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Roxas smiled against Sora's lips, claiming them over and over again. They were sitting in the Ferris wheel's basket, stuck at the top because somebody was terrified at the bottom but slowly getting into the ride. Not that either of them were arguing with that. They moved closer to each other and the giant wheel began moving again, so they broke apart, although still holding hands and sitting thigh-to-thigh.

"I think this is the best date I've ever been on," Sora whispered, his kimono falling slightly open at the top. Roxas laughed.

"Me too." He squeezed Sora's hand softly. "And I'm glad it's with you. I mean, I know we haven't known each other long or have been going out long. I also know that Riku and you were together for quite a long time, but I hope I've found a place in your heart."

"You really have," Sora whispered. "Riku and I were more like friends because we were raised together and supposedly grew together in that way. Yeah, there was a lot of sex and there was a lot of kissing, but we never cuddled like this and we never talked." Roxas kissed the top of his head. "I'm really starting to seriously like you, Roxas." They kissed again.

"Good, because so am I." The two of them chuckled a little, realizing just how silly the two of them must sound. How super cliché and super lovey-dovey. Roxas lifted their hands and kissed Sora's knuckles each in time and they looked off into the ocean, trying to find dolphins playing in the water. Roxas' other hand curled around his shoulders.

They got off of the ride after much cuddling and snuggling, walking out of the line and over to Axel and Demyx, who happened to be playing one of the many carnival games.

"Look!" Demyx shoved a little black ant-looking thing into Roxas' face. "His name is Chester! Axel won him for me!" The redhead grunted a little bit, but gave the blonde a smile nonetheless. Sora giggled and pat the little thing on the head.

"He's cute!" Roxas sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose gently.

"Alrighty Sora," he replied with a resigned chuckle. Sora sighed.

"I'm really thirsty!" he moaned, draping his arms around Roxas.

"Then let's get something to drink, obviously." Axel handed Sora an open cup.

"Here, have the rest of this. It's pretty good."

"But there's more than half of it left!" Sora said, taking a sip despite himself.

"It is fine, of course," Axel said laughing. Roxas wrapped a hand around Sora's waist.

"Let's go play some games." Sora nodded, and the two walked down a ways. Axel turned to Demyx, smiling softly.

"That was easy!" he exclaimed, pulling him close.

"I know. Too easy," Demyx replied, narrowing his eyes slightly and looking at the two. "They are totally onto us." Axel rolled his eyes.

"No they're not, promise." Demyx laughed and kissed him sloppily, jumping up.

"Let's go get food! I'm hungry."

Roxas slid his hand into Sora's chuckling as they found themselves nowhere near their original destination. Once the two had separated from Demyx and Axel, Sora had led him down to the beach with the overhanging cliffs. Above them was the horrible Tunnel of Love, although they were directly below the breathtaking scene.

"Sora, where are you taking me?" The boy just smiled back at him, a knowing look playing on his lips.

"Somewhere special." Roxas fell silent, following the boy around a bend in the rock. His breath was immediately stolen, taken by the hot air around them. Falling from the cliffs was the waterfall, which caught the moonbeams from above and turned the sheet of water into a sheet of stars. The blonde found breath in his chest when he looked at Sora, a self-satisfied smirk on the boy's face. "Beautiful, right?" Roxas slid his arms around Sora's waist, pulling him close to his chest and kissing him deeply, pressing their lips together. Sora smiled for a second before wrapping his arms around Roxas' neck, pulling them closer. They stood there for a second before Sora pulled away slightly and pulled him underneath the waterfall so that it made a kind of room, separating them from the world. He leaned against the moist wall to look out onto the world and the silent couple who walked by this special place of theirs. This was the only time of the year the waterfall worked. Roxas trapped him by placing hands on both sides of his head and the brunette loosely wrapped his arms around Roxas' waist. They kissed again, and Roxas couldn't stop staring into the sapphire of Sora's eyes, smiling slightly.

"You're beautiful," he whispered as his head bent towards Sora's neck, removing the slightly high collar to get at the back of it. He knew that their parents, teachers, and adults would freak out if he publically claimed Sora with kiss marks, but went to work, giving him a purple-red bruise-like mark on the back of his neck. Sora moaned softly, wriggling his body closer to Roxas'. They sighed against each other's mouth, feeling closer and more alone than ever. Then, Roxas felt a vibration in his breast pocket.

"You should get that," Sora whispered before placing another little kiss on Roxas' lips.

"Fine." They separated for a second for Roxas to get out his phone and check the text. "It's Zexion and Lexeaus. They're wondering where we are because we suddenly disappeared from the group." Sora smiled, and hugged Roxas again.

"We should probably head back." As they walked away, Roxas looked back at their quiet little place and vowed to come back the next year and the next and the next, no matter how old the two got.

Roxas bent over the shotgun-like gun, aiming at the bottle pile on the other side. If he knocked all of them over, he would win a large dolphin, which Sora wanted. Quite badly. He aimed slowly, making sure that one of his five bullets lined up on the middle bottle of the bottom row. It was to make sure the gun didn't have any strange tilt the way most festival or carnival guns did. Thankfully, it didn't, and Roxas knocked the bottle a considerable way back, although not toppling the pile. It leaned precariously though.

"Four bullets now," the rotund man running the stall said in a serious voice. Sora's arms wrapped around Roxas waist as he bent over the gun, almost whining for the dolphin.

"Don't shake me," Roxas whispered to the boy, and aimed at another bottle. He was distracted by lips secreted at the edge of his hairline on his neck. "Unless you don't want that dolphin." He could feel the pout of his lips against the sensitive skin. Roxas shook his head a little bit, firing off a bullet. It missed, of course, because Sora suddenly nipped at the skin. Pouting, Sora pulled away, leaning against the table. Roxas sighed, shook his head and tried to clear it. He aimed, fired, and it burst the pile of bottles into rubble. The man sighed a little bit and handed over the blue dolphin.

