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I'm rating it T but I might change it later, there isn't bad language or anything but just incase...

Just to let you know that seeing Alice is single I changed Jasper's character into a female called Jasmine or Jazz as she is known to the characters. I imagine her with strawberry blonde hair, with soft features making her a classic beauty. She has a soft spoken southern accent and possesses the same power as Jasper does.

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Alice's P.O.V

The wind was cold, though never as cold as us. The weather was harsh though no harsher than our eternal existence. Things hadn't been so easy for my family and I, being what we were of course. Though things had gotten easier for me when I began having these certain kinds of visions while one decade ago. When it first hit me, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't understand any of it, I couldn't comprehend it.

I never thought I was gay, it never even came to my attention but here I was in my vision with another woman. A captivatingly beautiful, perfect yet imperfect human. I didn't know her name nor did I know when I would meet her but I knew that one day I would find her. My visions had been occurring on the rate of about twice a week on average and it was torture for me to just have to sit back and wait for her to come to me.

Carlisle thought it would be best that I waited because in the visions she accepted me. If I were to rush things then maybe she wouldn't have been ready to accept what I was and I could lose her forever without even having the chance of knowing her properly. We were driving on the way to school, it was midterm and I was ready for another day of social isolation from the humans at school.

I felt a rush of energy as we approached the turn off for school, it was the usual feeling before I was sucked in by a vision. It was the girl. She was standing in the car park of Forks high. It was the present day and she was standing by her orange, beat up truck. I had seen visions of us previously but they were different. We were laughing, talking, kissing and she didn't even move away from my coldness she actually seemed to embrace it.

This vision was simple as if announcing that finally she had arrived. The girl dropped her books all over the floor and no one else came to help so I felt compelled to go. I blinked several times as my eyesight switched back to what was in front of me rather than to what I was seeing in my vision. Before I knew what I was doing my hand flew to my mouth to cover the shock and awe mixed with a smile that was plastered on my face.

"What is it?" Edward asked from the front seat

"She's here" I whispered while looking around for her orange truck as we pulled up into the car park

"She is?" Jazz asked in front of me, she and Edward were both a little surprised

It was always difficult for me.

Edward had Jazz, they were inseparable. Rosalie had Emmett and Carlisle had Esme. It was always just me. Which was probably why I craved human interaction more than they did, because no matter what they always had someone.

I knew I had hope coming when I started seeing these visions of her but this future was fragile. The future I had seen, the girl accepted me for what I was, she didn't even seem shocked when we touched. She wasn't reluctant to kiss me or told my hand, she just accepted me like I was an average human being. That could always change, she could have easily decided that I was a freak and by every right that is how she should have reacted. She should have pushed me away and never wanted to see me again. On one hand I had wanted that, to protect her. On the other hand though I wanted to know everything about her and I wanted her to know everything about me.

"Alice you have to stop worrying. Things will work out, you just have to let it" Edward said calmly

"Easy for you to say! You're married with your mate and I'm just about to meet mine" I said anxiously and a small smile crept up on my lips "I don't even know the girl's name yet"

"Well if she's here today then you won't have to wait long" Jazz said in a calming voice.

She was using her mojo on me and I could tell. Normally I would have been mad at her for it after but I was actually thankful that she was keeping me calm.

We stepped out of the volvo, eyes on us as usual. I was used to everyone watching us by now but I certainly didn't enjoy it. People had grown accustomed to us by now but they certainly would not come near us, they wouldn't even sit next to any of us in class. I knew it was dangerous for humans to be in contact with and deep down they knew it too but I still couldn't help but want some kind of bond with someone.

I could smell her before I even spotted her. Her blood was so intoxicating, it was like nothing I had ever smelt before. I covered my nose quickly and looked back to Edward and Jazz who were staring a hole in what I had gathered was her direction. It was singing to me, calling me to rip her apart and gorge on her lifeblood but I felt a wave of calm hit me and I moved my hand from my nose. If she was my mate then I was going to just deal with it. I whipped my head around to look at where Edward and Jazz were looking and I spotted her from behind.

