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As I pulled up to the apartment building, I looked around the lot.


Edward's car, parked ever so nicely in my old spot.


No, really. Fan—fucking—tastic.

I shook my head as I pulled into the open space right next to the kid's lovely machinery before parking my truck. Grabbing a hold of my bag, I opened the driver's door and stepped out, slamming it shut after me.

Looking around the area for any unlucky witnesses, I lifted my hoodie with a satisfying hum and placed it over my head before I took a hold of my key and walked up to his car.


Like some goddamn turtle.

Why like a turtle, you ask?


Let me enlighten you.

It's been three months since Edward decided to shoot a bitch.

That's why.

My bright, over joyous eyes roamed his hot, soon to be junk piece of metal, and I smiled, all big and toothy—like.


Why was I smiling, you ask?

Because my name changed from Bella Swan to Kerry Underwood as I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up four wheel drive.

That's why.

Minus all of the cheating bullshit.

This has nothing to do with cheating, bitches.

Oh no.

The cop uniform though?


It apparently…rubbed me the wrong way.

I grinned in holy hell I'm good, as I dropped my keys into my bag and stepped back some, all the while looking at my handiwork.

Looks like I didn't win American Idol for my singing skills alone, hmm?

Leaning against my truck, I placed my arms across my chest and thought about the time that I spent at the hospital and at rehab.

I haven't talked to anyone.

Well…anyone except J, who was supposed to be meeting me here in a couple of minutes to help pack my life away.

Screw Edward and his Cullen—isk smirk.


Screw. It.

While I'm at it, let's keep with the screwing, yeah?

You fabulous gals can call me a carpenter, or Martha Stewart in the process of hanging up creative picture frames.

Hell, you could call me a prostitute for all I care…

I don't give a shit.


Seacrest, over and out.

Blue Eyes and his biscuits?

Yeah, I'm good.

Did I ask for any goddamn biscuits in the first place?

No. I didn't.

Consider me being on a no-goddamn-carb diet, bitches.

Matt and his so called 'mad' dance skills?


Do I look like Baby to you, Johnny boy?


And, I most certainly didn't have the 'time of my life.'

Ken and his Barbie can also go take a hike while I'm at it.

I was never a kid who played with the shit anyway.

Come on Barbie, let's go party, ha ha ha…NO!

And, Dick?

Well he can just suck on his own.



He can take his chiefness and go shove it up some other tribe's ass.

Let's not forget about Ma, no?

Her hip—ness?

Not so hip in my book.

As a matter of fact, I am looking for a goddamn hip replacement.

One question…

Do I look like Peter Pan to you?



Then Pix and her Dust?

Can get the fuck out of my Never Never Land.


Did I look like a bitch who enjoys flowers?

No. I most definitely do not. So…I chopped off her goddamn stem and happily shoved it down the garbage disposal.


During these past three months, I became…

Hmm, let's see…how shall I say…

One with the Lord, so to speak.

I was so in tune with the Lord, that I prayed, constantly.

Oh yes.

I prayed.

Dear Lord, how I love Thee, Amen…and all of that bullshit.

What did I pray for, you ask, oh sweet children of Jesus?

Nothing too much.

After all, I wasn't a needy type of a bitch.

Praying might have been a little like this:

Dear Lord,

What's up, down, all around?

How you doin' man?

Hope that you're keepin' it real up there.

Any-who, enough with the pleasantries.

After all, Father of Heaven, you know that I'm not up for all that.

Would you do me this solid?

My brother, who mind you, may or may not be working against me, that stupidmotherfucking cracker…well, he's in jail.

Oh yes, Lordo…he's in the big slammer.

Keep that in your little juice box and when its time for the traitor who calls himself a ride or die type of dude to meet you up there, lock the goddamn gate.

If you don't know who I'm currently talking about, all you have to do is open up your magical ears, man.

He's more than likely up in that shit like Johnny Cash, singing about 'I hear the train a comin,' it's rolling round the bend, and I ain't seen the sunshine, since I don't know when. I'm stuck in Folsom prison, and time keeps draggin' on.'

And, Lord?

Let the time draaag.

It would absolutely be no big deal. No worries on your part.

Well, back to my point, yeah?

When in the shower, can you possibly make his fingers a little bit more slippery than usual?

Therefore, causing the soap that he's using, to drop.

Which will then…cause him to drop.

Throwing his ass in clear view, just how his fellow jail mates like it.

And, while he's down there, can you have a fellow criminal, preferably by the name of Vlad, nicknamed The Impaler, just, you know, floating about, swinging his twelve inch massive weapon of demolition around, like some goddamn elephant trunk…

And, opps.

Would you look at that?

How did Mr. Impaler'smagnum cock get into Emmett's tiny poop hole?


Its not so tiny anymore, is it?

I would really appreciate that.

No, really. I would have your back.



I was interrupted from my thoughts by J's voice. Shaking my head to clear it, I met his gaze as he placed his arms across his chest with an amused expression across his face. "Hey," I whispered with a cough.

He pursed his lips. "What had that big ass grin on your face?"

I shrugged as I pushed myself away from my truck. "No reason, just being one with the Lord, you know how it goes."

"You're being one with the Lord?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

I rolled my eyes as I took a hold of his hand. "Lets go. I don't want to be here for any longer than I have to."

Placing his one arm over my shoulder after giving me a chaste kiss on the lips, he wiggled his eyebrows. "So, you're plan exactly is to shack up with me, yeah?"

Interlacing my fingers with his own that were hanging off of my shoulder, I nodded. "Yeah. Just until I find a place of my own."

"Are you sure?" he asked with a grin as we reached the front doors of the apartment building. "I mean, you know how I live, right?"

I narrowed my eyes at him as I shoved his arm off of me. "You a cop?"

He rolled his eyes as he pulled the door open, letting me walk through. "I work at Eclipse, Bells. You know how I basically live there."

I nodded as I led the way down the hallway. "Well then, I'm sure." As we reached the front door, I stood back and nodded at it. "Go ahead."

He scrunched his eyebrows together as he looked at the door and then at me. "What do you want me to do?"

"Kick the door open," I told him, like duh…motherfucker.

"Don't you still have the key?"

I shrugged as I backed away. "I forgot how to use it."

He shook his head as he placed his hands up in the air. "Bells, I'm not going to break down the kid's doo—"

"Who's side are you on?" I interrupted, narrowing my eyes at him.

He rolled his own. "Yours, of course."

"Well go ahead and do it," I spat. "You're wasting time, I want to get my shit and get out."

He grinned. "You're a lunatic, you know that?"

I shrugged and he shook his head before turning his attention to the door. When he lifted his foot, getting ready to kick the bitch open, I interrupted him by placing my hand over his arm. "Back up."

Looking over his shoulder, he raised an eyebrow.

"Start from over there," I ordered, pointing down the hallway.

He laughed. "No way, man. It's enough that I'm breaking down a cop's door, so take it easy. I don't feel like appearing on the next episode of Snapped as your accomplice."

I leaned against the wall and shrugged with my arms across my chest.

"Ride together, die together."

"Did you really just say that?" he asked incredulously.

I pursed my lips as I gave my chest a quick pound. "I see no changes, wake up in the morning and I ask myself, is life worth living or should I blast myself?"

He rolled his eyes before looking at me in some humorless way. "Blast yourself, do me that favor."

I huffed as I lowered my arms and placed my hands on my hips.

He laughed as he lifted his hand towards the door, getting ready to knock, but I interrupted him, once again. "He slept with me."

Without meeting my eyes, his body tensed as he lowered his hand, his fingers clenched over each other as he made a fist.

