I only own the original character. Everything else is from the wonderful Korean drama "You're Beautiful."

The song he was studying had a melancholic melody, but that was not surprising considering that had become a tendency of late. Although it had been some time since his heart had been rejected, and many things had happened between then and now, he still felt drawn towards melancholy. He kept a smile on his face when around the others, he didn't want to draw too much attention to himself, but inside he still felt the absence of love.

"Shin Woo?"

The dark haired man looked up and smiled when he saw Go Mi Nyu standing hesitantly in the doorway. His heart didn't lurch as much at the sight of her now, but there was still a slight pause between beats. She had come the closest to his true heart, unknowingly capturing his soul, only to choose another. He was glad that she was happy now, even if Tae Kyung didn't always appear to appreciate her the way she should be. However, her presence only helped to remind him of how alone he truly was.

"Hey." He gestured for her to come into the studio where he sat.

She glanced over her shoulder for a brief moment then shuffled inside. As he watched her come closer, he knew that there was something she urgently wanted to discuss but obviously didn't quite know how to start. He had always found her nervousness adorable and so didn't press her to talk even after she sat fidgeting for a few moments. He merely went back to studying the sheet music in front of him and absently strummed at his guitar.

"Shin Woo." Her voice finally broke through the silence some time later.

He smiled, continuing to pick at his strings, "Yes?"

"Um," her voice faltered and he looked up to find her gaze darting all over the room in her search for words, "Well you see," she frowned and scratched the back of her head, "that is to say," she sighed and dropped her head, "um…" Her voice trailed off as she continued to fidget and wring her hands.

Suddenly the door flew open and Tae Kyung stood there, glaring down his nose at the both of them. "What Go MI Nyu is trying to say is, 'Why are you sitting here alone when a woman who loves you obviously isn't?'" He sniffed indignantly then gestured towards Go Mi Nyu, "Let's go."

"Just a minute." Go Mi Nyu shooed at Tae Kyung who in turn frowned but shrugged and promptly left the two of them alone again. Go Mi Nyu looked back to Shin Woo and sighed. "That is what I was trying to say."

Shin Woo raised his eyebrows, "What do you mean?"

"Huh?" Go Mi Nyu looked surprised. "You mean to tell me you didn't know that Angel loves you?"

Shin Woo barely kept his face passive as he set aside his guitar. He had tried his hardest to not think about her in all honesty. Every time her face came to mind he grew uncomfortable and something inside his gut twisted. He didn't want to analyze the source of his discomfort. He didn't want to think about her, period. Because every time he thought about her that sliver of foolish hope that had kept him trailing after Go Mi Nyu for so long would surface, except this time the hope was directed towards Angel. Out of fear of another rejection, he was content to remain inside his melancholy.

"Go Mi Nyu, I'm sure that while Angel had an obvious affection for me I don't think we should allow ourselves to believe that she felt anything more than a familiarity with me." He sighed, barely keeping the pain from his voice. "I reminded her of her dead husband; that is all."

Go Mi Nyu frowned, "How can you say that? What about when you went with her back to her home town for Joo Yeon's death anniversary? Didn't she talk to you about him then? She's always been so honest with you! How could you doubt her after that?"

Shin Woo closed his eyes and allowed the bittersweet memory to surface.