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Inspired by the 10_orders community on LJ; original prompt - 'Don't lie to me'.

"How much does Ysandre know?" Her tone was coaxing and honey sweet, but I could feel in the threatening way she gripped my shoulder that I was treading dangerous water.

"Nothing, my lady," I murmured, although even I can hear the faint trembling in my voice. There was little hope she would believe me, so it was no surprise to find her turning 'round to face me. Her sapphire eyes were dark and threatening, pinning me expertly and loosening my tongue in a way only she can.

"Don't lie to me, Phèdre."

Elua, my name on her lips is beautiful, and I'm certain she notices my quiet inhale at the sound. My slain chevaliers still lay where they had fallen around us, their bodies not even cooled yet, and I here I still struggle with my answer to her question. The truth is on the tip of my tongue, begging to be spoken so that she will claim me as I had so often wished she would just years before.

Her fingers bite into the flesh of my jaw as she snaps my attention from my musing and back to her face. Oh, but she is breathtaking. "Tell me," she says softly, and I do. Kushiel forgive me, I tell her every thing I know.