Left Behind: The Rise of the Prophetess

Summary: A catastrophe of global proportions happens and in it's wake a new kind of spiritual warrior is born in the most unlikely of hero. Follows both movie and book with an OC character.

Prologue & Chapter 1: Final Good-byes

Randi's POV:

If we had known would we have behaved differently? I know I would have. My mother, Irene Steele and Pastor Billings had said that Jesus would come back for the church. I didn't believe either one of them. I just thought they were trying to scare me.

I remember getting angry at my brother, Raymie, for becoming a Christian. But now I think Raymie and Mom were the smart ones. They were the ones having it easy up in Heaven. The only thing I wouldn't change is what happened after the Rapture and I became a Christian. Who would have thought God would have this kind of assignment in mind for a twelve-year-old girl that he had in mind for me?

Who am I? I am Randilyn Steele, a prophetess of God. But I am getting ahead of myself. To understand how this happened I better go to the beginning before I became a Christian and a prophetess. The best place to be starting is the day it happened; me and my twin brother, Raymie's birthday.

Randilyn- Randi-Steele sat on the couch trying to ignore the fact that her mom and dad, Irene and Rayford Steele, weren't on pleasant conversations these days. It seemed as if they had been arguing more since her mother had started claiming she was a Christian and induced Raymie, Randi's twin brother, into becoming one also.

Randilyn-Randi as everyone called her- was undecided. When her dad was gone on a flight her mom forced her to go to church. Sure, some of the stories about King David and Jesus were interesting, but Randi was just not interested in being a Christian. To her twelve-year-old mind it was a boring way to live. She could tell that Dad and her sister, Chloe, thought so too. Dad said so out loud, but Chloe was a little more polite about it and pretended to listen when Mom talked about God or when Chloe had gotten the Teen Study Bible for her birthday.

"So what do you want for your birthday, Randi?" Chloe asked, her textbook in her hand. Chloe was leaving early for college, but she said that she'd give Randi and Raymie money to buy their birthday gifts.

"A Nancy Drew book or a Selena Gomez CD," Randi said. Nancy Drews were becoming her favorite books and Selena Gomez was her favorite singer. At least Randi was sensible and didn't want what Raymie wanted; a full set of armor. Raymie and Randi had heard about the full armor of God in Sunday school and he had decided armor was cool if God was for it. Randi was thinking it had to be a boy thing to think armor was cool.

Randi and Chloe looked over at Raymie blowing up balloons. He had been watching Buck Williams report on the air raid that had gone wrong over Israel the night before with Mom.

"Hey, turn it up," Chloe said to their brother.

"Mom said to turn it down," Raymie said, turning it down slightly.

"You always do as you're told?" Chloe asked.

"Yeah. You and Randi should try it sometime," Raymie teased. Raymie released the balloon he was holding as Randi tickled him and Chloe grabbed the remote. Chloe picked up her stack of books and turned to their mother. "Mom, can you help me find my math book?" Chloe asked.

"Sure, if you'll help me clean up a little and string these balloons?" Irene Steele said in a questioning voice that all of them knew was a command.

"No thanks. I am never having kids," Chloe said in a statement that Randi thought had little to do with balloons or cleaning.

"Lucky them," Raymie quipped. These days Raymie and Randi both thought Chloe was a slob, but it was discretion not to say anything.

"Nice job with the nose ring, Chloe. Why don't you just shave your head and get it over with?" Rayford Steele teased as he came into the room, making eye contact with everyone, but Irene.

"I thought that your flight didn't leave until midnight?" Irene asked with a disappointed look on her face as she looked at Rayford in his pilot's clothes.

"Well, they just called. They want me on the New York/London," Rayford said, putting papers in his briefcase.

"What about Raymie and Randi's birthday party?" Irene asked shocked.

"It's fine. What Raymie wants is the knight's helmet I promised him from Buckingham Palace and Randi wants a piece of British money," Rayford said, ruffling Randi's dark hair. "Right, Kids?"

"Right. Or a sword. Or one of those long pointed sticks they put heads on," Raymie said as Rayford took his hat off Raymie's head.

"Raymie! EWWWWW!" Randi protested with a grimace.

"Hey! Don't push it. Where does he come up with this stuff?" Rayford asked Irene and then looked at Raymie.

Raymie grinned. "Sunday school," Raymie said, shrugging. Rayford looked back at Irene annoyed, which followed a long silence.