"I think he even told me that he loved me," I whispered in a soft tone as I lowered my head and pursed my lips. "When I told Edward that I wasn't ready, he told me that he loved me. And then I gave him what he wanted."

"He told you that he loved you?" he whispered angrily, turning around.

I sniffed as I met his narrowed eyes. "It's alright, I mean…this thing happens all the time, yeah?" I whimpered.

"What thing?" he growled lowly.

I rubbed my eyes as I lowered my head again. "You know…the whole I love you, to get a chick in bed."

He stomped down the hallway, my question ignored, and I smiled as my eyes followed his form. As Jake cracked his knuckles and turned around, I turned my happiness into sadness with a frown. When the man started full out stretching, I snorted, before turning that into a sharp cry of misery.


I love that kid.

I pursed my lips as he lifted his arm, making it into a muscle before he lowered his head and gave his bicep a quick kiss. Meeting my eyes, his lip curled. "He's dead."

I nodded, blinking my eyes all dramatically like I had some sort of a corneal abrasion. I lowered my head, shaking it mournfully like, 'Oh my gawd, this man caused me so much pain!'


No one can touch this.

Looking up at Jake again, he winked at me before making a run for it. I quickly stepped out of the way before he slammed his shoulder into the door, making it fly off of the goddamn hinges.

I knew that there was a reason for all of those fuckers in high school who bothered me, coming back to class all dislocated.

I pumped my fist up in the air as I lifted my other hand up to my face, placing my two fingers into my mouth before I whistled.

Or tried to.

I grimaced, lowering my hand before wiping my useless fingers against my jeans. Looking over J's shoulder from behind him, I grinned when I saw Edward stand up from the couch, looking all intense and still sexy as all hell. "What the fuck, man?"

Jake ignored Edward as he walked through the doorway, heading strait for him. The kid's expression of anger turned into fear when he noticed that J wasn't playing around.

As a matter of fact, my boy looked quite Incredible Hulk—like.

No lie, people…if he ended up ripping his shirt off of his body…

I wouldn't be surprised.

The soon—to—be—green monster didn't stop walking when he reached the center table that Edward was standing behind, he just went around it with determination in his eyes.

The soon—to—be—victim groaned as he quickly jumped over the table in one swift movement, his eyes never leaving Jake's. "Dude, what the hell is your deal? he growled.

"You said that you loved her?" J spat, literally.

Looks like someone is going to need their bathing suits.

Edward froze as he lowered his hands. "What are you talking about?"

I stepped into the living room as I lowered my hoodie from my head and Edward's eyes went a little wide when he noticed me. "Bella."

I placed my arms across my chest and looked away from him as J bent down and picked up the table before tossing it to the other side of the room, out of his way.

Edward ran his fingers through his hair, tugging it slightly with a roll of his eyes. "Come on, Jake. There's no need for that extra bullshit."

My boy ignored him as he lifted his one hand and pointed at Edward, while he used the other one and took a hold of his shirt collar before pulling it down and ripping the shit in half.

Told you, man.

Incredible hulk in the flesh.

Edward pursed his lips, trying hard not to laugh, causing Jake to growl in response. "Are you serious with that shit right now?"

J nodded as he stomped over towards Edward, who backed up some as he met my eyes. "I haven't seen you in three months," he stated. "Or better yet, you didn't allow me to see you in those three months."

I ignored him as I dropped my bag and looked around the living room.


A cop's apartment, yeah?


There's his gun belt, laying over the couch…

All cop—like and, 'Look at me, I have a case I'm working on.'

Looking over to my right, I nodded all slow like and how in the hell did I not notice this shit before when I saw his cop uniform hanging up in the closet…

All nice and pristine and…'I'm about to go bust up some criminals.'

Turning my attention to the wall next to the kitchen door, I grinned.

Would you look at that?

A goddamn certificate, in clear sight.

'Narcotic Officer of the Month. Edward fucking Cullen'

Minus the fucking.

I mean, lets keep it professional, right?

Jake cracked his knuckles, breaking me out of my thoughts. "You told her that you loved her, just to get into her pants," he sneered.

Edward scrunched his eyebrows together before looking away from me and returning his attention back the kid who was at this time turning a shade of purple. "Okay, can you hold up for a second…who exactly are we talking about right now?"

Purple was too light of a color in describing J's skin tone after Edward's question. "Come again?"

Edward rolled his eyes as he placed his hands into the pockets of his jeans. "You need to be a little more specific, Jake. I mean…I know a whole lot of fema—"

"Oh you dumb motherfucker," Jake growled, not letting him finish his statement as he shoved Edward up against the wall.

Edward raised an un—amused eyebrow and shoved Jake back as I pursed my lips. "Dude, it's the truth! Fuck, what the hell is your—"

The kid didn't get a chance to finish his sentence as Jake threw his fist back before letting it connect with his eye. Grabbing a hold of Edward's collar, he lifted him up and pressed him against the wall again. "How's that for the goddamn truth?" he spat.

Edward growled as he karate chopped Jake's grip off of him and swung his arm back, punching J in the mouth. "I don't even know what the fuck you're talking about, man!"

I rolled my eyes while I checked the time on the DVD player as Jake tackled the kid's body, sending both of their asses down to the floor with a loud thud. Straddling Edward, J gritted his teeth. "Why would you say that shit to her, man?" he whispered with venom, punching his jaw, making it drop open. "She's not just some chick."

"Give me something better than that, dude," he hissed, bringing his hand up to his face and swiping his knuckles over his bloody top lip. "And who isn't some chick?"

Jake smiled something intimidating while he wrapped his fingers over Edward's neck, lifting his head up before throwing it down against the floor, causing the kid's eyes to clench shut in pain. "Bells."

"Bella?" Edward asked in confusion, opening his eyes. "What are you talkin—Christ!" he hissed as the back of his head connected with the floor again, "chill out for a fucking second!" he growled, wrapping his own fingers around the front of Jake's neck before choking his ass.

Okay, so…

Maybe this wasn't such a great idea on my part.

Edward smirked and grimaced as J coughed, struggling to find air as his fingers loosened their hold around his neck. As soon as his hands dropped, he threw his fist back and punched Edward in the face, who is return groaned from the impact. "Jesus, would you relax, Jake! I'm trying to understand what's going on!" he spat when J's hands found their way back to his neck again.

"Talk," J panted, not letting go of his hold but not tightening it either.

"What the hell does Bella have to do with this?" Edward asked, running a hand down his face as he tried to calm down his breathing.

"You fucking told her that you loved her, just to get her in bed."

Edward laughed but then choked as Jake's fingers tightened their hold around his neck. "Wha—who the fuck told you that?"

Both of their heads turned to me when I let out a theatrical gasp of opps. Edward narrowed his eyes at me while Jake swallowed in holy hell, I am in deep shit, immediately letting go of his grip around Mr. Narcotic—Officer—Of—The—Month's neck. "My bad, J."

He reached back with one hand and scratched the back of his head as he scrunched his eyebrows together. "What do you mean, your bad?"

"Exactly that," I whispered with a shrug, placing my arms across my chest. "I think that I actually dreamt about the whole thing now that I'm remembering correctly."

Edward pushed the half naked kid off of his body as he kept his glare on me and J in return grimaced as he quickly stood up. "Oh shit…I'm so getting locked up, aint I?" Edward raised an eyebrow at him as he stood up, gritting his teeth as he ran his hand over the reddened skin of his jaw. Jake nodded with hopelessness as he held his arms out in front of him. "I understand, man. Just…don't put them on too tight. I have sensitive skin."

Edward rolled his eyes. "Relax, Akon. I'm not locking you up."

