Fred Weasley was nothing if not determined. Although many would not guess it, he could be quite the workhorse when given the opportunity and proper motivation. Currently, he was watching the best motivation of his life across breakfast and the Gryffindor table. The fourteen year old redhead squinted and leaned forward. Damn Alicia Spinnet, if she'd just stop moving about and hold still, maybe he could get a good view and – ah. There it was. Alicia had leaned back to talk to someone at the Hufflepuff table and Fred was rewarded with a perfect, amazing, entirely unobstructed view of the perfect, amazing, Angelina Johnson.

"Bloody hell, Fred," George groaned, snapped Fred back to reality. "I was going to eat that!"

Fred frowned and looked down, surprised to find his elbow resting in a steamy plate of bacon. "Oh, sorry, mate," he said, quickly removing his elbow and grabbing a piece to eat before looking back to Angelina. She was exquisite.That long, beautiful, black hair, and smile, and bloody hell could she play Quidditch! And if you asked him (which people rarely did, but this often escaped Fred's attention) he'd been sitting around drooling over her long enough. It was time to get something done. It was on the back of this realization that the self-proclaimed "handsomer" of the Weasley twins stood and marched importantly down the table to where Miss. Johnson sat. "Spinnet, Bell, Angelina," he greeted briskly but not without emphasis before dropping into the seat next to the object of his affections.

"Hello, Fred," Angelina said brightly as Alicia and Katie nodded their hellos.

"Angelina, next weekend's a Hogsmeade one. You're going. With me." He said all of this without batting an eye.

"Alright," Angelina answered with a nonchalant shrug but she choked back a smile as he leaned in to steal her first kiss.