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Lassiter returned to his desk, rolling his eyes after spying Shawn and Gus standing in a group of police officers. It was never good when Spencer couldn't stop glancing at Lassiter like he was doing now. He cast a critical eye across his desk, but didn't see anything out of place. What had Spencer done now? He touched his chair before sitting down, just checking to see if it was stable or would fall over when he sat down. Nope, nothing wrong there.

He reached out a hand to type in his password, thinking he might just welcome any prank the faux-psychic sent his way. It would be a return to normalcy. He typed in one letter, and then went to type in the next, his head snapping down to look at his hand when his finger refused to move.

Well, it was about time.


Shawn took a step away from the group, smiling widely at Lassiter.

"Superglue on the keyboard? Really? I think you're losing your touch."

Shawn shrugged, "What can I say? I didn't have much time to plan a new joke."

Lassiter felt his mouth open slightly in shock, heard the police officers suddenly grow quiet, and saw O'Hara clap her hand over her mouth. Lassiter let a small smile cross his face. Way to go, Spencer. He saw Shawn wink at O'Hara and fist-bump a shocked best friend before returning his attention to him.

"You know I can call this vandalism, right? I can now put your butt in jail."

Spencer smirked, "Yeah, but your hands are a little busy on the keyboard right now, aren't they? Don't you need those to work your handcuffs?"

Lassiter smiled and held up his left hand, suppressing a laugh when he saw Spencer's eyes widen in surprise. The muttered "Oh crap!" was easily heard, even though Lassiter was across the room from him. Lassiter pulled hard, holding up his newly-liberated right hand and studying it. "Oh look, the key popped off. Looks like I won't have any trouble with the handcuffs." He met Spencer's gaze and began walking towards him.

"Jules! Save me!"

Lassiter saw his partner start to laugh. "Sorry Shawn, I think you're on your own this time!"

Shawn darted behind Gus after she said that, "Gus! Buddy! Cover me!"

"You must be out of your damn mind! He's got a gun!"

"Are you kidding me?" At this, Spencer turned around, running straight for the exit as Lassiter swallowed another grin and ran after him.

He was on the doorstep, hand poised to open the door, when he paused. He took a deep breath, realizing this shouldn't be so hard. He pushed open the door and walked through the house, looking for his father. He walked into the kitchen, his eyes falling on his father just as Henry caught sight of him. Shawn moved slowly to stand in front of his father and froze. This was much harder than he thought it would be. What he had done at the police station was lighter; it was a promise to them that he was healed, that he was back. But here, with his father…This was different. Jules, Lassiter, Gus…all of them were glad he had found his voice again. To them, he was whole.

They weren't the ones who had to deal with the side-effects of regaining his speech…Of the nightmares finally breaking free from the silent confines of his mind. His father would.


Henry blinked in surprise, a small smile crossing his face. "Kid."

There was a small hint of pride in his voice that Shawn didn't miss, but that didn't erase the troubled expression that he knew crossed his face as he looked away.

"It's okay, Shawn. We'll take it one step at a time."

Shawn met his father's eyes, studying him. He noted the concern, the understanding, and gave a slow nod.

No other words were needed.

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