J shook his head as he lowered it before turning around and placing his hands behind him. Looking over his shoulder, he frowned. "It's alright. I can handle it, officer."

Edward groaned as he walked over to the couch. After taking a seat, he leaned back and closed his eyes. "Stop with the officer shit, Jake. I'm not arresting your ass."

As J let out a deep exhale and smiled at Edward, I rolled my eyes and shook my head as I headed for the hallway.

Incredible hulk, my ass.

"Where do you think you're going?"

I looked over my shoulder with a raised eyebrow. "Packing up my shit. Is that okay with you, oh mighty man of the law?"

Edward looked over at Jake as he pushed himself up from the couch and I narrowed my eyes at him. "Can you give us a second, man? I need to talk to Bel—"

"There's no need to talk about anything, I'm go—"

"Yeah, we're talking, don't waste your breath," the tard bucket stated, interrupting me as he kept his eyes on J, who just nodded in response as he headed towards the kitchen, asking the kid who was grating my nerves if he got the chance to go food shopping.

I gritted my teeth as Edward nodded with a roll of his eyes. "My fridge is always stacked, you know that shit."

"Good man," Jake replied with a pleased grin, pushing the kitchen door open before walking in.

As the door shut behind my so called childhood buddy, Edward started heading towards me and I shook my head when he opened his mouth, getting ready to say something. He rolled his eyes as his mouth closed and I turned around and walked down the hallway, not giving a flying fucking goose about any bullshit that he was trying to feed me.

Do I look hungry to you, bitches?

Not at all.

It seems as if I have been eating a lot of bullshit this whole time, so…

I'm good.

Full, in fact.

He groaned my name, his voice behind me. "Really, though?"

"Really," I replied with one hand up in the air, giving him the finger as I neared my old bedroom.

"I can see now that I'm dealing with a two yea—"


I slammed the door shut behind me after calmly stepping into my room, therefore interrupting his smart ass, once the fuck again.

Like I said…I'm good on the bullshit factor.

No seconds, please. I didn't even ask for a first.

I stomped over to my closet door and swung it open with force before taking a hold of all of my dearly missed hoodies and carrying them to my bed and throwing them into a pile. As the moron who was soon to be introduced to his loss of life opened the door and strolled in, a hiss escaped my throat.

"This isn't necessary, Bae."

I walked over to my closet with gritted teeth before bending down and picking up my chucks, placing them over each other while I piled them into my arms.

"You're acting like I murdered your parents or something, Bella."

Straitening back up, I narrowed my eyes at him while I walked over to the bed again and tossing my shit over my clothes. "I actually wouldn't be taken by surprise if you did have something to do with it, Cullen," I responded, blurting out the first thing that crossed my mind, not really meaning it but at the same time, wanting to hurt him.

Placing his arms across his chest, his eyes darkened in disbelief of my words. "What is that supposed to mean?"

I shrugged, looking away from him as I turned around to head over to my bathroom. His feet quickly walked over to me before his hand took a hold of my arm, stopping me. "What do you need?" I whispered as I tried to calm down my inner need of smacking this motherfucker, now.

"What the fuck was that supposed to mean, Bella?" he gritted, his jaw showing me exactly how my words affected him. "You genuinely think that I had something to do with your pop's death and with your mom's disappearance?"

I pulled my arm from his tight grip before I shoved him away from me. After walking into the bathroom, I snatched a hold of my shampoo and conditioner before throwing them into the sink. When the kid walked in with a loud growl and slammed the door shut afterwards, consequently enclosing the two of us in the small space, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before facing him.

"Open the door, Edward."

"No, Bella," he whispered, his composed demeanor telling me that the kid was beyond aggravated, as he took a hold of the body wash that I had a death grip on. I gritted my teeth in holy hell don't kill him when he threw it over my shoulder and back into the tub. "You are going to talk to me, whether you like it or not. This whole silent treatment that you got going on with not just me, but with your fucking family, needs to stop."

I raised an irritated slash amused eyebrow at him as I cocked my head to the side. "Oh…is that what you think?"

"That's what I know," he stated in some self-righteous manner, placing his arms across his chest.

I walked over to the counter and bent my knees to the floor before I swung the cabinets open with calmness. "You have my full attention," I whispered sarcastically, tossing random shit into the sink above me.

He walked over to the tub that was behind me and sat down on the edge. "Look, Bae…I get that you're pissed, but—" he paused when I turned around and glared at him, "alright fine…fucking livid," the kid so accurately clarified. "But, you don't understand."

I rolled my eyes at him before I turned my attention back to throwing my stuff into the sink. "Well, when you so nicely put it that way…cool. No worries, you're forgiven. We're so back to being best buddies."

"I'm sorry that I kept my profession a secret," he whispered, ignoring my blatant humorlessness. "I just—" he paused and I looked over my shoulder with a raised eyebrow. He lowered his head as he continued. "Fuck, Bella. I just couldn't tell you about it."

I shook my head as I stood up, throwing my shaving supplies into the sink before facing him and leaning against the counter. His green met my features with a certain glum while I angrily shoved my hands into the pockets of my hoodie. "Why's that? Why couldn't you tell me?"

He lowered his head again as he placed his elbows over his knees, his fingers running through his hair causing havoc. "It's…deeper than this whole undercover bullshit, Bae. And, I don't want to get into that right now."

My fingernails dug into my palms. "Did my so called family have an—"

"Come on," he groaned, interrupting me as he lifted his head. "Don't say that shit. You know that they all care about y—"

"My so called family," I continued, my narrowed eyes dominating his own directed at me. "Were they informed that you're an undercover?"

His gaze left mine as he gave me a small nod. "Everyone except Jake."

I fucking knew it.

Good for nothing assholes.

"And they kept this from me because?" I asked with gritted teeth.

"Because I told you," he whispered, shaking his head as his eyes met mine again. "It goes deeper than what you think."

Placing my hands against the counter behind me, I raised an eyebrow.

"Is my brother an undercover also?"

He stood up from his spot on the tub as he ran one his hands through his hair. My eyes followed his form as he walked over to the door and stood in front of it. "Technically, no. Not yet. He was working on it."

My eyebrow raised higher at hearing his uncertainty.

"Emmett was training for the team before shit hit the fan," he clarified.


He nodded as he lifted his arm before running his palm over the back of his neck. "The only reason as to why Em used was because James started getting suspicious, so in order for him to prove to the kid that he wasn't some kind of a narc, he had to suck it up and do the shit."

"Is he really in jail?"

God fucking help me…

If Emmett wasn't in jail, like I thought that he was this whole time…

I will tear him limb from limb.

And the reason wouldn't be for missing out on Rose's pregnancy…

Her existence in my book was non existent.

But, missing out on that little man…


"Yeah, he's in jail," Edward stated, interrupting me from my thoughts. "He's getting out in a month or so, because of the connection that he has with the department. He's actually going to join the team."


He shook his head at my sarcasm as he lowered it. "Bella, don't bla—"

"Why couldn't he tell me?" I asked, stopping his words.

"It runs deeper, like I said."

I threw my hands up in the air. "What's with all of this deep shit?"

He kept his head lowered while he avoided my eyes and I groaned as I turned around before leaning down and placing my elbows against the counter. "Bella, it's more complicating than it seems, and we're all just trying to piece shit together, alright?"

"Did you use?" I whispered, keeping my eyes on my tense fingers.

A couple of seconds went by in complete silence before he answered.

"A few times, yeah…it came down to that."

I looked at him incredulously. "And all of that bull, about your mo—"

"My mom did use," he gritted with narrowed eyes, interrupting me as he leaned against the door. "Goddamn, Bae. I wouldn't lie about that shit. Whatever I told you about her, it was the truth."

