I wrote this because I was depressed after finishing Death Note (which is NOT MINE!) enjoy!

I knew it.

Somehow, a part of me always knew you were Kira.

You, Light Yagami.

You were the one who caused all this trouble for me in the first place. You are the mass murderer I swore to catch. And yet, I won't rat you out or accuse you outright.

Because every time you kiss me, I lose myself. Every time you touch me, when you hold me late at night, I feel at home. I feel something I've never felt toward another human being.

When I said you were my first friend, I wasn't exactly being honest. You are so much more than my first friend. You are my first love. You were my first kiss and my first hand to hold. You were the first human being with whom I felt a deep and profound connection.

When I looked up the word "love" in the dictionary, it was defined as "caring or passion between two individuals." I don't really think that's the right definition. To me, love is the innate desire to do something, anything to make their lover happy.

And therein lies the problem. I'd do anything for you. And I am. Even though I know you don't really love me back. Even though I know you're going to break my heart in the end.

I know you're going to kill me.

In a way, it's amusing. The great L Lawliet, who is supposed to be the greatest detective in the world, was undone and led to his own demise by love.

Love. Such a simple and yet such a complicated emotion.

. I put my petty accusations on the shelf and threw all logic out the window the first night I let you have me. Every night I let you have me.

I knew you were Kira for a long time, but a part of me refused to believe it.

This is why, even now, in the waning days of my life, as I face death, I will not turn you in. I will not speak a word of your deeds, even to Watari, who I trust most in this world. Why I will leave the Earth and let you live your life. Because I know you have potential. Because I want you to stay alive.

Because I love you.