Author's Note: This is suppose to be an example of a Pokemon Mary Sue. I do enjoy making fun of those, and there isn't enough examples. You are free to use this for forums on , and other sites. Just as long as you don't take credit, it's OK. And yes, this will be similar to my non-Mary-Sue OC, Sophie. It just shows how much good OC's and Mary Sues differ.

Aurora woke up, to the shining light from the window in front of her. The sea-blue curtains on her window made the room light-blue.

Her curly blonde hair with blue tips shone sparkly in the light.

Her breasts poked out, and her silky, white night gown didn't fit her 13-year-old body.

She got up, made her big bed. She tripped on the way. She was always clumsy.

Aurora looked at her beautiful deep, turquoise blue eyes in the mirror. Her scar was right below her right eye. She combed her curly hair, changed into her amazingly pretty school uniform, and went downstairs.

Her mother was downstairs, making breakfast for her father.

Aurora picked up her stylish black bag, and headed out for the last day of school. "Good bye mom, bye dad!" She called, as she left for the Jubilife streets.

Today was her big day. Her long rival, Raven, had challenged her to a Pokemon battle after school.

Aurora's pokemon was a silver Eevee, the cutest thing she has ever seen. She had taught it a lot of TM's, like Dig, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power, and she even tutored it Swift.

Her opponent had a normal, non shiny Smoochum.

Aurora's last day went fantastic!

Her first class, Breeding, was awesome. It was the last day, so they had a little petting zoo. All the Pokemon wanted to be petted by her. That made Raven so jealous! But she couldn't help it.

In math class, her exam came out as an A+! Raven got the same.

In Advanced Training, she beat one of Raven's best friends. She had a lot of mercy on the 14-year-old. All say, her eyes were bright blue, which meant she was really happy.

There were son many happy things, Aurora couldn't keep count!

At recess, the cutest boy from her school asked her out. She had to decline, because she was going on her Pokemon Journey today.

Aurora's eyes were orange, which meant she was confident. She had been at the basketball court before Raven. She finally showed up.

"I am so going to beat you today!" Raven said, flipping her straight, oily black hair.

Ha. She's trying to be cute. How naïve. I feel sorry for her though.

Aurora shrugged. "I guess. I haven't practiced much. Barely at all!"

Raven took out her first Pokemon. "Go, Smoochum!"

The Pokemon landed on the field. It was cute, but not as cute as Luna.
(Luna was Eevee.)

"Go, Luna!" The ball capsule exploded, and revealed a silver Eevee, surrounded by sparkles.

"Smoochum, Shadow Ball!" Raven commanded. Smoochum shot out a ball of purple, but it went through the Eevee. "What?"

"Luna here is a normal type." Aurora smiled. "Ghost Type moves don't effect her. Luna, Shadow Ball!" The ball of dark, purple light swooshed at Smoochum.

The Smoochum was knocked back.

Raven's eyes were full of anger. "Smoochum..Use Powder Snow!"

Smoochum got up from the incredible attack. She used Powder Snow.

Luna took barely any damage!

"OK, Luna, use Hidden Power!"

Luna glowed of light, bright blue and shiny silver. Then, a wave of light hit the Smoochum and dazzled the crowd!

The Smoochum fell, and didn't get back and. Raven feel to her knees.

Aurora offered a hand o Raven. Raven slapped her hand away. "I don't need your help. Return, Smoochum. Let's go!" And then, Raven stomped off.

Aurora camped out with Luna.

They watched the twinkling stars as they ate Aurora's five-star meal. Aurora had gotten perfect grades in Cooking 101, and even invented tons of recipes.

"Do you like the Berry Scampi?" Aurora asked. Luna nodded. Aurora even gave some to all the other wild Pokemon.

Aurora laid back on her sleeping bag. "Goodnight, Luna.

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