"You know what, Edward?" I spat while I pushed myself away from the counter before walking up to him. "I appreciate you telling me this shit but not really." His eyes left me as he shook his head at my words and I raised my arm and jabbed my finger against his chest as I continued. "Apparently, there's something that you're hiding from me and the real deal is, is that I don't believe one word that comes out of your mouth."

His jaw tensed in irritation, his eyes following its lead as they met my own. "Bella, I'm telling you the tr—"

With both of my hands over his chest, I pushed him, making his back hit the door behind him with a thud. "No," I growled, interrupting the kid's nonsense about being honest with me. "There's some shady shit going on and it involves me." I gritted my teeth as I pushed him once more, causing his fingers to clench in return before he quickly shoved his hands into the pockets of his sweatshirt. "Everyone who mattered to me, with the exception of J, was hiding whatever shit was going on. I was the only one who didn't fucking know…about anything!"

He grabbed a hold of my wrists when I went to hit him and held my arms down against my sides. "I told you, it's complic—"

I snatched my arms away from his grip and shook my head. "Bullshit."

"Come on, Bella," he whispered with a low groan as he pushed himself away from the door. I raised an eyebrow at him as he walked past me and stood by the counter. "Stop thinking that we're all against you."

"Tell me, Edward," I whispered, his statement not of any importance to me. "Did you know about Andy and I hanging out from the start?"

He placed his palms against the counter that he was standing in front of as he lowered his head. "Yeah."

"And you knew about James?"

Turning his head in my direction, he nodded, his eyes turning a darker shade of green. "I knew that he had some sort of a hidden agenda."

I raised an eyebrow.

"He wanted you from the beginning," he clarified in a soft voice.

"And why is that?"

"I'm not sure," he answered with a shake of his head.

"But you have a feeling about why?"

He gave me a slow nod as he pushed himself away from the counter. After turning around, his eyes reached mine as he leaned against the marble. "I do."

"What's that feeling?"

"I can't discuss that with you right now."

"And why not, Edward?" I growled, placing my arms across my chest.

He shook his head as he turned his attention to the shower curtain.

I walked over and stood in front of him, blocking his avoidance. "Why were you working against James in the first place?"

He shrugged. "He's working with someone who we all have been trying to find for a while."

I waited for his explanation, my patience running on thin ice as silent seconds ticked by with nothing.

"There's this guy, who goes by the name of Aro," he continued. "Who's in charge of one of the biggest drug rings in the country. We know that he's leading it and we also know that James is working under him."

I narrowed my eyes at him.

He closed his own in return as he lowered his head.

"Did you know that James wanted me in the business?"

He remained silent.

"No shit," I whispered in disbelief, slowly backing away from him. He met my eyes as his hand reached out and grabbed onto my arms as the back of my knees hit the tub behind me. I pulled myself from his grip as I stated the goddamn obvious. "You had something to do with me getting involved…"

He growled as he ran his hands down his face and I shook my head and fisted my own before throwing them against his chest. "I can't believe you!"

He grabbed onto my wrists and held my arms behind me when I went to hit him again. "Fuck, Bella…I didn't mean for that shit to happ—"

"You used me as bait!" I spat with venom as I lifted my one foot and kicked him away from me. He gritted his teeth as he lifted his hands up in the air when I pushed him against the counter. "All of you guys used me as goddamn lure, to get what you guys were looking for."

"It wasn't like that," he whispered angrily, interrupting my words. "Fuck, Bae! I didn't know you like that at the beginning, alright?"

"What was it like then, Edward?" I growled, not at all waiting for the kid's answer as I lifted my hoodie over my head and quickly turned around to head for the door, "because from the way that I see it, it was exactly like that!"

"Alright, Jesus," he groaned, pulling me away from the door. I went to punch him but he ducked and fell against the door, blocking it. "It was like that, at the beginning."

"Since when?" I hissed, clenching my fingers together.

He extended his neck and looked up at the ceiling as he placed the back of his head against the door. "Since the first time we met."

I looked at him incredulously. "So what? You just thought, oh let me just bullshit my way through this broad's trust, and then I'll get what I'm looking for?"

His jaw tensed as he looked away. "Be—"

"The persistence of my friendship," I interrupted with gritted teeth, "it was all just bullshit, yeah?"

"At the beginning," he whispered, looking at me. My jaw nearly met the floor at his words as I shook my head. He groaned as he ran his hand through his hair. "But shit, Bae…I didn't know you like that!"

"You kissed me!" I hissed, smacking my palm against his lips. Edward closed his eyes. "I moved in with you," I continued, my hands against his forehead pushing his head back, letting it thump over the door. "I fucking trusted you…I slept with you, Edward!"

He nodded, his hands up in the air besides his shoulders. "If you would just listen to me for a goddamn seco—"

"You know what?" I whispered, shaking my head as I backed away from him, "this is incredible. I honestly can't believe that I was this stupid. I told you about shit that I wouldn't confide in anyone!"

"I know!" he yelled, punching his hips as he lowered his hands down to his sides. "And you were telling me, Bae! Not the fucking undercover, I was me!

I grinned as I lowered my head. "Yeah, you're right, Edward. You were you, who was bullshitting me from the very beginning."

He cursed and I raised my head and saw him turn around as he threw his closed fists against the door. "I'm sorry, Christ! I didn't mean for it to get blown this out of wack."

"Move," I whispered.

Looking over his shoulder, he frowned. "Bae, I didn't m—"

"Move!" I yelled, turning my glare from the door to him.

He gritted his teeth as he lowered his head and unlocked the door. As he stepped to the side, I pushed my way past him and walked over to my bed, where I covered up my shit that I laid there as Edward came into my room.

"Bella, please don't do this," Edward whispered from the bathroom.

I ignored his unappreciated plea as I lowered my head and walked out of the room, slamming the door shut behind me. My eyes fell on J as I lifted my head, watching him as he pushed himself away from the wall by Edward's bedroom. When I walked up to him, he frowned. "Bells…I didn't know," he whispered, taking a hold of the sheets that I held.

I nodded. "Can we go?"

"Of course," he replied, placing his hand over my back before leading me down the hallway. "Lets go."

Four Months Later:

'Bambina, please give me a call when you get a chance, I need to talk to you. I know that you're upset with me, but please find it in you to call me back. It's been months since I have last seen or heard of you, and it's not the same without you around.'


Turns out that I didn't need a new hip to get back into the groove.

'Alright, listen, bitch…I get it, you're pissed. I have been trying to call your punk ass for weeks, and lets not forget about the three months where you requested no visitors at the hospital. Whatever. Don't act like we haven't been friends for a long time, Honey B. Call me back.'


Down the drain, bitch. Down. The. Drain.

'Sweetheart, it's Pop. I unders—'


Not in my tribe, Carlisle. No sir.

'Hey Darlin' it's Blue Ey—'


Still watching my weight, biscuit boy.

'You listen to me, Bella Boo! I ha—'


Booted your ass from Never Never Land.

Not taking re-admissions at this time, come again…

Or, don't.

'Bae, don't hang u—'


Smirk, be—the hell—gone.

I rolled my eyes as I threw my phone on the bed as I stood up. After lifting my hoodie over my hair, I looked around the room with a frown.

Goddamn it.

I'm going to miss this place.

I have been staying at Jakes' house with open arms for these past four months, but it was definitely time for me to go.

It took me a good while to find an apartment.

I wasn't…


I was used to living with a dude before this whole thing happened, and then living with a bunch of dudes here at the Rez afterwards.

