Jesse St. James was not amused. He was furious actually. Furious, embarrassed, disgusted, every negative word you could think of. Why might you ask? Simple. He was being forced to attend another year of high school.

He felt like an idiot. Jesse had planned to go to the University of California in Los Angeles however he lost his scholarship because of his stupid mistake in transferring back and forth between Carmel and McKinley High.

Okay, it wasn't a stupid mistake. He had went to be with Rachel. There was nothing stupid about that. However the fact that he had lost his credits after returning to Carmel, now that was stupid!

His parents weren't pleased with this. Jesse's parents had never been completely thrilled with his passion for music and performing. They had always wanted him to be something productive. To follow in their footsteps by being doctors. Jesse would watch the odd medical show but he had no intention in joining the field. Because of this he knew that he'd have to try his hardest to obtain another scholarship. If he didn't then he didn't stand a chance because he knew his parents wouldn't help.

To make matters worse Jesse would have to attend McKinley High. Shelby had left Carmel to start her family with Beth. He had no reason to go back there. As much as he loved Vocal Adrenaline he couldn't make himself stay with them. Not with this embarrassment he held on his shoulders. This is the second time in his life that he had failed. The feeling of failure didn't sit well with Jesse St. James. It wasn't natural.

Rachel Berry loved the first day of school. Today she was even more excited than usual. Today she would be entering the new school year with her usual positivity along with her boyfriend, Finn Hudson. Rachel and Finn had spent the summer dating. She was completely thrilled that their romance was still going strong. She had always known that it was more than a summer fling. It was true love.

Jacob Ben Israel was going around interviewing the glee clubbers for his website. He started off by interviewing their power couple, Finn and Rachel.

"Rachel, how do you respond to rumors you're incredibly difficult to work with?" Jacob questioned.

Finn spoke first, "Well as her boyfriend I can answer that."

"We've been dating all summer." Rachel smiled widely at the camera.

"Rachel's what you'd call a controlist." Finn continued.

"I'm controlling. Controlist isn't a word. I'm controlling. Performing is my life and yes do I have opinions about it? Does my need to constantly express those opinions annoy my fellow glee clubbers?"


Rachel frowned slightly.

"That was out loud wasn't it.." Finn ended awkwardly.

Jacob gave his camera guy a look before leaving Rachel and Finn to go off in search of the other members. During his search he spotted a familiar face. "Jesse St. James? Why are you here and not in LA? Didn't you graduate last year?"

Jesse raised his hand to block the camera that was being shoved in his face. "No comment." He slammed his locker shut and walked off giving Jacob only one option, following him.

"Is it true that you had a sing off with Finn Hudson? Did you actually egg Rachel Berry? Do you think Vocal Adrenaline wore too much pink during their regionals performance?"

Jesse groaned as the questions poured out of Jacob's mouth. "I said no comment." He said angrily, "Now leave me alone. Go cut your hair."

Finally Jesse's luck was turning around. Tina and Mike were spotted walking through the hallway together. They immediately took the focus off of him. Jacob was on their heels in a matter of seconds.

Jesse rushed into his homeroom class. Biology. He sighed as he took a seat at an unoccupied desk. Let the horror begin.

For once in his life Jesse was trying to fly under the radar. His senior classes kept him out of New Directions' range and when he spent as little time in the halls as he could. He didn't want to run into her. He couldn't bare to see her after how things ended. If she heard about what happened to him, she'd probably just laugh in his face now.

Jesse had been sitting outside eating his lunch when he heard the music start. Next thing he knew the members of New Directions were out singing Empire State of Mind while clad in black NYC shirts with either a hat or a pair of sunglasses.

He, like the rest of the student body, wasn't impressed by their performance although he had to admit, the girls looked pretty adorable.

Another day had passed. Jesse stood at his locker, he needed to get out his history books and then head to class. It was then when he blew his cover.

Quinn and Santana were fighting. Normally Jesse could care less except this fight was getting too violent for his taste. Santana threw Quinn to the floor and it was at that moment when he jumped in to stop them.

"Enough!" He demanded, stepping between them. "Aren't you guys supposed to be a family or something?"

"Oh please, she has a family, she's a motherrrr."

"WALK AWAY AND TIGHTEN UP YOUR PONY BEFORE YOU GET TO CLASS!" Quinn shouted as Jesse held her back.

Santana followed Quinn's demand as she broke through the crowd.

Quinn breathed heavily, "Let go of me!" She pushed him away but when she realized that it had been Jesse holding her she slapped him in the face before storming off.

And suddenly he was noticed.