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I swallowed hard as he stood about seven feet away from me. The look in his eyes was a mix between lust and anger. Our eyes met in an intense stare. It went on for what seemed like forever. Neither of us were willing to break eye contact.

We both knew that in the end it was going to come down to this. This whole entire situation had finally gone to far. The games were coming to an end and they would stop for good at this very moment.

Words were the worst enemy at this current moment in time as I found myself slowly, but surely backing up. Every time I took a step back, he'd take a step forward. Our eyes were still glued together in an unbreakable stare.

As soon as I took another step back I felt my back hit the door. He took this as an opportunity to press his entire body into mine, leaving me trapped in between him and the hard wood surface of what just a few seconds had been my only chance of escaping.

A shiver ran up and down my spine as I felt his breath inches away from my face. I bit down on my bottom lip almost hard enough to draw blood. I tried to turn my head away, finally breaking eye contact, but he cupped my face with one of his hands, preventing me from moving my head even the slightest bit.

I once again felt his breath on me, but this time he was even closer. His lips were so close to mine that I could practically imagine how they'd feel if they were on me. I was beginning to get butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

Since I wasn't able to move my head, I snapped my eyes shut. I think part of me hoped that if and when I reopened my eyes he'd be gone. Part of me wished I'd open my eyes and find that this all of this had only been a dream. But, the other part…the other part prayed that it was real.

"Open your eyes," he demanded and I have absolutely no idea why, but I did.

Before my mind could even process what was happening, he moved in for the kill. Oh, boy!

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