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"Run a full bio-spectral analysis" Captain Katherine Janeway of the starship USS Voyager rubbed her forehead in frustration and sighed. She was beginning to get a headache. Voyager's crew had been searching for Seven of Nine on twenty first century Earth for 18 hours now and still no luck. She was beginning to worry that something had happened to her errant drone, after all the 21st century was not a safe place to be.

"I've got two bio-signatures that match Seven's nanoprobes, Captain" Harry Kim called over from his sensor station to the left of the Captain's chair.

"Two? Don't tell me we have two of her running around down there Harry" Janeway replied. If there were two of Seven then it was likely the young woman had caused some kind of temporal paradox. It was also likely she'd broken the Temporal Prime Directive. She felt her headache worsen instantly and wondered idily if B'Elanna could fit an IV coffee drip to her chair. If there was anything she hated it was temporal physics. "Beam them both on board. We don't have the convenience of finding out which one is our Seven. The temporal incursion is set to take us back in less than 2 minutes"

"Locking on" Harry replied tapping his station.

"Temporal incursion in one minute twenty seconds" Tuvok seemed to counter from his security station opposite Harry to the right of the Captain's chair.

"Having some trouble with the scanners Captain. Attempting to boost the signal." Harry shouted, fingers desperately trying to pull his friend to safety.

"Temporal incursion in one minute" Tuvok stated

"I need more power to the transporters" Harry yelled in a panic.

"B'Elanna more power to the transporters" Janeway ordered as the ship began to shake from the energy of the upcoming incursion.

"Rerouting power from non essential systems. Increasing transporter power by 53%" B'Elanna's disembodied voice called back

"Temporal incursion in thirty seconds" Tuvok informed the captain dispassionately

"Got her!..Them!..Captain!" Harry shouted triumphantly, grinning broadly across the bridge.

"All hands prepare for Temporal incursion" Tuvok informed the crew as Voyager shuddered out of existence in the 21st century and appeared in the 24th. There was an audible sigh across the ship as one by one the crew realized they had saved Seven and gotten back to their own time.

"Uh..Captain.." B'Elanna's voice came over the comm system in a tone that suggested inconvenience at best and at worst. Well Janeway didn't want to think about it.

"Yes B'Elanna?" Janeway responded wondering what could possibly have gone wrong now.

"I..uh..Well I think you should come to the transporter room Captain. You're not gonna believe this" B'Elanna replied.

Janeway sighed. She could tell from B'Elanna's voice that there had been a major cock up somewhere. "On my way. Janeway out" Turning towards the turbolift she added "Tuvok. Chakotay. You're with me" before exiting with her Cheif Security officer and first officer in tow.

When Captain Janeway entered the transporter room she was met with the sight of Seven unconscious on the floor. The young woman was being tended to by B'Elanna and a young dark haired woman. Regarding the dark haired stranger Janeway concluded that she was accidentally pulled from the 21st century. Not only that. But due to the type of scan used to pull Seven and the girl out. She was most likely an ancestor of Seven's. A temporal anomaly. Or something like that. Rubbing her forehead Janeway sighed.

"She passed out just after transport Captain" B'Elanna explained "We need to get her to sickbay, there's no telling what could have caused it"

Turning to Chakotay Janeway said "you take care of Seven" before tapping her comm "Doctor we have a medical emergency. Seven and Chakotay will be with you shortly"

"Acknowledged Captain" The Doctors voice came over the comm system.

"Computer. Lock on to my comm signal. Two to beam to sickbay" Chakotay said kneeling next to Seven and resting his hand on her shoulder.

Waiting until the last of the blue shimmering transporter particles dissipated, Janeway fixed the newcomer with her best Starfleet Captain look and said "I am Captain Katherine Janeway of the USS Voyager. I'm afraid there's been a bit of an accident." Janeway stopped as the girl started laughing almost affectionately "Is there something funny?"

"You are exactly like my Mother described you" the young woman smiled "I'm Katherine Hansen by the way. But most people call me Kate"

"Kaa.. Mother? Hang on that means.. Kahless your Seven's daughter!" B'Elanna gasped wondering what had gone wrong for Seven to have a daughter who was in her mid twenties within 18 hours.

"She uses the name Annika Hansen now. But yeah. I'm her daughter" Kate shrugged "Can I go and see if she's ok Captain? I think her implants must have gone haywire in that temporal thingy wotsit, The Doctor may need some help."

"It would be advisable to also examine the young woman Captain. And if indeed it was an implant malfunction that caused Seven's collapse. We may also need B'Elanna's expertise." Tuvok stated and Janeway took that as Tuvok, for now at least, believed the girl's story.

"Quite right Tuvok. If you'd like to follow me Miss Hansen. B'Elanna, Tuvok you too." Janeway said turning and exiting. Kate taking her cue, followed, flanked by B'Elanna and Tuvok.

On entering sickbay the group were confronted by the sight of the Doctor busying himself around Seven. Several instruments beeped and screeched alarms, whining that the Doctor was not assisting Seven as quickly as the machinery would have liked. Turning to Chakotay Janeway asked "How's she doing?"

"The Doctor is stabilizing her. Her implants were thrown off by the temporal energies" Chakotay said in hushed tones.

Hearing the problems were with Seven's implants B'Elanna rushed past the Captain and Chakotay to aid the Doctor. After several minutes. And several colorful Klingon swearwords from B'Elanna. The pair managed to stabilize Seven's implants. Moving from where B'Elanna continued working on Seven's implants the Doctor addressed Captain Janeway "She'll be just fine. I have her sedated while B'Elanna makes the final adjustments to her implants. There are a few oddities however Captain."

