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Kingsley cursed as Harry went limp to his side as they apparated. Harry thought of Ginny as he fell into blissful blackness. Kingsley almost thought he heard Harry sigh with relief as he fainted.

"It is over." A patronus came, resounding with Kingsley's voice warming Ginny and Hermione, who were sitting together's hearts. "Come to St. Mungo's. Harry there. I am going back to the Ministry. Ron is with Harry."

Ginny's eyes watered. "Go." Andromeda urged. "I will stay with Hermione and Teddy."

"Bring Teddy soon." Ginny said. "I am sure Harry will want to see him."

Ginny apparated without another thought to St. Mungos.

"Harry Potter." She said to the mediwitch.

The mediwitch looked at her sympathetically, raising Ginny's hackles further. "I will take you myself."

She charmed the desk behind her to read, be right back.

The mediwitch side apparated her right outside a room before apparating back to her desk.

Ginny saw Ron bent next to Harry's bed and knew it was bad. Ron always tried to hide his emotions, but this time the panic was clear on his face. She rushed inside. "He is fine." Ron tried.

"Shut it." Ginny said grabbing her husband's hand as Ron moved to Harry's other side, knowing his sister was on the verge of hexing him.

Ginny muttered to Harry comfortingly as over the next hour, the hospital room became Weasley central as all of Harry's relatives arrived to convince themselves that the hero had survived again. Occasionally, St. Mungo's staff tried to control the number of people in the room, but were shouted down and forced out by the many concerned people crowded around Harry's bed.

"Hey." Harry croaked, finally half an hour later.

Ginny nodded at him, relieved. The color on her face returned. She hadn't realized precisely how much she needed to hear his voice until just then. How much she needed to hear his voice to reassure her that he was okay..

Harry seemed to understand this. He looked at Ginny and smiled softly. "How is Teddy?"

Ginny laughed and understanding flowed between Harry and Ginny. This was another example of how Harry cared for others before himself... his first thought was Teddy. "Looking forward to seeing you. He has said HAWWY a hundred times. When Mrs. Tonks and I tried to get him to practice his alphabets he had the gall to say 'I want Harry, you don't know how to do it right."

Harry laughed. That sounded like his spunky godson. Harry would have told him it was suicide to insult both strong women.


"Forcibly resting." Ron answered, this time. He had a ghost of a smile on his face. "Though, I don't know if sitting upright and writing two owls per hour counts as resting."

"Everyone is fine." Ginny said, forestalling Harry's next question, kissing him on the forehead. "Just worried about yourself, knucklehead."

Harry laughed and ended up coughing. "Rest." Ginny said, dangerously.

Ginny glared dangerously at anyone who tried to disturb Harry, except for the mediwitches who came by with some more potions.

Harry woke up after his next nap to see that everyone was still there. He sighed, uncomfortable with all the attention. "Guys, I am fine. Bill, Fleur, Victoire is probably bored at home alone."

"Oh, now that the trouble is over I dropped her in France with Teddy and Mrs. Tonks. I think Mere Delacour was going to go by as well." Bill said, crossing his arms, smirking.

"Oui." Fleur said, somehow defaulting to French, agreeing with her husband.

Harry's fruitless attempt to get his family to stop staring at him came to an end when a knock came at the door. "Someone wanted to see and thank his godfather."

"Hey buddy." Harry said, as Ginny helped him to an upright position.

"Hawwy." Teddy squealed happily running towards his godfather.

Harry held his godson tightly, ignoring the pain that this might be causing him.

"Come on, everyone." Ginny said, her tone odd. "Let's go."

Everyone complied, but Andromeda swatted Harry on the head lightly before she left. "Don't think I have forgiven you, young man. Get better and then we will have to duel."

Harry laughed slightly especially when Teddy said, indignantly, "Gwan, no hitting Hawwy!"

"I had to protect my godson the best way I could." Harry said, unapologetically holding Andromeda's gaze.

Andromeda smirked sadly and left with Ginny. "Hey, big guy. I heard you were giving Gran and Ginny a hard time."

"Awways." Teddy said, proudly making Harry chuckle. Teddy was a true Marauder's son.

"All right, Teddy." Andromeda said, coming in half an hour later. "Its time to go. You need to rest. Harry needs to rest."

Andromeda took a protesting Teddy and left Harry to rest. To Harry's relief, the rest of the Weasley's except Ginny and Ron left. Three hours later, the medwitches came in and forcefully removed the remaining Weasleys.

Harry watched Ginny leave protesting, smirked before resting against the bed frame. He sighed, content, his family was fine and most importantly order and equality were restored to the wizarding world… at least for now.