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Chapter 20: Never

"Welcome aboard the Flying Dutchman." Captain Turner said his voice harsh.

Elizabeth stared at him. Will Turner stood in front of her, his face like stone as he stared at her captor. It had been so long, nine whole years since she had last seen that face. And even though so many years had passed she felt a bit safer just knowing he was there.

Did he know what his man, this horrible man, was planning? Well to be honest Elizabeth didn't really know what the crazed man was up too but it couldn't be good. How dare Will give into the demands of the man who had killed their daughter-


Elizabeth thoughts flashed back to her daughter who she had nearly forgot about since the Dutchman had appeared. Elizabeth still didn't know if her daughter was alive, and if she was where was she?

Then another thought flashed across her mind, Will didn't know about their daughter. Oh lord if she was dead then it was possible that he had taken his own child to the end of the world without even knowing.

Elizabeth felt like she was spinning, going slowly insane with all the thoughts that bounced around in her head like a ball. In fact she was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear the conversations about her and did not even realize she was being dragged to her feet until a sharp voice ripped through her mind.

"You're not free yet girl, I still need you." Barwicke whispered in her ear his hard voice grinding in her skull.

Then before she knew what was going on she was being dragged into the ship. She turned trying to see William, but it was no use for Barwicke had a hard grip on her and a gun was suddenly pressed to her back.


Will Turner snarled as he watched his love pulled below his own deck as a prisoner. He knew that he had no choice it was this or she would be killed and that was something he would never allow to happen.

The man, this Barwicke wanted something. William had yet to figure out what it was, something about 'conquering death' (as if I haven't heard that one before). How the man thought going to end of the world would help his cause he had no idea, but he would do whatever was necessary to keep Elizabeth safe.

Whatever it took.

As these thoughts ran through his mind he found himself calling out orders to his crew. And soon the Flying Dutchman was nothing but a whisper on the breeze. Its passengers ready for the dark journey ahead.


When Jack had landed on the pirate ship the first thing he noticed was that no one was shooting at him. This had to be one of the first times and he was rather pleased with the outcome. As he stood barley hidden behind a stack of barrels he watched the crew. Not long after he had arrived did the crazy Captain and Mrs. Turner jump into a dingy and take off to the Flying Dutchman. Jack had not known exactly what to make of the whole situation so he decided the best decision would be to wait happily in his hiding spot.

So that was what he was doing. It turned out that the barrels he had hidden behind where container full of the most delicious substance known to pirate: rum.

Therefore Jack was quite content to wait.


Nichole could not believe her eyes are she stared at the scene before her. In fact she was so astonished that she didn't blink for a good minute. Edwin was in a similar state staring out at the sea where they could have sworn a ship had been moments ago. The ship had vanished; it was almost like a cloud has swallowed the ship whole as it disappeared.

Neither child knew what to think; both thought they must be seeing things because that was impossible. Ships that size could not be swallowed by clouds that just didn't happen.

"This may be a stupid question," Edwin said after a moment "But you saw that too right?"

Nichole nodded. And then, without really thinking, as though some force was pulling her Nichole jumped to her feet and started to race back down the mountain. Her thought where a blur as she pushed plants out of her way and she didn't hear the frantic cries of her friend behind her. All she knew was that it was crucial she reach that shore and the ship which had vanished. She had to get to it, she had to!

This may have been why she didn't see the rock until she had tripped over it causing everything to go black…


Life was an interesting thing, some people see if as a journey that will soon come to a happy close. Others see it as pointless and unhappy with no sense of purpose.

The latter was how Barwicke saw life. He saw it as a black pit which had taken what he most loved from him. Barwicke viewed life as an object, something he could get revenge on, something he had decided a long time ago.

It had taken many years for the vile man to discover the best way to 'conquer' death. He had gone to various religious practices and ceremonies for the first few years, trying to get a grasp of what the word 'death' meant. He discovered nothing of any use until he meet a man named Onyon.

Onyon was one of those people who didn't seem to have anywhere to go, who went everywhere and who knew everything. When Barwicke first met him, stumbling into the rag-tag bar, he almost given up on his mission and was one his way to drink himself into oblivion. Onyon was an interesting man he wore clothes that looked like had been made back in the time of Moses, long hair, and a face that just screamed "I would have no problem screwing you over." Barwicke was instantly fascinated.

Can you really blame the man when Onyon told him about the legendary ship and how it had a new captain? He had been searching for something like this for so long he had almost forgotten what it felt like to have hope. When he asked what he would have to do in order to find this Captain and his mystical ship the answer was not very pleasant. He would need to be on the brink of death. Naturally Barwicke was not to thrilled about this plan and instead he asked how one could do this without dying. This posed a bit of a problem, you see Onyon knew about the 'heart of the flying Dutchman' being part of the legend, and he knew about the whole 'love of your life thing' but he had interpreted it wrong. So Onyon told Barwicke that in order to get to the Captain of the Flying Dutchman he would need to find the Dutchman's true love.

Unfortunately for our heroes this was only a small challenge because nine years ago a great number of pirates had witnessed Mr. Tuner becoming the new Captain of the Flying Dutchman while his love sobbed over him.

Finding Mrs. Tuner had been a little too easy and getting Mr. Tuner to join them may have been a bit more difficult but Barwicke had managed it. He should have known that soon his luck would run out…


It was dark. The thought flashed through Elizabeth's head uninvited and once it was there she could not get rid of it. How come it was suddenly so dark? And so cold? She had only ever felt this cold once and she had hoped to never feel it again. She wondered briefly if this was going to be at all like that trip and if she was likely to lose a finger or toe.

But just as this thought occurred to her it suddenly got warmer, and the darkness grew more complete. She wondered if it was this dark above deck with Will, but she was a prisoner to Barwicke who had insisted that she be locked up with his own guards.

"Will," She whispered to no one as the ship rocked with the flowing ocean "I hope you know what you are doing…"

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