I made this because I wanted to write the first Ilanca fic on [and maybe the first symbionic titan fic :D] and soyeah it's not very good LOVE YA. Also try not to forget that they're aliens so maybe some terminology is different on their planet IDK.

"Hey, Octus?" Lance walked over to the disguised robot quietly, since Ilana was sleeping upstairs.

"Is something wrong, Lance? You seem troubled," Octus answered monotonously.

Lance shrugged slightly. "I was actually wondering about something our, uh, neighbor Barb, said earlier today."

Octus blinked twice, recalling everything Barb had said during the day. Wow, she talked a lot. And really liked to emphasize that she has an ex -husband. The robot's fake eyebrows started to shift upwards on his head; he was still trying to understand why Barb had insisted on touching him all day. "Barb said many things today."

"Yeah, I know. Okay it was when she introduced herself, she asked Ilana if I was her..." he paused, trying to recall the word. "...boyfriend, or something like that? What does that mean? I remember hearing some people at that high school talking about boyfriends, too."

Octus paused. "Just a second." He stared at the blank wall in front of him, surfing the internet using his computer-like brain. "Alright, here we go. By calling you the princess' 'boyfriend', Barb was implying that you and she share a romantic and/or physical relationship with one another."

Lance stood still for a moment, not realizing his cheeks were getting slightly pink. He started walking back up the stairs towards his room, forgetting that it goes right past Ilana's. "That's absolutely ridiculous. That woman is obviously an idiot to think something like that. I mean, me and the princess; in a relationship? I mean really, she's royalty and I'm a corporal! It's just completely impossible to even fathom-" He slammed the door behind him, not quite conscious of his own awkward strength.

Octus stared at Lance's door. If he had a sense of humor, he assumed he would've laughed. However, since he didn't, he instead got the chance to see Ilana poke her sleepy head out of her door and stare down the hallway with a confused look.

She looked over at Octus, and opened her mouth to question, but instead shook her head and went back to bed.

Octus assumed he would've laughed again.

WOOHOO sorry its so short I didn't really know what to write XD