Now, I'm moving in alone.


I guess that it won't be a big deal.

Hell, maybe I'll even like it.

But then again…maybe I won't.

To tell you the truth, I missed sleeping with someone…

Not in that way, you dirty fucks.

I just liked having someone to hold…or have someone hold me.

Someone's honest to good company.

It was comforting.

And, if I'm keeping it real, which I hate to do at this time…

I missed Edward's company, specifically.

I felt, one hundred percent, safe in his arms.

Felt, being the key motherfucking word, people.

His grip with thorough.

His snores were quiet.

His heart beat steady against my ear.

When I would try and sleep with Jake, I had the urge of crawling out of bed and getting my gun from underneath it.

No lie.

His snores?


And…Jesus…sleeping with Seth?

Yeah. No.

The kid would kick around so much, acting as if he was playing in a goddamn soccer tournament.

My body?

Not a soccer ball, people.

Trust me. I wasn't making a goal.


He was a groper.

And it wasn't like 'Okay, wow, your arm around my waist is kind of bugging me out a little bit.'


It was more like 'Christ. Your hand is definitely kneading my tit. And not just, you know, holding it. No. Kneading it.'

Do my girly parts look like dough to you, baker?


So this is where I'm at. I found an apartment a couple of miles away.

It was time to move the goddamn on.

Do I miss my family?

Hell yeah, I missed them.

But I just couldn't bring myself to forgive them.

And, it may be stupid to other people, but that shit burned a hole through my goddamn heart, in a deepest way, man.

I shook my head, trying to forget about the mental pain that I went through these past months, as I headed out of the room and walked into the bathroom out in the hallway.

After closing the door behind me and locking it, I hummed a groovy little rhyme as I pushed my jeans down and sat my ass on the toilet.

As soon as my cheeks touched the seat, I jumped up with a stink face.

Please don't tell me that I feel what I feel.

I looked over my shoulder and growled.

Piss, right there, sprinkled around the toilet bowl.

I could never understand the shit.

I stumbled over to the sink with my jeans around my ankles. Turning on the faucet, I ran the hand towel that was laid out over the counter under the running water and ground my teeth together as I scrubbed it over my man piss ass cheeks.

That's it!

After pulling my jeans up over my legs, I quickly kicked the door open and stomped down the hallway. As I entered the living room, I placed my hands over my hips and narrowed my eyes at the grown ass males who were all sitting around, all copasetic and piss free.

Billy smiled as he met my eyes. "Hey, Kid."

Jake grinned as he looked over his shoulder, his hand up in the air, giving me some kind of a gang sign. "What up, homie G."

Seth snorted as he shook his head and Paul rolled his eyes. "Dweeb."

I walked over to J and smacked the back of his head, showing the idiot exactly what was up with this homie G. He groaned, his eyes narrowed as he rubbed the spot where I hit him. "What the hell, man?"

"Follow me," I growled, pulling him up from his seat by his ear.

He mumbled an "Easy" as he smacked my hand away from him while following behind me. The rest of the dorks, plus Billy, grinned as they too stood up, taking Jake's pain as entertainment.

When I reached the bathroom, I walked in and stood next to the toilet, making room for the morons as they all piled in. When I felt as if I had their attention, I pointed to said toilet. "This is a toilet, do you all see?"

Jake whispered, "Got it," as the rest of the guys raised their eyebrows.

"Meet the toilet, befriend the toilet, use the toilet…correctly."

Billy pursed his lips after a small laugh escaped his lips as he lowered his head, already knowing where this was going.

"Now, lets back up a little bit," I whispered, walking over to where Paul stood. When I placed one of my hands over his junk, he yelped in stun before he swallowed. "This is known as a penis. I'm sure that you guys are familiar with it, yeah?"

Seth smiled as he nudged Paul's shoulder. "How hard are you getting right now, dude?"

Paul groaned as he smacked my hand away. "Come on, B…"

I pursed my lips. "I apologize. That was inappropriate."

Seth winked at me. "I do inappropriate. Do as you wish."

I rolled my eyes as I walked over to the toilet again. Facing the boys, I raised an eyebrow. "When you guys have the urge to drop the kids off at the pool, you go to the bathroom, but not together of course…"

They all nodded as some placed their arms across their chests.

I looked over at Seth and narrowed my eyes at him. "When you reach said bathroom, you shut the door behind you," I hissed.

He pursed his lips as he lowered his head. "My bad."

I shook my head before I continued. "You slowly lift the cover of the toilet seat," I explained, lifting said cover of said toilet seat. Looking up at them dramatically, I gasped. "Oh my Father of Heaven, would you look at that! Water!"

Paul rolled his eyes. "No shit."

"Water equals good job!" I shouted, clapping my hands.

Jake smirked and nudged Paul's shoulder. "Good job, man."

Paul shook his head in return while giving him the finger.

"Now, after you fuckers see said water, you pull down your jeans, and if you find it necessary, pull down your boxers as well." Raising a brow at J, I placed my arms across my chest. "You really don't need to take off your shirt."

He shrugged.

"But if you want to feel free, as Jake here puts it," I whispered, placing my hands out in front of me as I shrugged with a roll of my eyes, "Go at it…whatever floats your boat." Looking around the room, I asked if they were all with me so far.

They all looked at each other and nodded.

Like this was some sort of a team discussion.

"Because if you're not with me at this point, you sad excuses for men, then you can all just go to sleep."

They rolled their eyes at my statement and I continued. "So, after you pull your jeans down, you'll find your piss pump."

Jake scrunched his eyebrows together.

I looked at him like seriously, dude?

"You look down. It should be there," I stated. "If not, then we have bigger problems, or smaller ones. Depends on how you look at it."

J narrowed his eyes at me. "My Gristle Missle's size is not a problem."

I shrugged before I continued. "Now, you hold the penis. Don't let go." I looked around the room and nodded in some listen up fellas type of way. "That's the biggest mistake that can happen, and it leads to me doing shit like this."

Billy nodded as he looked at the boys.

"You fuckers aim into the toilet," I went on. "Not around the toilet, not on the floor by the toilet. Try and aim it into the water. Think of it as a game if you must."

Paul snorted as he nudged Seth's shoulder. "I would dominate you in that shit."

"This is toilet paper," I gritted, grabbing onto said toilet paper as I ignored the guys antics. Looking down at the toilet, I pointed at it. "That is pee around the toilet." Looking back at the idiots, I glared. "When you goddamn unintelligents find piss around the bowl, you need to use the toilet paper to wipe it away." Cocking my head, I raised an eyebrow. "Is it gross? It's your own piss, get used to it!"

J scratched the back of his head. "Since when is intelligents a word?"

Hold it in, Bella.

Do not kill him.


Billy smiled as he looked around the room. "You guys got that?"

"Got it," they all replied with a roll of their eyes at my demonstration.

I smiled. "Brilliant. Maybe next time, I won't have a disgusting ring of piss around my ass cheeks, yeah?"

They all nodded, bored.

"Any questions?" I asked.

Seth raised his hand and I pointed at him.

Class in session.

"Yes, child?" I asked with pursed lips.

Cocking his head to the side, he grinned. "Will you marry me now?"

"No," I replied with a shake of my head, my amusement gone.

He groaned as he turned around and walked out of the bathroom.

"Alright, lets go," I said, walking past the rest as I headed out of the bathroom. "I don't want to be late for the little man's first birthday."

I can't believe that he's one already.

That little dork.

I haven't seen him at all, and I feel guilty as shit about it.

I just…couldn't bring myself to be around them.

But I shook my right nut, and grew the left one.

I can't let my petty problems get in the way of Leo's attention.

