Guess what? I finally got around to posting the sequel to "Scheming Woman"! It's called "Of the Wooded Land" and takes place after s3 ends. Fanfiction was giving everyone a lot of grief when I posted it, though, so please tell me if it gives you trouble.

And since you are looking at it here, I'll give you a little summary/teaser thingy for the story!

It begins with Morgana looking for a healer to save Morgause. Odd that the one she finds has a blue neckerchief around her neck, and a too-cutesy-to-be-sincere attitude.

The trick is, they're sure, once you get Merlin, you get Arthur, one way or another…

Merlin has disturbing dreams about a love that he hasn't seen hide nor hair of in a year. Why is he dreaming about her now? Why are these dreams so unlike her? Is someone trying to tell him something?

When Merlin requests a vacation and gets very irate at being denied one, Arthur thinks it's weird. When Arthur has a strange dream, he knows it's weird.

Arthur and Merlin don't actually arrive with style, but Xyla sure wakes up with style!

Just because she loves Merlin and likes Arthur well enough doesn't always mean you can trust her, you know. Have we forgotten that she tried to kill someone last story?

"If you don't let me heal him right now, he'll die!"