Daniel woke up the next morning, a bit disoriented, but feeling surprisingly well rested. He was face down in an unfamiliar bed, and he turned his head to the side with some difficulty to see Alexander fastening his cuffs. "Good morning," Alexander said, with a bit of a smirk.

"Morning," Daniel responded, his mouth dry. "I say... I slept through the night!" He rolled over and sat up, feeling suddenly reenergized. "I haven't done that in months!"

Alexander smoothed down his shirt and put on his waistcoat. "That's no surprise. You see... you were free from the Shadow for the night."

"Eh? How's that?"

"By... submitting fully to me, you managed to trick the Shadow into transferring its attention to me temporarily."

"What?" Daniel pushed aside his embarrassment at the events of the previous evening to marvel at the miracle. "But... I say, won't it begin to consume you?"

"I would think not," Alexander said confidently. "I have a much more... impervious mind than you, my dear Daniel. Attack as it might, it cannot pierce my mental defenses."

Daniel hugged his knees, thinking hard. "Is this... is this a solution?"

"In a way," Alexander said. "But you see, as I said before, it is only a temporary solution. In order for you to be rid of the Shadow for good, we will have to do a series of rituals."

"What kind of rituals?" Daniel tilted his head to the side and peered at Alexander inquisitively.

"I cannot explain easily..." Alexander crossed the room and placed a strong hand on Daniel's shoulder. "Do you trust me?"

Daniel swallowed hard. "Yes," he finally said.

"Then you must simply go along with whatever I ask you to do. And I promise you, you will never be tortured by the Shadow again."

"All right," Daniel said. He drew himself out of bed and put his robe on. He retired to his room and changed into some proper clothing, then rejoined Alexander in the great hall.

"Tonight," Alexander explained. "We will do the rituals tonight."

"Are these the same rituals you were speaking of yesterday? But I thought it would be some time before we had the necessary elements?"

Alexander paused, his hand on the window. "No," he said finally. "I had planned to go down a much different path originally. But you see, there is another option available to us now, in light of... recent events." The hint of a cruel smile actually aroused Daniel in a strange way.

"What option is that?"

"You will see. Now come. I want to show you some more of the castle."

After a lengthy traipse through the estate and a meal of roast mutton, night fell. Alexander grew quiet and thoughtful, and led Daniel deep into the castle, to a rather impressive room with copious amounts of stained glass lining the walls. The theme was a gruesome depiction of the Crusades, and the main color in the glass was red, leading to the room being stained crimson by the moonlight streaming through.

Alexander ushered Daniel into an antechamber, where he gave him a monk's robe made of coarse burlap. "Change into this," he instructed. "And only this. All your other clothing must be removed."

"I understand," Daniel said.

"Once you have changed, sit on this bench and wait in this room until I call for you. Do not come out until I do so. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Daniel replied. Alexander went back into the chapel-like area, and Daniel slowly began doffing his clothing. He slipped the robe on. It itched on his bare skin, even more so when he sat down and it rubbed against some of his more delicate parts. But he waited patiently while Alexander prepared for the ritual.

After what seemed like an eternity, he heard Alexander's strong voice booming through the wall. "Come now, Daniel."

Daniel stood up and headed out into the chapel. Alexander was standing before the altar, wearing a black cloak and hood. The room had undergone a transformation - candles formed a circle in the center of the room, and there was a silver chalice and dagger on the altar. Every cell in Daniel's body told him to flee, but he remembered that this was probably his only way to survive; and so he pressed on, walking into the center of the circle.

There, Alexander stepped forward. "Kneel before me," he commanded. Daniel hesitated slightly, but then did so. A boom of thunder came from outside, and lightning flashed, illuminating the room briefly.

Alexander began to chant in Latin, and Daniel waited patiently, shifting on his knees slightly. The cobblestone floor was hard and uncomfortable, but he chided himself that death would certainly be much more uncomfortable. He looked up as Alexander laid a hand on his head and began to speak in English. "Guardian of the Orb!" he called. "This man, Daniel, whom you have cast your Shadow over. Know that he is but an extension of my own flesh. He is my servant and I his master. Therefore, direct your curse unto me. This I command."

He took the dagger up and without the slightest flinch, stabbed the palm of his left hand. Daniel's eyes widened as he watched Alexander lay down the dagger and pick up the chalice, then let the blood flow into the cup. He stood before Daniel, and offered the chalice. "Do you swear your allegiance to me?"

"Yes," Daniel answered. His head was swimming but he knew he must go along with whatever Alexander asked of him.

"Are you but an extension of my flesh?"


"Then denounce yourself to the Guardian of the Orb."

"I... I denounce myself."

"Tell the Guardian you belong to me."

"I... I belong to Alexander."

"Good. Now drink of my blood."

Daniel shuddered, but raised the cup to his lips and drank it down.

Alexander continued speaking. "My blood flows in his veins. Guardian of the Orb, now and forever release your curse from my servant."

The room began to shake, and an evil wind howled through the room, roaring and rushing around. Daniel cowered, but Alexander stood firmly. "I say release your curse!" He chanted in Latin again. The room continued to rumble, and Daniel shrank down further, clutching at Alexander's legs for reassurance.

Finally, there was a bright blue flash, and the room fell silent. Daniel opened his tightly shut eyes, and slowly came back up to a kneeling position. He looked up at Alexander, who was smiling down on him almost kindly.

Daniel felt a swift pang in his heart. Somehow... the ritual had worked in more than one way. Not only had Alexander been able to convince the Guardian of the Orb that he was Daniel's master, but he had convinced Daniel himself. Daniel now looked at Alexander with reverence and awe. "Master..." he heard himself saying, in a breathless and adoring voice.

"Yes," Alexander said, reaching down and petting Daniel's head. "You've done very well."