And, I'm not saying that he doesn't receive enough of it from his family, not at all…

But I just didn't want to waste my attention for him…on me.

Stepping out of my truck after parking in front of Esme and Carlisle's house, I looked around and shook my head as I lowered it.

"Damnit," I mumbled to myself, shutting the door behind me. Looking over my shoulder, I felt somewhat relieved when I saw the rest of the gang pulling up and parking.

Turning my attention back to the house as they all piled out of the car, I ran my hands across my closed eyelids with a growl.

If I cry, I'm going to shoot an infected bullet through my earlobe.

I didn't think that it would be this goddamn hard.

You know what? I thought to myself as I shook my head, dropping my key into my bag. Fuck it.

I'm just going to go in there, and act like I'm too cool for school…

And see my little man.

"That's why I'm here," I whispered as they all started heading my way.

"You ready?" J asked with a gentle smile and nod towards the house.

I shrugged, acting all free from care and I'm the king of the world like.

Goddamn that Piggy.

I brought her over to the Rez a couple of times in these past months.

What was her favorite movie?


What did she have me watch every time that she spent the night?

Fucking Titanic.

What was her favorite thing to do during that movie?

Not 'Oh hey, let's eat popcorn…'

Not 'Oh hey, let's drink ourselves to a stupor…'

Which, by the way, I suggested.

Not 'Oh hey, let's place this gun up against Bella's temple and find out what happens when the trigger is pulled…'

Once again, recommended by me.


Her favorite thing to do during Titanic was to use the remote…

And, hit goddamn rewind.


And over…

And over again.

Christ, man.

I mean, how many times can those fuckers drown, you know?

It's not like the story line is going to change, God damnit.

Just let it go, dude.

Acting like it's scientifically possible to thaw out Dawson's frozen ass.

Jake grabbed onto my hand, breaking me out of my thoughts. I gave him a false reassuring smile as I nodded before following him up the porch steps, the rest of the guys next to me.

When we all reached the front door, I stood behind J and he rolled his eyes at me before knocking. The door swung open after a second and I lowered my head as Esme stood there with a smile. "My boys."

"Hey, Ma," they all replied with cheesy ass feed me grins. I met Billy's eyes and pursed my lips as he rolled them. "They'll all be on their best behavior, Esme. We already talk about the consequences."

She nodded in known improbability as she stepped to the side and waved us in. "Come in, come in."

Jake pulled on my hand after the rest of them walked through. When I stepped inside, I felt Esme's hand around my arm and I tightened my grip around J's fingers before he pulled them free.

"Where are you going?" I whispered angrily, giving him the you better not fucking leave me alone look.

He shrugged as he patted my head. "I'm hungry, I'll see you later."

I groaned and lowered my head as he walked away from me.

He wasn't a ride or die type of a dude.

Absolutely no thug love returned.


I lifted my head with a raised eyebrow as I placed my arms across my chest. "What's up?"

"I missed you," she whispered, wrapping her arms around my shoulders as she pulled me in. "It's been a couple of months."

I kept my arms where they were as I closed my eyes. "I guess so."

She leaned back and wrapped her fingers around my wrists before lowering our hands down to my sides. "How are you?"

I shrugged as I pulled my hands from her hold and lifted my hoodie up over my head. "Great."

Looking away from me, she nodded. "How's your leg?"

"Strong as ever," I replied with a sarcastic smile.

"When I heard about what happened," she whispered, meeting my eyes again, "I could have killed Edward."

I shrugged. "He had to do what he had to do."

"I suppose," she replied.

Looking over my shoulder, I raised a brow. "Where's the little one?"

"Out back."

I nodded as I turned around, not wanting to be standing there in some awkward stance, trying to find something to talk about. After I walked into the kitchen, I headed for the door that led to the back yard. When I reached it, I paused and took a deep breath before I swung it open.

My eyes immediately fell on Leo as his head turned in my direction.

I grinned as I winked at the kid, placing my hands into my pockets.

He scrunched his little eyebrows together as he cocked his head to the side. When Rose noticed me, she leaned towards his ear and smiled as she whispered something to him.

My breath escaped me as he looked up to me again and just…beamed.

A second later, the little dude started fussing around in Rose's lap and she stood up before letting his feet touch the ground. She took a hold of his hands and stayed behind him as he took one step towards me.

I bent my knees as I held my hands out towards him, and…

He snorted, all big and loud as he took three more steps towards me.

I couldn't take it.

And I wasn't a patient bitch at the moment.

I lowered my hands to the grass and started crawling over towards the little life that took up way too much time in my being, while letting out a playful growl.

He laughed, all hiccupy like and fucking…amazing.

I grinned when I reached him. He wiggled his arms irritably and Rose let go of his hands, rolling her eyes at his impatience. He stumbled a little bit and swayed to the right before his hands shot up to me, his stubby fingers wrapping themselves around my neck.

A snort left my throat as I wrapped my hands around his waist and sat back, bringing him along with me. "Hey, little man!"

"Hay wiwwle wan!" he yelped, all excited like and…

Goddamn it.


My eyes closed while I brought him closer to me, placing my nose over his bitable neck before inhaling deeply, enormously enjoying that smell that was signature with babies.

He pushed his head against me as he snorted quietly, causing me in return to smile as I obnoxiously sniffed him again.


Just like his Pop.

Leaning back, my eyes roamed over his perfect features. Rubbing my nose against his, I hummed. "Miss you."

"Wiss wo," he whispered in reply. I leaned back with a raised eyebrow as he brought his hand in between us and smacked my cheek.



I narrowed my eyes at him in some playful type of way and he smiled as he kept one hand over my cheek before bringing his other one and making it into a fist, pounding it on the top of my head.

I groaned and laughed at the same time. "Christ, Leo."

His tummy growled against my chest before his wide blue eyes went over his shoulder, looking at his mom like hello, didn't you hear that type of way.

I laughed as I stood up, lifting him towards Rose. "He's hungry."

She nodded as she took him from my arms. "He misses you."

Crossing my arms, I returned her nod. "I miss him too."

Looking away from me and placing Leo against her hip, she frowned. "Honey B…I know that you're pi—"

"Lets not ruin the night already," I interrupted her. "I just got here."

Leo screeched while rubbing his hand over his tummy and Rose rolled her eyes. "You staying for a while?" she asked, keeping her attention on me as she started walking backwards.

I shrugged as I started for the table that held the alcoholic beverages.

Looks like one of those days, no?

When I reached the cooler, I opened it and grabbed a bottle of Miller.

"Brown Eyes."

I looked to my right as Jasper took a hold of the cover when I went to close it before pulling out a bottle of Corona. "Blue Eyes."

"You're still pissed off, I take it?" he asked, taking my bottle into his hand as he twisted the cap off before handing it back to me.

After turning around, I shrugged as I leaned against the table.

"I'm done with it. It's whatever."

After mimicking my position, he nudged my shoulder. "I apologize that you found out the way that you found out. It wasn't our inten—"

"Jasper, enough with the bullshit," I whispered, interrupting his try as I brought the bottle up to my lips. After taking a long pull of the liquid, I lowered it and met his eyes. "I'm fed up with it, yeah?"

He nodded as he looked down. "Got it."

"I guess that I'll see you later," I responded in a mumble while I slowly pushed myself away from the table. Not giving him a second glance, I walked over to the bench that the boys from the Rez were sitting at. I rolled my eyes and then cringed when I noticed that there was a whole bunch of mayonnaise spread all over Seth's mouth.

He raised an eyebrow at my disgust.

I cocked my head to the side as I took a seat. "How old are you aga—"


Hearing his interruption, I groaned before looking over my shoulder.