There she was.

If my heart could beat it would have skipped one, if I still breathed then I would have stopped. She was even more perfect than in my visions. Her long brown hair flowed effortlessly as she used one hand to rake a stray piece from her face. Her body frame was small, petite but she was just a little taller than me. She had big brown eyes that ripped me apart in my visions and her perfect lips drove me wild. She was dressed in skinny jeans, converse and a purple hoodie. She was pale so I wasn't sure where she had originated from but she certainly wasn't as pale as us.

She struggled to close her car door juggling a stack of books, once she did manage to close her door the keys and books fell to the floor. I froze for a moment...my vision.

I took a step forward but I felt Edward's hand grasp my shoulder tightly

I growled quietly as I looked back to him. Questioning him as to why he wouldn't let me go to her.

"Be careful" Edward said as he furrowed his eyebrows "I can smell her from here"

He was right, she smelt fantastic and that was only from a distance. It didn't help that the wind was blowing but she was possibly my singer which made everything much more difficult. He let go of my shoulder and I quickly made my way to her side, not even allowing myself to second guess the situation.

I bent down to grab the last book as she stood with the rest of them and her gaze fell upon mine. She paused as she saw me, I took in her features. She was surprised, at what though I wasn't too sure.

"I believe this is yours" I said with a grin. Maybe a little too eagerly

'Get it together Alice; you'll freak the poor girl out' Was the first thought that popped into my head.

"Oh, thanks" She said with an embarrassed smile "I didn't see you standing around. You got here really quickly"

I responded with nothing more than a smile as I continued to hold out her book for her

She extended her arm to take the book when the other books began to slide. I quickly grabbed the others that were about to fall and chuckled to myself quietly

"Would you like some help?" I asked her raising an eyebrow and she nodded slightly with a blush creeping up on her cheeks. She was making it so difficult for me to control myself.

"Trust me to do something like this" She mumbled. The comment was more so directed to herself then it was to me

"You drop your books often?" I asked playfully and I was rewarded with quiet laughter

"That and I'm just really ridiculously clumsy" She said "I'm Bella by the way. Bella Swan"

"Well Bella Swan, I'm Alice Cullen" I said as my head began to spin.

After a long decade I had come to know her name and it was a perfect fit for the human..my human.

She locked her truck, stuffing her keys in her pocket. She hurriedly threw her bag over her shoulder and she held out her arms for her books. Gently I placed them in her arms, balancing them evenly. She lifted her eyes from her books and I felt a jolt of electricity practically strong enough to start up my frozen heart

"Thanks" Bella said simply with a shy smile

"It's no problems" I replied shrugging casually

She flashed a small smile in my direction once again and I watched her as she walked away.

I turned to meet up with the rest of my family who were all staring by the cars looking in my direction. Jazz leaned against Edward with a soft smile on her face as she watched happily but Rosalie looked less than happy. I practically skipped to my destination as I took a quick glance back at Bella while she made her way slowly through the crowded car park.

"So?" Jazz asked excitedly

"Her name's Bella" I said with a large grin spreading on my lips while clasping my hands together "She's everything I imagined and more"

"You spoke to her once" Rosalie huffed

"How many times did you speak to Emmett before you knew you were mates?" I hissed

"Just the once but that's different. She is human" Rosalie grumbled "Not only is she a danger to us, we're a danger to her. If she really means that much to you then you should leave her alone or she's going to end up like us"

"Easy for us to say when we have our mates" Jazz spoke understandingly and she looked to me "Alice you should just go slowly but by no means stop trying to get to know this girl"

"What did she think of me?" I asked turning to my brother

"Well she's a little bit more concerned about her first day at a new school but she thought you were nice enough" Edward replied thoughtfully

