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Prologue: How it began

The woman took one last look around. Then men looked back at her with expressionless faces, and uninterested eyes, though they all knew that all felt a twinge of regret at watching her walk away.

"Captain." She said with a small inclination of her head. The man looked at her, his eyes hard and his face emotionless.

"Captain." He responded with almost a smirk. She hid her grin from the eyes of the crew; she had been a captain for such a short time it seemed ridicules to call her that now, what with what was coming.

Then she whipped around, not looking back and made her way through the port. From behind her she heard the shouting of the men and the scrapings of ropes as the huge sails where once again lifted.

Once out of sight of the port she hide behind a building. She knew what she has to do, she didn't want to do it, but she had to. It was to protect a life other than her own.

She yanked off the hat and shook out her golden hair, but it was still long, still beautiful. Then she unbuttoned the unflattering jacket and pulled off the large trousers. Then she stood upright, the dress she was wearing was bland and dark compared to what she wore once, in another life, but it did its job. It made her look like something she wasn't. Absent mildly she fidgeted with the gold piece that hung around her neck before she tucked it into the dress. Then she picked up the one bag she carried with her and made her way into the streets.

These streets (unlike the resent places she had visited) where pleasant and full of women wearing consents, men with fake hair, soldiers that prowled the streets and markets called out their wares. This scene was something she had not been in years. Yet as she stepped out into the hustle of Saturday afternoon she could almost feel the familiarity of her old life coming back.

As she walked she looked at each store, occasionally frowning at something only she knew. Then she caught a bakery with the words "Help needed" scrawled in an untidy hand on a plank in the window. It seemed to be an opportunity she could not pass. Turning she entered the store; a small bell went off as she did. The bakery was neat, the floors washed, the bread and cakes all in neat rows.

After a moment she uttered a soft "Hello?" An elder lady came tottering out from the back room wiping flour from her hands.

"What can I do for you missy?" the woman asked kindly brushing her grey hair from her eyes as she did.

For a moment she didn't respond, she had not needed to act like a lady in so long she was sure she had forgotten how…

Then she put on a smile and said "Why yes, I couldn't help but notice the sign in the window. I will help you, in return for a place to stay."

The woman frowned looking her up and down before saying "Why does a pretty miss like yourself need a place to stay? Surly you have a husband waiting for you at home?"

Her mind was whizzing she tried to remember the story she had planned to tell those who asked her this, but she needn't had bothered for the woman said "Never mind that it your business, I could use the help. Ever since Papa died, need someone to bake the bread and clean around. Can't do it all on my own. There is an extra room upstairs you can have, and I can feed ya a bit. It is only you correct?"

She winced, thinking about the reason she was here, and placed a hand on her stomach. "For now." She muttered.

The woman raised her eyebrows and looked from her expression to the placement of her hand. A soft "Ah…" escaped the bakers' lips and she smiled a bit. Then turning the woman said "Alright well you can start by sweeping the place up."

"Thank you." She said gratefully.

The woman sniffed and asked "What's your name?"

She looked at the woman her eyes blank and somewhat sad "Elizabeth."

The woman looked at her one last time her face questioning. But seeing that she was going to get nothing from this girl she turned and walked back to the kitchen.

Elizabeth picked up the broom from where it hung on the wooden peg and set to work.

Chapter One: Secretes Revealed

Six Years Later….

"You will won't you?" The widow asked looking at Elizabeth with dyeing eyes. "You two will be alright?"

"Don't worry, we will be fine." Elizabeth answered looking at the woman who had taken her in. "We will keep the store, and work our best, don't worry about us."

"Good." The woman was dying, she had been so ill these last months and Elizabeth knew this was going to be her last night. Yet her face was emotionless, Elizabeth had suffered far greater sadness that this it seemed that this woman's death was near to nothing. Indeed it was sad, yet she could not bring herself to cry.

The bakers breath was getting slower, Elizabeth squeezed her hand in a comforting manor. Minutes passed and neither moved then the woman spoke her voice ragged her breath coming short "So… tell me, w-who is the f-father?"

Elizabeth gave a soft grin; it had gotten to the point of a game. Ever since that day six years ago the baker had questioned 'who is that father?' Every time Elizabeth had skirted around the question or ignored it completely. The only answer she had ever really given was "a man who no longer exists."

Yet now it seemed like she should answer the question. This woman was dying, and she had after all helped Elizabeth in her need. She could tell her that much couldn't she?

Leaning down to whisper in the woman's ear Elizabeth said "You would not believe me if I told you." The gold piece hanging around her neck fell from out of her dress and hung over the dying woman's shoulder.

"T-try me." the woman whispered back her voice was weaker now, and her breaths slower.

Elizabeth paused for a half a second. If she didn't tell, she would regret it forever. It was almost like a dying woman's last wish.

Still whispering Elizabeth whispered "My husband is William Tuner, legendary Captain of the flying Dutchman. He is the father."

Elizabeth drew back, what had she just done? She had given away her secret. But the woman spoke interrupting her thoughts.

"I believe you."

Elizabeth started at her in shock. "What?"

"W-why would you lie to me? I am d-dying I cannot tell anyone. P-plus I see that gold a-around your neck, only p-pirates carry gold such as that. I knew s-something had happened to you that had to do with them. And I h-heard you singing t-their songs n-not long ago…" the woman smiled.

It was only then that Elizabeth let a tear fall.

" 'is alright." The woman said.

Elizabeth sat with the woman till morning when her heart stopped beating.

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