Title : Close Your Eyes

Author : Asrai

Disclaimer : The characters of La Femme Nikita don't belong to me and I'm not making any money out of this, I'm just using them for fun.

Spoilers : Up to Under The Influence

Rating : PG – 13

Summary : Nikita's strength is tested – again

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Chapter 01 - What Do You Think?

The silence was the worst.

Nikita didn't know when she'd stopped looking for a chance to escape… two, three days ago? It didn't matter anyway. She'd lost count of the days she'd been held captive. This place was timeless, it just was… her whole world, a room completely white, almost painfully so. It hurt her eyes to look at the walls around her.

She was strapped to a cot, unable to move. And it was cold, so cold.

If she turned her head a little she could catch a glimpse of the tiny holes the needles had left on her right arm. So far they hadn't done anything but inject her with something.

Something. Nikita had begun to hate that word. Something. Something could be drugs, a serum, a poison.

Something could kill her.

And she had the feeling that they were waiting for something to have its effect. This uncertainty... she hated to be this powerless… had always hated it. To be captured, to be used as a guinea pig, to be watched... The absolute silence was killing her slowly. At first she'd screamed and yelled. She'd even attempted to sing or hum, but then she'd remembered her training and stayed mute.

Never show them what you're thinking.

Yes, the silence was the worst.


Nikita was silently reciting every lesson she'd been given regarding survival training when the door behind her swung open. She forced herself to stay still, not knowing who it was - probably somebody checking on her. But a second later a black clad figure stepped next to her, loosening her restraints, and she breathed out, relieved. Section had finally found her.

"Can you walk?"


Nodding, Nikita sat up, ignoring that the room around her was spinning. She had to get out of here. So white... The moment her bare feet touched the cold floor she collapsed and everything went black.


The room she awoke in was white, and Nikita asked herself if she still was a prisoner of Red Cell. But no, there was something: a soft hum, barely audible, but still a sound. Finally. She felt warm. She was curled up on a bed, a blanket covering her, and she could move.

Med lab.

Which wasn't really better, but a definite improvement.

One of the nurses entered and left immediately, seeing that she was conscious. Nikita groaned, closing her eyes and wishing to be asleep again. There was a constant, nagging pain in the back of her head. She seemed fine otherwise. Could've been worse. At least this time she hadn't had rats running all over her face.

Suddenly Nikita shuddered involuntarily. It was as if something icy had touched her, something cold and dangerous. Her eyes snapped open and she looked around, but there wasn't anything unusual - just Madeline, who stood at the foot of her bed.

"I see you're awake. How are you?"

Nikita stared at the older woman. The fleeting feeling had vanished, but she was uneasy. Something had been there, inside her head, and it scared her. Or she'd gone a little crazy these last days.


Madeline looked in her eyes. "I expect a full report tomorrow morning, 8:00 AM. You are physically unharmed. Your blood shows no sign of injections or drugs. Do you feel pain, or unusual in any way?"

Deciding to ignore her headache, Nikita replied, "No. Can I go?"

"Yes." The quiet tapping of Madeline's high-heeled shoes ceased with the closing of the door.

On her way out Nikita deliberately passed Michael's office. Although she still was mad at him, she wanted to thank him. After all he'd saved her life. But he wasn't there. She shrugged. He was often absent these days… probably on another mission.