Taking a seat next to me, he frowned at my irritation. "I didn't think that you would come."

"I came for Leo, not for the company," I whispered, my fingers playing with the label on the beer bottle as I turned around.

"Can you believe that he's one already?"

A small smile escaped me as I shook my head. "I know."

"How time flies, yeah?" Carlisle asked, his beer bottle against his lips.

I nodded as I looked down. "Yep."


I shook my head, quickly interrupting him, sick of all of the continuous explanations that were probably bullshit to begin with. "Just…not now."

He nodded as he lowered his head. "Alright."

"I have to use the bathroom," I lied, standing up.

"You know where it's at," Carlisle whispered.

I nodded with a roll of my eyes as I turned around.

When I reached the back door that led to the kitchen, I groaned as Pix came out from it and stood there, blocking my entrance.

"Alice, now is not the t—"

"Oh shut up!" she growled, interrupting me while she placed her hands over her hips. "I feel like a stalker, what with the way that I have been trying to get a hold of your ass."

I shrugged, placing my arms across my chest. "Well then. Go to rehab and kick the addiction that you have of me, bitch."

She narrowed her eyes at me as she mimicked my position. "Do you want to fight?"

I rolled my eyes. "Just move out of my way, hooker."

Pixie shook her head.

I growled, gritting my teeth. "Move."

"No," she growled back, only girlier.

My fingers fisted together.

She raised an eyebrow.

I slowly backed up some.

She lowered her arms before cracking her knuckles.

I rolled my head side to side…

And then groaned.

I was never a bitch that cracked her neck.

That shit just…creeps me out.

Pix grinned and then groaned when the door behind her swung open, pushing her forward. Sarah smiled, stepping out into the yard as she looked at both of us. "Am I interrupting some sort of a bitch fight?"

I rolled my eyes as I pushed her away from us. Throwing my shoulder against Pixie before I stepped into the kitchen, I growled at her.


I looked over my shoulder and raised an eyebrow at Sarah.

"The bathroom downstairs is occupied, go to the one that's upstairs."

I nodded as I turned around before walking through the kitchen.

As I headed up the steps, I couldn't help but be reminded of the nights that I spent here with Edward.


Get. Out. Of. My. Goddamn. Head!

When I reached the bathroom, I pushed the door open and froze as I came face to face with Edward.

"Bae?" he whispered, his voice in disbelief as if I wasn't really there.

"I, uh…sorry," I mumbled, backing away from him a bit. "Sarah told me to use this bathroom. She said that the one downstairs was…uh…"

He rolled his eyes before he lowered his head. "Of course she did."



I closed my eyes for a few seconds when we both spoke at the same time. After opening my eyes again, I nodded behind him. "I have to pee."

He whispered a "Yeah" that sounded way off pitch before he cleared his throat. Running his fingers through his hair, he stepped out into the hallway and I nodded as I walked into the bathroom, not looking back as I slammed the door shut behind me.

When I reached the sink, I turned the water on and rinsed my face off.


Why do I get like this around him?

It's only Edward, goddamn it.

I never felt this…nervous around the kid before.

What? I don't see him for a while and I'm all…



After turning off the sink and grabbing the towel that was hanging up on the rack, I ran it across my face while trying to calm myself down.

Walking up to the door, I lowered my head as I pulled it open. When I went to take a step out, my body froze as I bumped into Edward, who was just standing there…

I looked up, and stopped breathing, seeing as to how his face was just right there, centimeters away from my own. "What are you doing?"

"I don't know," he replied in a whisper, his body now a lot closer to me as he placed his hands against the door frame.


We're getting somewhere

Actually, no…we're not.

Because his goddamn smell was currently invading my senses.

And, I was dazzled.


I was fucking dazzled.

I shook my head as I lowered it. "I'm done with the bathroom."

His fingers found the front of my hoodie after a few seconds, where they wrapped themselves around that fabric. "No, I don't think that you are."

"I'm uh…" I paused to clear the frog from my throat before trying again. "I'm actually pee free at the moment."

Pee free?


That's all that I came up with…even though it was a true statement.

I didn't even need to piss in the fir—

I was interrupted from my irrelevant thoughts as my eyes noticed that tongue of his as he ran it across his bottom lip. When I licked my own in response, his fingers ran down to my hips before he started walking forwards, causing me to take a couple of steps backwards.

"Edward, what are you do—"

His hands against my cheeks interrupted me and I laid my own fingers over his stomach in question, finally meeting his eyes.

He shook his head after a second before placing his forehead against my own. "I haven't kissed you," he whispered in a low hum, causing my eyes to close as I felt his breath hitting my lips, "in a really long goddamn time."

"It's been a while," I exhaled with a small nod.

Its been a while!

Who the fuck says that?


He nodded in concurrence as he licked his lips again, and I opened my eyes when I felt his tongue run along my mouth in the process. "And I haven't touched you," he continued, "like I have wanted to touch you," he whispered, quickly kicking the door shut behind him with the back of his foot, "in an unacceptable amount of goddamn time."

I bit my lip as I untangled my fingers from his shirt before lowering my hands down to the waistband of his jeans. "Unacceptable," I agreed as I breathed into his open mouth.

He hummed as he turned us around, pressing my back up against the door. "Let me," he whispered, letting go of me and placing his fingers against the wood by my shoulders.

I extended my neck, letting the back of my head hit the door with my eyes closed. "Edward…that shit burned. I can't just…"

My words disappeared when I felt his fingers wrap themselves around my neck, his thumbs running along my cheeks. "I didn't think, Bella. I was an idiot," he whispered with a small shake of the head.

Keeping my eyes on him, I nodded after a few seconds. "You were."


I just wanted to let him know.

He ran his thumb over my lip as he leaned down some, and when his mouth reached my mouth, I held my breath, running my fingers over the skin of his back underneath his shirt, as I closed my eyes, feeling the warmth, comfort, and just the goddamn sense of being home.


As I pulled him closer to me, I opened my mouth at the same time that he did, and we both groaned as we reclaimed that unique taste…

That, I guess, I was goddamn missing.

His hands left my face before they traveled down my ass as he kept his lips pressed up against my own. I moaned in response when the kid pulled my lower body up against him at the same time that I felt him push himself against me.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he lifted me, instantly

Just as he knew how I goddamn liked it.

He groaned against my open mouth as I quickly wrapped my thighs around his waist. "Fuck," he cursed after biting my top lip. "I missed you, Bae. You don't even know how much I missed you…"

I moaned my agreement.

After all…now was not the time for talking.

As you can see.

I tightened my thighs around him as he ran his hands over my ass and then up my shirt. Leaning back a little bit, I kept my eyes on him as he lifted my hoodie and shirt up over my head. When I rolled my hips into his, he groaned, throwing the fabrics over his shoulder in some get the fuck out of here type of way.

When I went to kiss him again, he shook his head at me while placing his hands over my hips, stopping my movements. I raised an eyebrow.

"Bella, I'm honestly so…sor—"

I interrupted his apologies by grabbing onto his shirt and pulling his body against mine before attacking his lips and he smirked over my mouth after a second, thrusting his hips into me, once, therefore…

Causing my back to hit the door behind me with a thud.

I broke away from his mouth before I extended my neck, breathing real hard, letting his lips continue their way down from my own.


Please do.

When I met his eyes again, he leaned in and I shook my head. "No foreplay," I stated before moaning at the delicious friction that his jeans were causing against me. He grinned, thrusting into me again. "God…none of that bullshit, yeah?"

