"You'll never get a hold of me lucky charms!" The...Lucky Charms leprechaun dude shouted as he ran through a field. He kept running and running until he reached a cliff, and another cliff far away, too far to jump to.

"We have you now, you bastard!" One of the kids shouted as the ran towards the cliff.

Lucky thought for a moment about what to do, and then reached into his magical box of cereal, pulling out a balloon marshmallow. "Time to fly!"

"I am Iron Man," Iron Man said as he flew up out of the canyon. "And the correct phrase is 'Time to die'." He picked up Lucky and tossed him into the canyon, killing him. He grabbed the box of cereal and took a few pieces. "Kids, the lesson today is: Always share."

"So can we have some cereal now?"

"Hell no, this is mine you greedy bastards, get your own." Iron Man flew off into the distance.