Lily Evans is Sleeping in MY Bed


It was well after midnight by the time James Potter finally made it up to the fifth year boy's dormitory. Earlier that day, Gryffindor had won their Quidditch game against Ravenclaw, practically securing the cup for them. The resulting party was still in full swing back in the common room, but James was exhausted and Sirius had been otherwise occupied and therfore couldn't force his best friend to remain at the party.

And so it was with thoughts of his comfortable bed filling his mind that James pushed open the door to the dormitory he shared with the other fifth year Gryffindors. At first glance it appeared to be empty, but as James drew nearer to his bed he realized that he had been mistaken. Someone appeared to be fast asleep in his bed, and that someone had bright red hair.

Before James could even react to this, the door opened once more and Remus walked in, a large slab of chocolate in his hand. James rounded on his friend.

"Lily Evans is sleeping in my bed." He stated, sleepiness and confusion muting what would have otherwise been his elation at this random turn of events.

"She fell asleep?" Remus asked, glancing past James to see the redhead was indeed fast asleep.

"Why is Lily Evans sleeping in my bed?" James responded. "And why is she even up here?"

Remus frowned. "I was up here reading—"

"You didn't come to the party?" James suddenly cut his friend off, not feeling nearly as drowsy as he had when he'd climbed the staircase up to the room just moments before. "What kind of Gryffindor are you, Moony?"

Remus rolled his eyes now. "Of course I was at the party—and before you ask, I went to the game, too, don't worry. I came up here around eleven, though. I had some studying to do."

"So you and Evans were studying up here?" James asked, eyes narrowing suspiciously. "Alone? In our dorm? Together?"

Remus rolled his eyes once more and resisted the urge to laugh. James Potter was nothing short of infatuated with Lily Evans, no matter how often she had attempted to discourage him.

"No." He replied shortly. "Let me finish before you jump to conclusions. I was up here reading my Defense Against the Dark Arts book by myself, and Lily came up here to talk to me."

"About what?" James asked, after waiting for a split second to make sure that Remus wasn't going to continue speaking.

"I really don't think I should tell you." Remus said slowly, looking uncertain. "She probably wants to keep it private."

"You've got chocolate, Moony." James stated, his face serious. "You're the one who thinks chocolate makes everything better. What's wrong?"

With a sigh, Remus crossed the room to sit on his bed, which was situated next to James'. Absentmindedly he broke off a piece of the chocolate and placed it in his mouth. When the sandy-haired boy didn't speak, James went and sat next to him, the chocolate between them.

"Marauder's honor I won't tell anyone." James swore. "Just tell me what's wrong with Evans, Moony."

Remus sighed again, before speaking. "Lily had a letter from home." He grabbed an envelope off of the table next to his bed and handed it to James. "Really, it's just a picture."

Silently, James opened the envelope and pulled out the picture. As it was a Muggle photograph, it wasn't moving. There were two people in it: a thin, bony woman who vaguely resembled a horse the way she was smiling and the largest man James had ever seen. The back of the picture was dated last week Saturday, and James believed the couple was attired in muggle wedding apparel, if he remembered that lesson from Muggle Studies correctly.

"It's from her sister, Petunia." Remus said, indicating the woman in the picture. "Apparently she got married last week. Lily had no idea; she wasn't invited to the wedding."

"They're sisters?" James asked dubiously, glancing from the woman in the picture to the girl he had pined after for years and who was currently asleep on his bed. "Why wasn't Lily invited?"

"They aren't very close anymore." Remus replied, taking the picture back and replacing it in its envelope. "Petunia despises anything to do with magic, including her only sister."

"That's horrible." James said softly and Remus nodded his agreement.

"Lily came to talk to me because she knew Snape wouldn't understand." Remus said after a moment, hesitant to mention Snape's name. "Snape and Petunia don't get along very well, because Petunia blames Snape for Lily finding out that she's a witch. If there's one person that Petunia dislikes more than Lily, it's definitely Snape."

James shrugged at this. "Well, can't blame her for that one. I don't like him very much myself."

Remus nodded. "When I finally got Lily to stop crying and she told me what had happened, I went to get her some chocolate from the kitchens. She must have fallen asleep while I was gone. I suppose I should wake her up so that she can go sleep in her own bed…" But he looked as if he'd rather not disturb the peaceful slumber she had fallen into.

James shook his head. "Don't bother. I'll just sleep on Padfoot's bed. He'll probably pass out downstairs, anyway."

Remus nodded once more, and ate another piece of chocolate. James stood up and gathered his pajamas from the trunk at the end of his occupied bed and Remus went back to his studying. After returning from the bathroom, now dressed for bed (he might be half in love with the redhead, but it just didn't feel right changing in front of her, even if she was currently fast asleep in his bed) James threw back the covers on Sirius's bed, thankful that there were house elves who took care of things like changing the bed sheets regularly.

James placed his glasses on the bedside table and drew the bed curtains to block out the lighted room, but he didn't immediately fall asleep. His mind couldn't help but wander to the redhead in the bed next to his. After spending practically his entire Hogwarts career chasing after her, he just couldn't fathom how someone could not like Lily. She was smart and funny, she liked helping people whether or not they asked for it, and she was rather pretty. Of course, she also apparently hated James with a burning passion and had claimed on more than one occasion that she would rather date the giant squid than him, but James still couldn't help but love her.

Sweet Merlin, James suddenly realized to himself. I love Lily Evans. I really do love her.

And with a smile now stretched across his face, James closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, his newfound revelation running through his head.

I love Lily Evans.