"I made a fool out of myself didn't I?" I asked with a frown

"If you call giggling and grinning like stupid then yes" Emmett said

"Not helping" I shot at my older brother and he laughed

"I'm kidding, she looked like she dug you" Emmett said

"Dug?" I asked raising my eyebrow

"I'm trying some new words" Emmett said

"Well stop" I shook my head giving him a weird look

"We should get to class" Jazz chimed

I kept my eyes on Bella as she looked back at us quickly but her eyes moved away as soon as she realized that we were all watching her. It would have been an intimidating sight and I didn't blame her for dropping her eyes

Classes were mundane enough considering we had graduated more than enough times in our life and we would continue to as time went on. Repeating high school over 10 times had done my grades wonders, if they hadn't I would consider something terribly wrong with me.

Lunch time came and I was excited to catch a glimpse of Bella, even if it was just from a distance for now. Walking into the cafeteria a smell of teenage blood hit my nostrils and the back of my throat. If I hadn't been so controlled I could have killed them all but there was a new smell that I noticed and I knew that was Bella. Her blood smelt like no other I had ever experienced and it was making my life a whole lot more complicated.

I knew I had to back off for a while, even if I wanted to be friends with her. I didn't even know if she could like me in the way that I thought I liked her. Even though I had seen her in visions I needed to get to know her first before we even tried anything, before I told her what I was.

Bella was seated a few tables away with Angela, Jessica, Eric, Mike and Ben. They were giving her a run down of Forks high, which didn't take long considering how small the school was. I sat down next to Jazz and Emmett as I looked down at my tray. An apple and a sandwich. Humans seemed to enjoy the apples so I thought I would try and blend in. I was more interested in the conversation that Jessica was having with Bella than anything else.

"So why doesn't anyone sit with them…or even around them?" Bella asked in a hushed tone, trying to keep her voice out of hearing distance of other students

"The Cullen's are freaks" Tyler announced as he arrived at the table. Tyler on the other hand did not care who he offended by saying that loudly

"They are not, they're just different... Quiet" Angela scowled at Tyler. I knew I always did like that girl for a reason

"They are a bit freakish though. I mean they're all together. Like together together. Rosalie, the blonde is with Emmett the big guy and Edward with the brown hair is with Jazz the strawberry blonde one. Rosalie and Jazz are so pretty. Really full of themselves though" Jessica paused before she added one final piece of what she thought to be vital information to share "They're related"

"No they aren't. They were all adopted" Angela defended quickly while shaking her head "You really should get that right"

"What difference does it make?" Jessica asked

"Well the difference is that they're not blood" Angela countered

"Well what about Alice?" Bella asked ignoring the debate that was going on as she glanced over in our direction

I didn't hide that I was staring at her, what good would it have done? She looked down at her table once our eyes met and I smiled slightly

"How do you know her name?" Jessica asked leaning over the table towards Bella

"She introduced herself this morning. She helped me with my books" Bella said calmly with a shrug "She was really nice"

"A Cullen spoke to you?" Jessica asked in awe

"They don't speak to people?" Bella asked leaning back into her chair, folding her arms over her chest

"Well just themselves really" Angela said as she glanced in our direction but she didn't dare make eye contact "Alice isn't with anyone, she's alone"

Bella looked over to us again but this time she allowed her gaze to reach mine and stay there. I blinked as I watched her observe my family and most importantly me. I smiled warmly and she smiled back sheepishly. Ducking her head, she tucked her hair behind her ear and she turned back to her friends but the smile stayed on her face for moments after.

"Alice?" Jazz said as she called me back into reality

I tore my gaze off Bella and turned towards my sister who had a smirk on her face

I shrugged simply, playing down lunch's events.

I didn't want to get too carried away or have my hopes up for anything. Especially considering all she had done was smile in our general direction

"We should go" I said just in time for the bell to ring

I was off to biology where I would be wasting another hour or so of my never ending life.

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