"Don't worry about anything. We've gotten a hold of Hwo Yong and convinced her that coming out with that story about Shin Woo would be a serious mistake."

Angel clutched her carry-on closer to her body as she waited in the security line. She hoped Manager Ma was correct because if he wasn't then Shin Woo's career would be ruined, and all because she couldn't, no wouldn't, deal with Lee any longer.

"What did you say?"

Manager Ma smiled, "It's not so much what I said as much as what Go Mi Nam said, or did." He grinned in an almost evil way and Angel gulped, suddenly worried about Hwo Yong's health. "So you needn't worry about a thing. Everything will work out."

Angel glanced at her watch then back up at the security line. At this rate she'd miss her flight and have to wait for the next one.

"Angel are you sure you still want to go through with this transfer? Now that the whole Lee thing is cleared up perhaps you can tell Shin Woo-"

She cut him off, "I'm not going to exhaust that route. I've said my peace to him. If he refuses to see the truth then there is nothing more I can do. Please just let things alone in regards to him and I." She reached out and patted his shoulder. "Thank you for all your help. I'll let you know when I arrive in America."

The line finally started moving, causing Angel to sign in relief. The faster she got on the plane the easier it would be to keep herself from crying. She hadn't heard from Shin Woo since their altercation. She knew he was still hurting and would probably always nurse a grudge against her and that pained her more than anything. Above all other things she wanted him to be happy, even if it meant not being with her. She felt her eyes begin to burn and quickly took a deep breath and slowly let it out through her teeth. That was the last thing that she needed: to cry in the airport.

She hoisted her bag onto the conveyer and was just pulling off her coat when suddenly she was seized by the arms and pulled away. Before she had time to figure out what was happening, she found herself strongly embraced. She struggled for a moment until his familiar cologne calmed her.

"Shin Woo?" She kept her arms by her sides, just barely resisting the urge to hug him back.

He buried his face in her neck deeply inhaling her scent, relishing the feel of having her in his arms again. He didn't care if he was recognized by anyone, nor did her care about the airport officials who were beginning to gather around them and complain about their proximity to the security line. He was too wrapped up in the contentment that he felt at having her with him again.

"Shin Woo you need to let me go."

He tightened his hold, "I was blind enough to do that once before. I'm not about to do it again."

"Shin Woo," he heard her chuckle softly and drew back just enough to see her teary eyed smile, "I need to get my bag off the conveyer."

He looked baffled for a moment before he grinned and let her step back to get her bag. As soon as she had the bag, he seized her hand and pulled her after him towards the door. She figured he was probably taking them to a more private area to talk. She didn't mind because it was one thing to hug him in public but quite another to have it all out in public. Neither spoke until they were secure in a small lounge with Manager Ma guarding the door outside.

Angel set her bag down and shed her coat, trying to keep some space between them. Shin Woo seemed to understand this need as he stayed near the door and merely watched until she was seated.

"Go Mi Nyu told me about what happened with Lee."

Angel flinched at the abrupt way he began. She would rather have not remembered all the things Lee had said and done to make her friends her and Shin Woo suffer.

"She also told me about how blind and stupid I've been."

She gave him a soft smile. He had been rather dumb.

"Go Mi Nam also pointed out my errors, and Jeremy was quick to assist him."

Her smile grew larger. "So what are you saying now?"

Shin Woo came closer, hesitated a moment, then dropped to his knees in front of Angel. She squirmed in her chair for a moment then settled down when he drew her hands into his own.

"What you said about loving me like air and water," she nodded when he paused, "I feel the same towards you. I've always felt drawn towards you but it wasn't until more recently that I began to seriously picture a life with you." He saw her eyes tear up and quickly continued because he didn't know how much longer he would last if he saw her cry. "I want our love for each other to grow far beyond the stage it is in now." He raised her hand and kissed the palm. "I want to wake up with you next to me and fall asleep with you by my side."

Angel chuckled through her tears of joy, "What about daily chores and dishes? Are you going to be by my side then too or are you going to leave me to do all that alone?"

"Does that mean you still want to be with me?" Shin Woo couldn't keep the hope out of his voice.

"Shin Woo even when you were acting like the world's largest ass, I never stopped wanting to be with you." She beamed at him. "Of course I wanted to hit you," he touched his nose and she chuckled, "well hit you much harder than I did. But I never stopped loving you."

Shin Woo sighed in relief and looked back up at her when he felt her hand cup his face. He watched her silently as she drew her fingers across his face in a gesture they'd established when they'd first started liking each other.

His eyes shot open and he stared up at Angel in surprise. She merely smiled down at him as she continued to map out his face with her soft finger tips.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting to know you."

Shin Woo smiled, "Don't people usually talk in getting to know each other?"

"Words can wait," she leaned down, a mischievous smile gracing her lips, "until some other day."

"What are you doing?" he asked with a mischievous smile.

Her smile matched his own, "What does it look like I'm doing?"

"It feels like you're getting to know me." He waited until her fingers traced his lips before he spoke again. "What do you think about me?"

She pulled his face closer and whispered against his lips, "I think I don't know you quite as well as I'd like to."

He smiled into the kiss they exchanged as joy lit up inside his heart.

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