The two wives that mysteriously passed away had nothing to do with him beating them to death in his bedroom.

Yeah right.

He pushed me away and grabbed my hand pulling me towards the bedroom.

Once we made it to the bedroom, Laurent turned swiftly and grabbed my hips. His mouth went to my neck and nipped his way down towards my collarbone.

"I know your boss said no kissing, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him." He tried to mesh my lips with his, but I turned so he got my cheek instead. He smiled and went back to my neck. I started to give out little fake moans and pants so he would think he was getting me into the mood to fuck, but honestly, I was just looking forward to killing him even more now.

"That's enough," I said with a stern voice. "On the bed, I'm ready to devour you."

He jumped on the bed like an eager little puppy. I laughed silently because this fool was rushing right into death's fucking doorway.

I slipped my coat off leaving it lying across the footboard of the bed and crawled up next to him.

"You are so fucking sexy, Maria," he whispered as he took in all the lace and skin. "I can't wait to taste you with my tongue."

His words made me shiver with disgust but I smiled and he took it as a sign he was turning me on.

"Take off your clothes," I said as I positioned myself in front of him giving him a good look at my body. He made quick work of his shirt and slacks, leaving him in nothing but a pair of blood red silk boxers.

I hate guys who wear boxers. I hate guys who wear silk. So fucking cheesy.

I smiled at him as I told him to lie on the bed. His erection was freely jetting out of his shorts making me gag.

I went over to my coat and pulled a bag out of the pocket, which contained a rope and a blindfold. I took my time securing him to the bed and then gave him a little kiss on the nose before putting the blindfold on him.

"What are you going to do now, Maria?" he asked in a breathless pant.

I pulled out a syringe from the bag and smiled as I crawled up his body, pressing mine to his the whole way. I leaned down so I could whisper in his ear.

"I'm going to fucking kill you." Then I plunged the needle into his arm releasing the potassium chloride that would trigger a heart attack.

Before he could even get a word out the elixir took effect and he arched off the bed as his heart gave out, then nothing.

My job was done.

I put the needle back into the bag and start to clean up. The next and most important part of my job was leaving zero trace of my existence.

I put on my plastic gloves, untied his wrists and took the blindfold off. His eyes were open, so I closed them. I need to ensure his death looked natural. I knew once they found out he died of a heart attack they wouldn't check any further. This man had a well-known addiction to heroin so a needle track wouldn't be cause for further investigation.

I made my way to the living room and washed my cup. I was always very cautious not to touch much. However, what I did touch, I made sure to wipe down. My fingerprints were nonexistent. I had officially covered all of my tracks.

I put my coat back on and placed my bag of goodies securely into my coat pocket. Making it to the front door, I looked out and saw nothing. I opened the door and rushed towards the stairs. There were no cameras on the stairs so it was the safest exit.

On the way up in the elevator, I made sure my face wasn't captured by any of the cameras. However, in the event I was caught, Rose would hack into the system and erase any trace of my presence.

I finally made my way through the lobby. I saw the two guards sitting at the bar talking to someone and not paying attention to their surroundings. So I slipped out the front doors and hailed a cab.

After a trip across town, I arrived back at my hotel. I sent Rose a text informing her that the job was done. Now we both can be paid.

I took a shower and changed my clothes. I left everything I used for the hit in the bag that it was brought in. The contact Rose used to provide me with the materials necessary for the hit would take it away. The bag and its contents would never again see the light of day.

I got my carry on and headed out to find a cab to take me back to the airport. Lucky for me I made it about thirty minutes before the next flight to Chicago and didn't have to wait around for a later flight.

On the plane, I listen to my IPod and keep my mind away from the job I had just finished. I knew if I started thinking about it, I'd go over every detail in my head and wouldn't stop worrying about things until I got home. That is something I could never get past; I over analyzed everything. I had a total love hate relationship with my over thinking. It helped me plan things out with precise detail, but I obsessed over things that were out of my control.

Making it back to Chicago I slowly made my way home, stuck in the five A.M. traffic. As I sat in the back of the taxi, I thought about just having him drop me off at my coffee shop so I could get a start on my day. However, I knew that wasn't the true reason I wanted to make a stop there.

I felt the need to see if green eyes happened to be there.

I quickly shook the thought out of my head and I knew I needed to just go home and go to bed.

I made it home and took another shower to wash off the smell of the airplane.

Shutting all my curtains to simulate darkness and I crawled into bed and picked up my copy of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Seeing me in that moment, you would have never known I had just killed someone a few hours beforehand.

After about thirty minutes, I felt my eyes starting to close on their own. I closed my book and put it back on my nightstand. Snuggling under my covers, I fell into a restless sleep, only to dream of green eyes and wicked smiles.

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