"Oddities?" Janeway asked

"It appears that Seven has aged approximately 30 years. I know you wouldn't think it too look at her. But there are certain things you can not hide from a physician. Which brings me to the next oddity. There is also evidence suggesting she has. How do I put this. She's had a pregnancy. The reason for her implants failing is most likely 30 or so years of not regenerating" The Doctor explained.

"This young woman claims to be Seven's daughter" Chakotay informed the Doctor. Prompting the hologramatic man to pick up a tricorder and begin scanning the young woman.

"mmm hmm. Her story checks out Commander. A DNA analysis indicates that she is indeed Seven's daughter. Interesting..." he trailed off and picked up another instrument that Janeway recognized as being specific to Seven's implants. Running the instrument over the young woman's face, he gave a satisfied look as metallic implants flickered into view. Now her Borg technologies had been revealed it became even clearer that this woman was Seven's daughter. She had the same ocular and star-burst implants on her face. Her right hand was covered with mesh, just as her mothers left hand was. "It appears that she was partially assimilated in utero. Fascinating"

"How come we didn't see her implants at first?" Janeway asked

"Because while we were on 21st century Earth, my mother felt it prudent to employ a temporal phase shift on our implants. Making them 0.002% off temporally. And so we would not be subjected to primitive medical techniques in an attempt to discover everything about the technology that keeps us functioning" Kate finally spoke, explaining her apparently human appearance prior to the Doctor's scan.

Cocking her head sideways in approval Janeway said "good girl Seven" to the former drones unconscious form adding to her adoptive daughter's, daughter "So I take it you have knowledge appropriate to this century?"

"Yes Captain. My mother realized that she could not keep certain information from me as I grew older. Also she was aware that even if she died it would be likely that I or any children I have would be found by Voyager and so we would need to be informed of the reality of the situation." Kate explained as Janeway found herself being forcibly reminded that here was Seven's daughter, complete with Hansen mannerisms.

"I take it you mean you are mentally linked by your cortical nodes?" Janeway asked in order to clarify what Kate had meant by Seven being 'unable' to withhold information.

"In a way. Our connection is not as strong as the collectives. We can not hear every thought but sometimes, when either of us is experiencing strong emotions. For example when she was feeling homesick, then imagery will filter through. So in that case i'd often see images of Voyager or the crew" the young woman explained "My cortical node is not as developed as my mothers. I also do not have an emotional inhibitor or half the implants she does"

"Fascinating. Almost like Borg enhanced mother's instinct." Janeway observed "I guess we should wait for Seven to wake before carrying on these conversations. I'm sure she would rather be present" she added smiling at the young woman. Suddenly the alarms around Seven went off again. The Doctor ran to aid B'Elanna and they were joined by Janeway and Kate who began tapping the console above her mothers head."Don't you give up on me now Seven. Please don't give up now, we just got you back" B'Elanna shouted at Seven's convulsing body as she tried to stop the woman from dieing. Janeway and Kate joined B'Elanna and the Doctor whilst they battled with keeping Seven alive.

"Increase the phase variance by 0.423%" the dark haired woman muttered to B'Elanna who after pausing momentarily in shock did as she was told. "OK. Pass me that cortical tool" Kate added as B'Elanna handed her the tool, watching with barely concealed fascination as the girl made adjustments to her mother's cortical node through her ocular implant. "And now a 3.2% gigahertz neuroleptic pulse directed to her frontal lobes" she added stepping back as B'Elanna inputted the necessary commands.

"Are you sure a shock of that size could fry her brain rather than fix it" B'Elanna inquired but her instincts told her these two women had kept each other alive for over 30 years and Kate might know a thing or two more than she did.

"Yeah has to be a serious kick or it won't work. She'll be fine. Slight headache maybe" Kate smiled reassuringly to B'Elanna who shrugged and hit the button that would send an electric pulse directly through Seven's brain.

Opening her eyes suddenly Seven muttered "Did you have to Katie?" before closing her eyes and slipping into a shallow sleep due to the sedatives.

"Yes Mom I had to" Katie laughed back affectionately before handing the tool back to B'Elanna

"Kahless that was amazing" the Chief engineer breathed out. This young woman was fascinating.

Shrugging Kate patted B'Elanna's shoulder before rejoining the Captain "We have had to rely on each other to meet our medical requirements."

"Understandable. Perhaps we should get you something to eat before waking Seven. It will give me chance to arrange the senior staff meeting." Janeway said looking at Chakotay, who took that as his cue to go and arrange the meeting. Tuvok merely nodded, assuming he would be required to escort the young woman until further notice. "B'Elanna are you coming?"

"Uh.. no Captain. I'd like to stay with Seven if that's OK" B'Elanna said barely looking up from tending to the blond woman.

"OK B'Elanna, we will catch up with you later. Shall we?" Janeway asked Kate indicating the way

"Can I have a minute Captain?" the young woman replied and as the Captain nodded and positioned herself with Tuvok by the doors, she made her way to B'Elanna. "B'Elanna... Thank you" she said softly

"What for. You saved your Mom's life." B'Elanna argued fighting with the disappointment in herself that told her she'd failed Seven.

"For caring. She appreciates it you know. Even if she doesn't say it." Kate explained with a warm knowing smile.

B'Elanna felt herself beginning to blush. She always found it hard to accept a compliment. "It's nothing. She's a member of the crew. I'd fight for any of them" she argued knowing deep down that she wouldn't get so emotional about everyone on this ship.

"I know." Kate said with a wink that said [I know you care more than you let on but I wont push it] "But a thank you is still nice sometimes" she added as she turned to rejoin the Captain and Tuvok on seeing B'Elanna's reluctant acceptance of the thank you. And with that the trio left sickbay.