How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.

-Marcus Aurelius

I awoke to the scarlet lights which flashed to signal trouble. While I quickly pulled on my black leotard I heard a wall in the common's room buckle from impact. Upon teleporting into the common's room I could feel the paranoia and rage wrap around me very tightly so much to the point of suffocating me. I counted three scared and shocked faces. The sound of another wall shattering from impact echoed though out the tower. I ran from the common's room to the source of the sounds. At the end of the corridor I noticed that the door to Robin's room lay strewn across the floor. As I entered quietly his room I felt the feelings of anger slam against me as I grew closer to Robin's moonlit silhouette. Robin shook with rage as he again slammed his fist against the dry wall. I raised my hands tentatively and rested them upon his shoulders. He turned around slowly and stared at me. His mask was off but it still felt as if I was looking at nothing. His beautiful blue eyes were calm…too calm like they were lifeless which was wrong very wrong. His emotions were tainted with rage but his eyes were dead? That didn't make any sense. Slowly, Robin took my hands and whispered in a very angry voice.

"He's is back."

"Who? Slade? "

"Your father."

"You're lying! Trigon is gone, done, and over! He's not coming back! He can't! Not now when I am… when we are… NO YOU'RE LYING!"

I shouted punching Robin in his chest repeatedly. Robin grabbed my wrists shaking me as he yelled at me harshly.

"Look at me! Raven you know I would never lie to you!"

"Yes you would you already have! Remember you and-"

"TWO YEARS AGO! Raven I would never lie to you about anything this serious!"

"How…How do you know he's-"

I screamed as Robin's grip tightened on wrist and his eyes started to look all too familiar to me. He shook me harder and laughed demonically.

"Because dear daughter am part of him just as I am a part of you!"

The rest of the team was in the room immediately ready for a fight. Robin's eyes returned to his normal color and his satanic disposition faded causing Robin to drop his grasp which let Raven fall. His confusion was vivid as he questioned the scene.

"What going on?"

Cyborg grabbed Robin by the collar and raised him up so they were face to face with each other. Cyborg's anger was clear as shouted.

"What's going on? What's going ON? WHY DON'T YOU LOOK AT RAVEN AND TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON!"

Cyborg exclaimed as he dropped Robin harshly. Robin grew confused and angry as he looked at Raven who sat with her knees against her chest. She was crying. Robin walked gently over to the broken raven who screeched.


As she put up a black wall of energy which caused Robin to stumble backward and fall. Raven hugged herself tighter causing her scarlet blood to ooze faster out of her wrists and from between her legs. Robin stared wide eyed at what he'd done as Raven whispered only loud enough for Robin to hear.

"This was ours Robin. Our child, Robin. I was going to tell you I guess you know now."

Robin hugged himself as he shook with anger at himself but continued to stare at Raven whom cried in a puddle of blood.

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