"Mary Beth!" Rose called to a servant, "Won't you take my young ones up for the night?"

"Don't trouble yourself," said Joan, grabbing Mary Beth's arm tenderly, "I'll do it. Come sisters,"

They said goodbye to all the men almost a hundred times before Joan finally got them upstairs. She got them in their nightly attire and sent them to bed.

"I won't be able to sleep a wink!" cried Jade.

"Oh beloved Joan! Please tell us all the details of the rest of the evening!" begged Jacqueline.

"I'm sure mother will inform you of everything in the morning. Now goodnight," and Joan closed the door, despite their requests.

Joan sighed and turned around and almost ran straight into a strange figure. She gasped and upon realizing it was Pullings, sighed and relaxed.

"What in the world are you doing up here?" she snapped.

"I really am sorry for earlier," he said, being too close to her for her comfort.

"No, it really was my fault. I know my mother better and should have realized that she would be eavesdropping," Joan said, trying to get around him.

He smiled, "Let me take you out sometime,"

"What? Don't be ridiculous,"

"I'm not going to let you get away until you say yes,"

"Oh yes because there's no one in this house that would come running up here if I yelled that you were attacking me," she said sarcastically.

"Actually, all my friends are drunk and your mother wants you married so I'm not sure if anyone will," he laughed.

"Shall we test it?" she took a deep breath to scream, but in a panic moment, Pullings leaned forward and kissed her.

Joan slapped him as hard as she could and screamed. She then pushed him away and her sisters opened the door and also screamed, since they didn't know what else to do.

"Oh be quiet!" Joan shouted at them and they quickly shut their door, their fear of her being greater than their curiosity, "You! How could you?"

But Pullings just burst out laughing! Joan looked at him irritated, "And what is so funny may I ask?"

"No one came!" he managed through fits of laughter.

Joan's angry face began to relax and she gave a short chuckle, "I guess not, but you're being ridiculous, rolling on the floor like that!"

This only made Pullings laugh harder, which in turn made Joan laugh. She sat down against her sisters door and watched the sight of a grown, naval man rolling on the floor, gripping his sides over a stupid kiss and scream. He slowly grew composure over himself and sat up next to her.

"You were right," she smiled, "I suppose you can't be that bad then,"

He paused, "Wait…so is that a yes?"

"Take it or leave it,"

"Hmm…perhaps I'll leave it," he said with a smirk.

"Good!" she stood up and began to walk towards the steps.

"No, wait, I didn't mean that! I'll come get you tomorrow, right? Right?"

"You left it. Come if you must, but I don't know if I will wait around,"

"You can't be serious! I was only kidding," he tried to stop her from walking down the stairs, but she wasn't going to get pinned by him again so he was unsuccessful, "I will come," he said more forcibly, as if a change of tone would make her want him.

"Oh good! Now I know not to be here when you arrive," she curtsied at the bottom of the stairs and went to the kitchen to see if there were any cheese and crackers for her.

Pullings, discouraged, sat down at the loud table with his drunk friends and tried to enjoy the rest of the night.