The two street fighters were about clash in a brawl as the Illuminati members had stepped back. Gill and Urien auras surrounded their entire bodies. Urien stared at Gill with murdering intent in his eye, while Gill rolled his eyes thinking this fight was a waste of time. All what was on the lords mind was his plans to save humanity.

Ibuki and the others except Alex used this time to look for the remaining members of her clan. He waited to see who would win this fight, so that he may have a chance to avenge his friend.

Gill and Urien fist clashed together matching powers and abilities. Very similar fighting style they had, however; their powers were entirely different despite their blood relation.

Ibuki and friends snuck into the underground chambers of the Illuminati's. And thus they discovered a hidden science lab preforming many cloning projects o Twelve. Ibuki held one of the Illuminati scientists with kunai to the throat and demanded to know where he clan members were.

He pointed to the inner chambers and even gave her the key card to access the room. Quickly they rushed to their inner chambers with speed hoping that they were not too late or fearing the worse.

Meanwhile Gill and Urien continued their fight for presidency, but Gill had inflected more, then Urien. The young brother was gasping breath as he stood on his feet.

"You should give up little brother; you are no much for me. You're not suited to lead this world." Gill criticized.

"Don't talk down on me. I am suited to lead it's no wonder why father always favored you. You were always teacher's pet. You did everything he said." Urien shot back. He charged at Gill like an angry bull for a final assault.

"I think it's time we end this game once and for all." As Gill lifted his arm a swarm of Pyro and Cryokinesis projectiles fell from the sky and struck down Urien. "You are not ready even in death. Take him away far away from here."

"My lord, we have break-in the inner chambers. The prisoners are escaping. What shall we do?" One of the cult members alerted Gill.

"We shall proceed as plan, no matter what the ceremony will go on. The others will be washed away by the tides." Gill had ordered.

Gill, his secretary, and his followers lead to the eastern lake. He opened up a book and started reading the passage.

"My friends, we are gathered here today to seek paradise beyond human desire. We will cure the disease that had spread and we will end war and corruption in this world." Gill narrated.

His secretary handed Gill his personal book. "From the Book of Miraha 3:11. It is said. When the sun sets on the Soliton Mountain, the black moon will break into seven pieces and fall on the people "Ultania". Nothing can prevent this... Death and destruction will violate the land. Misery and suffering will assault the people... Then, after 130 days of nothingness, a boy who controls the elements will come to save the people. I am that boy. And once it is cleansed will create a new Utopia for us beings."

"Think again you crazed psycho!" Alex interrupted.

"Who dares speaks to me in such a tone?" Gill inquired.

Alex pounded his fist. "You're going pay for what your men did to my best friend."

"You don't seem to embrace your destiny young man. It would seem that corruption has clouded your mind as well. People can't control the love and hate in their minds. Every soul feeds and survives upon feelings. If you try to ignore those emotions people will be damaged or even destroyed. You must open your mind to see that truth, let me lead you…"

Alex slapped Gill's hand away, and gave him hard left hook to the jaw. "I make my own destiny freakshow!"

"Perhaps, you would like to embrace your fate the hard way them." Gill bawled as he fought Alex.

As Koji freed the prisoners being held hostages Ibuki and the others fought off the Illuminati scientists. Since neither of them had much combat experience it easy for them to take out. She then set C4 bombs all over the lab to the machine consoles and the Bio-projects.

"Let's get out of here now before this place goes up in smoke." She said.

Alex held his arms to face blocking Gill's blows of both fire and ice. At the last punch, he grabbed Gill and delivered multiple headbutt's, followed by a Supplex and intense body slam. Signing in relief, a running clothesline struck Alex down unexpectedly. Gill had Alex by the neck with both hands. Fire and ice started to infect Alex all over his skin. It was a deadly combination that had him stunned.

An explosion occurred through the lab that caught Gill's attention. As so Ibuki stricken Gill in the face with fast jump kick. Alex was able to breathe again.

"Are you okay?" Koji asked helping up Alex.

"Yeah, just feeling under the weather." He answered breathing slowly.

"You fools! do you realize what you done?" Gill barked.

"You mean aside from save my missing clans members and destroy your lab? No, I think I'm covered." Ibuki brushed her hands.

"The mark of my dignity shall scar the DNA of all of you!" Gill announced. He thrust his hand straight sending a hurl of projectiles at the remaining street fighters. Ibuki and Alex attacked Gill from one side forward and back. Makoto and Elena struck one the side left and right.

Feeling surrounded, Gill conjured up some energy and levitated in the air. There, six white wings spouted from his body and he released circular waves of energy.

Everyone had collapsed from the powerful attack. His power all through not dark was unmatched.

"You put up a fine fight, but now it's over you shall all serve as my pawns form my recreation of this world." Gill had smirk walking to his defeated foes.

Makoto grabbed Gill's ankles and held them tight. Then Ibuki used this opportunity to strike Gill. She gathered all as much Ki as she could. Next round, she delivered a devastating close range projectile blasting Gill away. Not finished both Ibuki and Makoto leaped from both side for flying kicks. Alex caught hold of Gill finished him off with powerful Pile-driver assault.

Gill was barely able to move after taken so much abuse. He could not help by smile. He was defeated, but rather than feeling anger he felt much contempt. He stood by the edge of the lake and collapsed down the cliff. After that the Illuminati's had disbanded and had disappeared as no one had heard from them again.

A few months had passed after that incident as everyone had separated their own ways.

Alex continued down his path as a Street Fighter finding worthy opponents after the next. As he fought his opponents he also seeks a greater purpose. Right now, he could do is continue down his path. Makoto returned to her dojo to find it populated by people wanting to train or fight her. Since rumor has it that she fought with Ryu, but lost. She became the youngest master of the Rindoukan dojo that even her grandfather was in tears. Sarai finally became a full fetched ninja after months of intense training. Like Ibuki, she was assigned many missions after the next. Elena went back to her home in Kenya back to her friends and family. She shared memories and dance moves on her travels.

Finally, Ibuki and Koji had taken relationship to next level. They were now a couple, but soon to be engaged. They both sat on the front pouch swing and looked at many photos of their adventures and misadventures. They enjoyed it with much laugher and reminisce.

"I'm glad I met you Koji. I love you." Ibuki confessed holding his hand.

"That goes the same for me my lovely ninja girl." Koji closed the photo album. And thus, the moment had it ended with their arms wrapped around each other and a passionate kiss.

FIN, hope you enjoyed the story.