"Congratulations!" he said happily. Roxas handed it to Sora, who put it under one arm and leaned in close to Roxas, his lips grazing the outside of his ear.

"Let's go home, I'm feeling a little weird if you know what I mean." Roxas nodded, and walked off to his car after telling everyone that they were leaving so they wouldn't freak out when the two were suddenly gone.

Roxas stopped in front of Sora's house and turned to the brunette. He smiled at Sora softly, only the edges of his lips turning upwards. They leaned towards each other, giving one another a kiss. Sora's hand entwined into Roxas' hair, pulling him closer and demanding to be kissed. They kissed quite thoroughly, roughly, and passionately. Roxas pulled away a little bit to take Sora's lip between his teeth and run his tongue across the flesh. Sora groaned, unbuckling his seat belt to get at Roxas even more. Sora clambered over the gear box, careful not to touch anything. He sat on Roxas, his hands on both shoulders. They kissed again, messily. His emotions were running high, and he gestured to his house with a hand.

"We should go to my room."

"What about your mom?" Roxas cautioned, despite the growing pain in his Yukata.

"She's at the festival and is going to come back tomorrow morning. She's sleeping at Yuffie's house right now." Roxas smiled, and opened the door. He let Sora out, and locked the car, grabbing Sora's hand and they walked up to the front door. Sora unlocked the door, and they ran inside, impatient. They closed the door, locked it, and the two ran into Sora's room. It was messy, with a large window and a medium-sized bed. It was shaded in blue with splashes of red and hints of Sora's childhood ingrained in there, like a wooden ship with dolls hanging from the ceiling. What the two did was nothing childish, of course as Sora slammed his bedroom door, and shrugged off the top of his Yukata so that it hung on top of the belt. He got on the bed, opened his legs, and motioned for Roxas to join him. He complied, pulling at his own Yukata so the belt fell off onto the floor. It was like a large robe, now, and Roxas clambered onto Sora and between his legs. They wrestled a little bit with each other, Sora working off the rest of Roxas' clothes and throwing them somewhere in the room. Roxas kissed him roughly, pulling Sora to him. They groaned low together, and Sora reached underneath his Yukata to remove his underwear. Roxas kissed the inside of his knee, and helped him with the cloth. It fell on top of Roxas' clothes accidentally, not that either of them minded. Their lips met again and again, their tongues wrestling between the two. Sora pulled Roxas away.

"Lube… in my… side table." Roxas sat up, pulling open the drawer and pulling out Sora's lube. The brunette opened his legs farther, asking for attention. Roxas poured some of the bottle, warming it on his hands and applying some directly to Sora. The brunette thrust into the hand, supporting himself on his hands and whining for more. They turned so that Sora was on the pillow and Roxas still between his legs. "Lay on your back," Sora said and Roxas complied, the boy climbing on top of him so that the Yukata tented over their thighs. Roxas smiled, and reached underneath the cloth, finding Sora's sensitive entrance and encircling it with his middle finger. Sora backed onto it, balancing himself with a hand on Roxas' chest and arching his back. Another finger was added as Roxas began to stretch Sora ever so slightly, moving his fingers in him. Sora sat up, and pushed the hand away. "I need something else." Roxas smiled, and grabbed his hips. Sora lowered himself, pushing Roxas into him. He groaned, and tried to angle Roxas so that the organ inside him would hit that sweet spot.

They rocked together, Sora bending to kiss Roxas sweetly. It was different than the other two times, their souls felt connected and they fell into a deep lurid passion together. They held each other, all of their muscles feeling on edge and tensing with each other. The two moaned with each other, their fingers digging into skin and pulling them to each other. Sora orgasmed between them, making their chests sticky. Roxas bit Sora's lip and came inside of him. They slowly came down from their high, all of the endorphins in their bodies running at an all time high. Sora relaxed into Roxas' arms, lying on top of him.

"You know what?"

"What?" Roxas whispered back, stroking Sora's hair softly.

"I love you," he admitted. "I know that we haven't known each other for that long and I know I recently had a bad break-up with Riku, but these feelings are true and I've fallen so hard for you." Roxas smiled, and tilted Sora's head up with two fingers under his chin. He kissed him gently. "I don't want to ruin this, though…"

"I love you too." They smiled, and kissed again. "And we should wash up, because we tend to get very messy."

"Better than condoms," Sora admitted. "You should also call your dad while I'm getting clothes to tell him you'll be spending the night." Roxas smiled, fumbling in his yukata's inner pocket for his phone. He quickly found it, and called his dad.

"Hey dad, can I spend the night?" Xemnas sighed, sounding annoyed.

"Fine, come back tomorrow morning. And no sex!"

"Of course dad!" Too late. "I love you. Bye!" He hung up the phone, rolling onto his back and staring at the ceiling. Sora walked back in, clean and naked, and he wiped off Roxas' chest gently, leaving momentarily to put the towel in the wash. He came back and lay on top of Roxas again. "Hey." Sora giggled, kissing him and laying on his chest again.

"Hey, Roxy." Roxas' arms wrapped around Sora's shoulders and he pulled the navy blue comforter around the two. They fell into a comfortable silence, cuddling with each other.

Sora woke up in the middle of the night to find Roxas gone from underneath him. He panicked a little bit, and walked outside of his room, wrapped in the blanket. He found Roxas sitting on the couch, coughing. He sat next to him.

"Are you okay?" Roxas shook his head vigorously, covering his mouth with his hands and removing them to find a little bit of red blood in the palm of his hands.