Ok just a heads up PLEASE READ- I never read the Master and Commander book, but I am a huge fan of the movie and love it dearly so this story is STRICTLY based off of movie characters and fanfiction characters. I'm sorry if that's uber disappointing for some of you! Also, I had an account on here under the name of kikyosesshomaruforever so yes this is an updated and corrected version of that story. I was in junior high then and didn't have the ultimate skills (haha) of writing that I have now and was offended by many of my comments, instead of seeing them as constructive criticism to build off of. I also have a tendency to not finish my stories haha so if you want a story to be finished you have to let me know or I'll just let it die off! Thanks 3 Oh and I'm also writing another story of Jack Sparrow and my favorite fanfiction character Clarisse O' Reilly (not Barnagrille haha). That will be coming soon! I have two versions started of that story that I hope to connect eventually so sorry if there's confusion there too!

It was a cloudy day in England in mid- May and Joan couldn't stand it. Her mother, Rose, never let her go out, especially if it were raining. Joan Neill was a girl, or rather a woman, of 20 and very independent. She hated being a woman! Being told what to do, how to dress, where to be, and all to impress some stupid man that was just going to turn out to be a drunk fat guy. She sighed and wondered what it would be like out on the sea, where her father had escaped to. You see, Joseph Neill had left her, her mother, and her two younger sisters when Jade, her youngest sister, was only three. It was the most horrid event of her entire life. Her father had been her ideal, her fortress, and now he was gone and all that was left was her crazy mother and two spoiled brats.

"Joan? It's tea time! Joan! Where are you?" came the familiar, frantic voice of Rose Neill.

Joan sighed and shuffled across her room to her bedroom door. She swiftly opened the door and called back, "I'm coming mum,"

"Are you even dressed? Do you know what time it is? Do you know who is coming over in an hour!" Rose ran up the stairs and smacked her daughter's wrist.

"What in bloody-"

"Do NOT use such words!" Rose gasped, "Come now, hurry hurry! Maids! Maids! Come, dress my daughter and wash her immediately! We are having special company for tea and she has seemed to have completely forgotten again! See Joan? This is what happens when you go about day dreaming!" Joan just rolled her eyes and allowed the maids to gussy her up.

"Girls? Where are they? Girls! Jade, Josephine?"

"Mother, settle down! They are across the hall in their room, probably stitching or something ridiculous," Jane said pointing across the hall.

"You are the one that is ridiculous! It's half past nine and you're not even ready for the day!" Rose spat and scurried across the hall.

Of course, Jade and Josephine were perfectly dolled up and ready. Jade had on a light pink silky gown with gold edging and Josephine had on a dark green one with silver embellishments. Jade batted her dark eyelashes. She was about 5'4" with almost black hair and light brown eyes. She was thirteen now and ready for love. Josephine was not much different, except that she was two inches taller and had dark blue eyes. Being eighteen now, Josephine was always dressed to the nines trying to scoop up a man and it made Joan sick. She stared at herself in the mirror as a maid wrapped up her wavy blond hair into a high bun. Her green eyes danced with the reflection of light and she smiled a little. She couldn't believe that she looked so much like her father! Maybe that was why her and her mother hadn't gotten along for the last ten years…or the fact that she was still living at home.

"Mother, who again is coming?" Joan asked, rather afraid that she'd regret asking.

"What!" yep, she regretted it, "How could you forget! Oh Joan, so feeble minded we are sometimes!" her mother gasped, looking like she was going to faint from shock.

"It's some navy men, silly!" Jade butted in, "Since father was in the navy and it's his ten year anniversary of being gone, they thought they would be kind enough as to stop by and console her!"

"Console her!" Joan snapped, once again regretting what she said, "How ridiculous,"

"How dare you! You have no idea what it has been like, raising three girls on my own! That dirty, rotten-"

Joan bit her tongue, wanting to scream out, "He was a good man and you know it! That's why you hate him so much because you realize that he was in the right! By god woman! If I had been born a son I would have left you too!"

"Madame, there is some company 'ere at the door," a maid said knocking at the door.

"Oh goodness! Let them in, let them in!" Rose ran downstairs with the maid, closely followed by Jade and Josephine.

Joan rolled her eyes. She hated this! Dressing up and pretending to be something that she wasn't! All she wanted to do was go and sail away in her father's arms and be happy to…well to be happy again! She thanked the maid and excusing herself, stood up and went to the stairway.