Ogre Battle Episode 6: Person of Lordly Caliber

The Novelization

Mike AZ 2 here. This novelization actually takes place after the Events of the SNES game Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen, which I felt was a harder game then Person of Lordly Caliber.

Disclaimer: I am not in anyway responsible for the development of the Ogre Battle series games, characters etc., it was copyrighted by the Nintendo company. Also, the events of this novelization might somewhat differ from the game, but I will try to stick to the storyline.


Years passed since the fall of the tyrannical Zeteginean Empire at the hands of the Zenobian hero Destin Faroda.

The continent was at peace. That is, until the evil Lodis Empire annexed neighboring the Kingdom of Palitinus, and turned it into a somewhat puppet state.

Lodis' rule caused doubt in the kingdom's social structure, and a revolution was beginning to rise as a man named Federick and the Zenobian kingdom began to initiate a rebellion to gain independence from Lodis, but not to eliminate the royal family or the nobels.

While Frederick and the hero of the former Zenobian Liberation army, Destin Faroda, were starting their revolution, a young blue haired teen by the name Magnus Gallant had enrolled in the southern region of Palitinus' military academy.

Magnus had lost his mother and a tramatic incident caused him to separate himself from his father.

Attending the academy with Magnus was a blond noblewoman called Leia, and a black haired teen called Diomedes. Unknown to the three, an unexpected turn of events were about to unfold.

The civil war between Palitinus and the Revolutionary Army was slowly starting to escalate, while Magnus spent the next few years in his life studying to become a knight.

Cast of Characters:

Magnus Gallant

Diomedes Rangue

Leia Silvas


Tactician Hugo

Frederick Raskin

Destin Faroda

Sir Gilbert

Warlock Saradin

Quas Debonair

Priestess Aisha

General Ankiseth Gallant

Count Silvas


EX-Central Division Commander Asnabel


Bolmauken Warrior Vad

Captain Liedel

King Procos Dulmare

Prince Amrius Dulmare

Prince Yumil Dulmare

Southern Division General Godesles

Central Division Captain Rhade





Archbishop Oridon of the East Orthodox Church

Eastern Division General Karikov


Lodis General Richard

Lodis Captain Baldwin


Lieutenant Vulpa

Central Division Commander Jeal



Demigoddess Danika

Sorry for the short prologue, but I felt the need to take a leaf out of whoever is writing a novelization of March of the Black Queen's book and put in a cast of characters before starting the actual fic.

Please feel free to review. Oh, and I normally don't use the word "god" in vain because its an infraction of the Lord's Ten Commandments. (I am going to have to pray if necessary). Also, I can make some changes to this chapter if anyone thinks I must.

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