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Stealing Cinderalla by Chuck Wicks

I came to see her Daddy

For a sit down Man to Man.

It wasn't any secret,

I'd Be Asking for her hand.

Matthew Rollins step up to the front door of Tony DiNozzo, the father of his girlfriend's home. His stomach is tied up in knots at this point. He is here to ask for Tony's blessing to ask Gabriella to marry him.

Tony hears the doorbell ring knowing exactly what the young man had in mind in asking for this meeting. Matthew and Gabriella had been dating for eight months and he could tell they were deeply in love. Tony goes to answer the door and lets Matthew in.

I guess that's why he left me

in the living room by myself

with at least a dozen pictures of her

sitting on a shelf

Playing Cinderalla

She was riding her first bike.

Bouncing on the bed

looking for a pillow fight.

Running through the sprinklers

with a big popscicle grin

Dancing with her dad

looking up at him.

In her eyes I'm Prince Charming

but to him I'm just some Fella

riding in and stealing Cinderalla.


I leaned in towards those pictures

to get a better look at one.

When I heard a voice behind me say,

"Now ain't she something son?

I said "Yes, she's quite a woman."

and he just stared at me.

Then I realized that in his mind

she would always be

Repeat Chorus

Tony left Matthew in the living room while he went to fix some coffee. Matthew starts looking at all the pictures of Gabriella's childhood. Most of them are from after she turned ten, but there are a few from before that Tony had found among the pictures that Jeanne had left after her death. Matthew could see a picture of Gabriella dancing with her father at what looked to be her Dad's wedding to Ziva. Then of course he could see a big slumber party that looked like she was about thirteen with a huge pillow fight going on. Another picture shows her in her homecoming dress from her junior year in high school. There was one with Gabriella as a young child trying to eat corn on the cob with her front teeth missing.

Tony smiles at the scene. He is happy for Gabriella. She had chosen a wonderful man to share her life with and while Tony doesn't want to let her go quite yet, he knows that it's time.

"Now, ain't she something son?" Tony says as he comes up behind Matthew. Ziva is out in the kitchen with Gabriella talking. Matthew isn't aware that they are here at the moment, but will soon know.

Matthew agrees wholeheartedly and realizes that inspite of Tony being happy for the two of them, he also feels like Matthew is taking something away as well.

"Mr. DiNozzo," Matthew says trying to be polite in these circumstance and respectful as well despite the fact that he had been calling him Tony for the last couple months. "I came here to ask you for Gabriella's hand in marriage."

"You may have it if she says yes," Tony said with a smile on his face.

Oh he slapped me on the shoulder

then he called her in the room.

When she threw her arms around him

that's when I could see it too.

Repeat chorus

If he give me a hard time

I can't blame that fella.

I'm the one that's stealing Cinderella.

Tony then calls Gabriella into the room. She comes in knowing the reason that Matthew came by. One look at her father's face was all she needed and Gabriella ran over to her father and gave him a big hug.

Matthew gave them a minute and then took the ring he had bought out of his jacket pocket and dropped down on one knee and said, "Gabriella Dominique Benoit DiNozzo, I love you more than words can say. You are my life now and I would love to spend the rest of it with you. Will you Marry me?"

Gabriella is crying at this point but manages to say "Yes."