"Do you have to go now, though?" Randi asked uneasily. For as long as Randi could remember she had what Irene called a prophetic gift now. She remembered the time she had broken her arm. She had the dream a week before and it had come true a week later while she was riding on her bike.

"If you want me to get that money and helmet, I do," Rayford said.

"Okay," Randi said dejectedly.

"All right?"

"All right."

"So you see. There is nothing wrong-" Rayford started to say to Irene.

"We talked about this!" Irene protested, which started off an argument that made the bombing of Hiroshima like a Sunday school picnic.

The doorbell saved it from escalating. "Doorbell," Rayford said, picking up his overnight bag. Randi followed him. The door opened to reveal Pastor Bruce Barnes and his kids.

"Hey, Ray!" Bruce greeted Rayford and smiled at Randi. Pastor Bruce seemed nice enough for a preacher, but he was still a preacher.

"Come in, Bruce," Rayford said, sounding friendly.

"Hey, Birthday Boy and Girl," Bruce said, kissing the top of Raymie and Randi's heads as Raymie came in the room to greet Bruce Jr. and Teddy Barnes.

"Bruce, where's Genna?" Irene asked, coming into the foyer.

"The baby's sick. Don't throw the ball in the house!" Bruce shouted after his sons as they followed Raymie down the hall.

"Hey, see you, Raymie," Rayford called after Raymie.

"Okay bye, Dad," Raymie said in passing as he ran down the hall.

"Here, Randi. This is for you. Pastor Billings and his wife thought you might like it since you like reading "The Diary of Anne Frank" and since they couldn't be here," Bruce said as Randi ripped into the package.

"China Cry?" Randi asked, reading the title.

"Yep. It's about a woman who becomes a Christian in China's Cultural Revolution. Pastor Billings says you seemed interested when he did the studies on persecuted Christians a month ago," Bruce said.

"Thanks, Pastor Bruce. I'll even tell Pastor Billings next Sunday my thanks," Randi said, trying to be polite. She might never read the book, but the pastor had gone to a lot of trouble to get it for her.

"I haven't seen you in awhile, Ray," Bruce said, changing the subject.

"People still have to fly on Sundays, Bruce. Excuse me," Rayford said with thinly veiled sarcasm as he tried to walk out the house.

"Ray-" Irene started to say as she went to Rayford.

"Hey, what did I say?" Bruce asked in interruption to the sound of Raymie and Bruce's kids playing. He went down the hall.

"See you in a couple of days, right?" Rayford asked with a smile that barely hid the contempt he had for Bruce, God, and the church.

"Okay," Irene said as she kissed Rayford gently. Randi shook her head slightly. She had a funny feeling that this was the last time she would see Rayford and Irene kiss like this. "I love you," Irene whispered softly.

"Yeah. Me too. Bye. Randi, walk me out to the car," Rayford said, pulling Randi's ear gently.

"Dad, where are you going?" Chloe asked, following her father and sister to the car.

"You heard me tell your mother. I have to go to London. I have to work," Rayford said irritated.

"What about Raymie and Randi?" Chloe asked.

"I can see that your bags are all packed and ready to go," Rayford accused cruelly in Randi's opinion.

"You know I have exams. I have to go," Chloe said, exasperated.

"And I have a flight. It's called a job. Welcome to the real world," Rayford snapped, causing both Chloe and Randi to flinch slightly. "I suspect your mother has all those people coming over and I just can't listen to it," Rayford said, softening his voice.

"Daddy, they're not mine or Chloe's favorite people either, you know. But maybe we can show her some support," Randi suggested, trying not to look at the book in her hand that Bruce had given her.

"What about her? What about her, Randilyn, accepting what the rest of us think?" Rayford said angrily. Rayford only called her Randilyn when he was angry.

"You know, she's on me and Randi too, but at least we listen. You know, sometimes we even pretend to take an interest!" Chloe said in anger as well. Rayford went to the driver's side.

"It's not like she's hurting anybody!" Randi yelled after her father.

"I wouldn't say that," Rayford ground out, getting in the car.

"You know, maybe you should try talking to her instead of running away all the time," Chloe said, coming to the open window.

:Good luck on your exams, Sweetheart. Happy Birthday, Randi," Rayford said, putting on his sunglasses and driving away.

"Have a safe flight, Dad," Chloe said defeated before she and Randi went back to the house so Chloe could say good-bye to Irene and Raymie.