He nodded as his hands over my ass carried me over to the counter. Placing my mouth against his neck, I bit into the sensitive skin there and he growled, deep in his chest, just how I like it, before he threw one hand out behind me, tossing everything that was on the counter onto the floor.

I snorted as I looked at him. "A little impatient, yeah?"

He smirked as he placed my ass on top of the counter before standing in between my legs. "You have no idea."

Lowering my hands to his belt, I kept my eyes on him as he closed his own in return, hanging his hand in between his shoulders as he placed his fingers against the counter by my hips.

After letting his belt drop to the floor, I bit onto my lip when he slowly opened his eyes, looking down at my hand as I ran it over him, softly.

He groaned as he shook his head before looking up at me. Taking my foot, he pulled my chuck off and tossed it over his shoulder. I grinned as I leaned back to place my hands behind me. When the kid grabbed onto my other foot, I lifted the one that he was done with and pursed my lips in amusement at the narrowed eyes that he gave me as I ran the ball of my heel against him.

His fingers tightened their grip around my ankle when I pressed harder and I smirked with a raised eyebrow. Quickly letting go of my foot with a growl, he grabbed onto my waist and lifted me off of the counter…

Chuck, forgotten.


I rolled my hips into him before he hissed God's name in vain over my neck, slamming me up against the door, giving me the goddamn chills as his breath hit my skin. "I need you."

Lowering my forehead to his shoulder, I lowered my hands to his jeans before I started unbuckling it. His teeth in response sunk into my neck and I groaned as I met his eyes again. "Let me down," I whispered…

Needing to get naked, ASAP.

He shook his head as he placed his hands over my hips, quickly lifting my body up against the door. A small smile escaped my lips when he patted my thighs and I tightened my leg's hold around his waist. The green eyes that have haunted and elated me remained on my own as he lowered my jeans over my ass.

Placing my arms over his shoulders, I lowered myself back down and loosened the grip that my thighs had around his waist a little, letting him push my jeans down my legs until the rough fabric hung over my one foot.

The chuck foot.

I knew that there was a reason to keep one on, no?

Wrapping my thighs around him again, I inhaled a shaky breath when I felt him against me with no barriers. I rolled my eyes when I noticed a smirk across his lips. "I feel that you're ready, yeah?"

Okay, so maybe I'm a little wet.

I'm lying…

I'm fucking drenched.

Sue me, bitches.

It has been a while.

I groaned as I placed my forehead against his shoulder, causing him to laugh quietly. Meeting his amusement, I narrowed my eyes at him and he rolled his own as he lowered his head. I quickly followed the kid's line of sight when that tongue of his ran across his bottom lip and exhaled as I saw him hard and Christ…just…ready.

"Evidently, you affect me too," he whispered, his thumbs against my jaw lifting my head.

I grinned as I looked into his eyes. "Evidently."

A small and throaty groan left his mouth as he lowered his hand and wrapped his fingers around himself. I shifted slightly, aligning myself with him, more than goddamn prepared. He ran the head against me and my eyes closed as he thrust himself inside, so prompt and tough, that my back slammed against the door behind me.

"Oh shi—"

He interrupted my mumble as he pushed his body up against mine, leaving absolutely no room in between us. I groaned as I lifted my hands before wrapping my fingers around his hair, tugging, pulling, just fucking needing him closer.

I couldn't even concentrate on kissing him.

Our lips stayed against one another's, frozen.

Our eyes were both closed, letting our senses take over our bodies as we continued moving with each other, in fucking sync.

I let go of his hair and wrapped my fingers around the back of his neck as I placed my forehead against his mouth. My eyes opened, lazily, as I watched him, moving slowly inside of me, not even pulling out…

At all.

His hips grinding against my own caused my breath to stutter as I clenched my eyes shut, trying to will my goddamn orgasm away.

"Oh God…"

"Let go," he groaned.

I tightened my thighs around him as I lifted my head, placing the back of it against the door behind me. "Shit," I panted.

He pulled my face towards his and ran his lips against my open mouth as my eyes opened. "Let go," he repeated in a growl, slowing down his movements a bit but pushing his hips into me a lot more harder.

I closed my eyes and wrapped my fingers around his T-shirt when my breathing just stopped, altogether, my body freezing before exploding.

It built…

And just goddamn built…

With every precise twist that his hips were making as he continued.


I gasped as my body just…clenched around him.

He groaned against my lips before he slammed his hands against the wood behind me, his inhales and exhales striking my collarbone after he lowered his forehead to the skin of my neck. "Holy hell."

I pushed him away from me slightly, not done with him yet. When he lifted his head, I smirked in holy hell indeed, as I noticed his eyes that were dark and goddamn hungry

Licking my lips, I nodded at him. "Turn around."

He raised an eyebrow at me but did as I told him when I laid my arms over his shoulders. As soon as his back touched the door that I was previously against, I lifted my body up, bit by bit, and lowered it, hard.

An enticing sound escaped his lips before I repeated the shit, reversing it so that I quickly lifted my body before slowly lowering it. He groaned something like fucking knockout as I continued, his fingers around my hips numbing the area.

When I licked my lips of their dryness, his eyes zeroed in on the action and he threw his head back against the door. After wrapping my arms around him a little more tighter, I pulled his upper body to mine and I kept his lower pinned against the paint behind him.

"You're driving me insa—"

I interrupted his words as I placed both of my feet against the wall by the door, using his upper body as leverage as I lifted my lower body…

Thrusting it into him.

He grunted as he lowered his hands from my hips before placing them over my ass cheeks, helping me move against him.

I grabbed onto his jaw with one hand and brought his mouth down to mine. One bite against his bottom lip, and he groaned. "I'm gonna…"

I smirked as I pulled him even closer, lifting my lower body before taking him all the way in and holding it, rolling my hips into him in tight circles, at a snail's pace.

His fingers stilled my movements against him as his eyes met the spot where we were connected. "I'm…cum," he finished in a whisper, hastily thrusting into me, his mouth open, his vision clenched shut.


We both stilled.

His eyes snapped open.

And, I raised an eyebrow at him.

"You've been in there for a while…are you okay?"

He straitened up and I narrowed my eyes at him as I at once lifted my body from him, causing him to hiss as his snake fell out of my garden of flowers.

Looks like his shit is poisonous, ladies.

I need to go home and write out a No Trespassing sign, it seems.

He lowered me to the floor as I pushed on his shoulders. Looking up at him, I shook my head and grabbed onto my jeans before shoving it up my right leg.

Keeping his eyes on me as he pulled his boxers and jeans up his hips, he grimaced, bending down to get his belt. "Be—"

"Wow," I whispered angrily, interrupting his bullshit as I glared at him.

He shook his head quickly. "It's no—"

"Honey Bunches?"

I rolled my eyes when I heard her call for him…

Acting like he was some kind of a goddamn cereal.

His jaw tightened as he shoved his belt through the loops of his jeans.

"I'll be out there in a second," he yelled with irritation.

"Are you sure that you're okay?"

"Sam, I'll be out there in a goddamn second," Edward growled.

"Okay!" she yelled back. "God!"

"Nice," I spat, pulling my shirt and hoodie over my head.

He walked over to me as he rolled his eyes. "We're not tog—"

I interrupted him as my fingers against his nipples titty twisted his ass.

"Hey!" he yelped while pushing my hands away. "Would you fucking relax for a minute, Christ!" he whispered angrily, his eyes glaring.

I lifted my hand and smacked the handsome out of his cheek.

He clenched his eyes shut and opened them again after a second as he ran his hand down his face. "Really though?"

"Really," I growled, tossing him aside before I pulled the bathroom door open and slammed it shut after me.

Un. Fucking. Believable.

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