"Thank you, Master."

"Let us return to my chambers," Alexander said. Daniel followed him obediently, leaving his clothing behind. When they reached Alexander's room, he shed the robe, and knelt down before Alexander once more.

"Master, please... let me pleasure you," he begged, gazing up at Alexander's smirking face in adoration.

"I would greatly enjoy that," Alexander said. He removed his own robe to reveal that he was completely naked underneath as well. They climbed up on the bed together, and Alexander settled himself amongst the pillows on the headboard, sitting up with his legs spread. "Come, Daniel. Pleasure me with your mouth."

Daniel crawled forward, nuzzling his face subserviently on Alexander's thighs before bringing his mouth to the man's genitals. He kissed the base of Alexander's erection, then opened his mouth and gave a shuddering exhale, in rapture that he could be so close to his beloved master. His tongue came out and traveled up the length, arriving at the tip where he lapped hungrily at the slit.

"That's a very good boy," Alexander said approvingly. He urged Daniel's head downwards, and Daniel engulfed his cock with his mouth, taking it full hilt down his throat. "Oh yessss," Alexander hissed, throwing his head back.

Daniel worked feverishly, wanting to please his great master. His head bobbed up and down rapidly, guided by Alexander's strong hands. After a few minutes, Alexander was gasping and groaning unevenly. "Hold on," he warned Daniel. He pulled the young man's head back and off of his cock. "I want to ... decorate your face," he rasped out, stroking himself quickly.

Daniel waited obediently as Alexander's hot release jetted out. It splashed across his forehead, the bridge of his nose, and his cheeks and lips. He lapped eagerly at what he could reach, as Alexander moaned in delight at the sight. "Beautiful," he said triumphantly.

Daniel wiped off his face with his hands, and then licked his fingers clean, glancing up at Alexander every so often to gauge his reaction. It was definitely positive, as Alexander was smirking and quickly regaining a rigid erection.

Alexander petted him affectionately. "You did a wonderful job," he praised Daniel. The young man beamed up at him reverently. "Now, I want to play some games with you, Daniel. How do you feel about that?"

"I want whatever my master wants," Daniel answered quickly.

"Good boy," Alexander smirked. He stood up and crossed the room, not bothering to cover himself. He opened a large cabinet, which revealed an impressive collection of sexual torture devices. Daniel's body gave an involuntary shudder at the sight, but at the same time, he willfully relaxed himself and tried to appear alluring for his master.

Alexander selected a few items, and came back to the bed. He smoothed a reassuring hand over Daniel's lean chest, and then viciously pinched one nipple with a small hinged metal clamp. Daniel let out a squeal, and then he moaned and gasped as he realized he liked the pain. "Lovely," Alexander murmured. He quickly clamped the other nipple as well. Daniel's eyes rolled back in his head, and his cock twitched and leaked in response.

"I see that you like this," Alexander chuckled. "But we mustn't have our naughty little boy going off too soon." He firmly fastened a leather band around the base of Daniel's erection. "This will prevent you from climaxing until I allow it," he explained. Daniel just moaned and squirmed.

"Now, what else can we do to you?" Alexander returned to the cabinet, perusing it thoughtfully. "Ah, how about this?" He came back with an oddly shaped glass phallus. "I'd like to see if I can fit this inside of you. Be a good boy and spread those legs."

Daniel did so obediently, letting his thighs fall apart. Alexander retrieved some oil from the nightstand, and greased up the glass. Then he pressed it to Daniel's anus, and forced it inside. Daniel screamed beautifully, his cock throbbing under its restraints.

"You like that too," Alexander observed, pleased. He climbed up on the bed with Daniel, hovering over him, his hand still pressing the phallus deep inside of the young man. "Do you enjoy pain, Daniel?"

"I... yes, oh yes," Daniel gasped. He moaned happily as Alexander bit his neck and pumped the glass in and out.

"I think we will get along splendidly," Alexander murmured, as his teeth found Daniel's shoulder. Then he brought his face to Daniel's and stared him in the eyes for a moment before capturing his lips for a crushing, smothering kiss. His tongue forced its way into Daniel's mouth, probing greedily.

Alexander came out of the kiss, allowing Daniel to breathe, and withdrew the glass. It was quickly replaced with his own cock, however, which he thrust mercilessly into Daniel's tight inner sanctum. He held Daniel's thighs apart and pounded him, groaning in delight. "By god, Daniel," he gasped. "Your interior is heavenly. I could be inside of you all night."

"I hope you are," Daniel breathed back, and Alexander groaned in satisfaction.

"You are such a very good slave," he praised. Daniel's cheeks became rosy, and he trembled and squirmed even more underneath Alexander. "Hmmm? What's this? I suppose you want your climax?"

"Please, master," Daniel begged. "I'm going to burst."

"You'll finish when I do," Alexander informed him. "If you can give me that ultimate pleasure, I'll release your bonds." He pushed deep into Daniel and stayed there, pulsing. "Squeeze me, Daniel."

Daniel bit his lip and contracted his body, then released it. Alexander's moans of pleasure encouraged him to continue the same pattern. Soon, the great silver haired man was groaning uncontrollably. "Yes, yes!" He fumbled with the leather band around Daniel's cock, unfastening it just as he spurted his hot load deep inside of him. Daniel screamed and climaxed as well, shooting out so powerfully that the ribbons of sticky fluid struck him in his chin.

Alexander gave a great exhale, and collapsed down onto Daniel. He rose up slightly after a few moments and removed the clamps from Daniel's chest. Then he pulled the young man under the covers with him, where he petted him affectionately.

"Thank you, master," Daniel said breathlessly. He kissed Alexander's chest and gazed up at him. "I am grateful to belong to you."