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"Cheer up, the worst is yet to come."

A Future Unforetold

The desk was cluttered. It wasn't a sentence, it was a statement…a statement that no matter how worded would do little to illustrate the dynamics of what it meant for that desk to be cluttered so. The surface that had once been clean of mess was alas no more. As was with Yorik, yes, we knew him well; it was laid to rest in a desolate landscape never to return again.

The wood was made out of a rich mahogany so dark it was almost black. The surface was riddled with dents and scratch marks that could tell a few rather interesting and several lewd stories…if a desk could talk that was. It hardly mattered though, the damage along the top, for one could no longer see it simply because the sheer number of books and papers resting upon it.

Behind the cluttered desk lay a man. He was sitting in a matching chair, padded black with intricate designs dancing upon the top. He was leaning forward, head precariously cushioned upon an unstable stack of ancient books, mouth open as quiet snores escaped him. Seated upon the floor was a blonde haired man. His upper body was propped against the side panel of the mahogany desk and an open book lay in his leather clad lap.

Just inches away from his limp hand lay long darker blonde hair. The hair led underneath the desk to a woman's head, pillowed upon a pale white arm. All three occupants were sound asleep, dancing between dreams of long forgotten memories and painful wishes of the impossible-improbable past…that was of course until the pile of books underneath the messy black hair of the first man finally gave way and collapsed under the weight. The resounding thud of skull meeting wood and the substantial shout of pain that soon followed was enough to awaken the other two.

Draco Malfoy, the man seated upon the floor startled and braced his hand upon the desk as he launched himself into a standing position while simultaneously reaching for his wand with the other. Unfortunately the paper beneath the former appendage slid on the smooth polished surface and landed him straight back onto his ass…hard.

The only one not startled was the woman underneath the mahogany desk that was causing so much chaos. Sitting up slowly, she peered out of her 'den' to find the instigator of the noise and a smile danced upon her pale pink lips at the sight that greeted her.

Harry Potter was gripping his forehead in pain; she could see a lovely bruise already forming, while trying to wipe the drool from his mouth with the other. Glasses, long since deemed useless, no longer sat on the usual perch of his nose so she had a clear view of his dazzling, albeit cloudy emerald green eyes. Draco on the other hand would never dare to grip his ass which had to be throbbing…a Malfoy would never disgrace oneself like that, and instead just lay sprawled upon the wooden floor. Though it may have been disgraceful in itself, sprawling that is, Draconis Malfoy could care less in his sleepy haze.

Chuckling quietly to herself, Luna Lovegood, a woman of just turned thirty-one, crawled out from under the desk with surprising grace, and stood to her unimpressive height of five foot five. One hand came up and gently massaged the warm nape of the neck of her best friend, sometimes lover, and brother in all but blood, Harry James Potter, in a comforting gesture. The other hand brushed straggly dirty blonde hair out of her bright silver blue eyes.

Fingers danced upon the tattoo decorating her forehead and bridge of her nose, and if one were looking they would have seen the intricate designs in shimmering silver just briefly before fading into nothingness. The tattoo of swirls, loops, and symbols continued on her chest, starting at just under her collar bone, tapering to a point in between the swell of her breasts and stopping just before her naval.

Both Harry and Draco carried similar markings, though not in the same positions. Theirs started on either side of their face just at the temple and ending at the bottom of the cheek along the jaw line and chin. It then continued on one shoulder, going down the arm all the way to the fingers and along the side of their torsos including part of the stomach and back, before finally stopping at the hip. Draco had his upon his left side while Harry's decorated the right.

Both tattoos were the same shimmering molten silver as Luna's and were nearly identical to each others. They were not a work of art, no matter how pretty and beautiful they appeared, and were definitely not for show, which was why they were invisible most of the time.

Instead, each symbol told a story, or had some other very significant meaning. The one on their faces showed that they were Mages of the Mastery Level. By touching their foreheads it represented their proficiency at Mind Magic. Since Luna's was directly in the middle instead of the side, it gave an additional insight. She was a Seer.

A Seer has the ability to peer into the past of a specific person or object when in contact with said touchstone. They could also See into the present of people or places long distances away if powerful enough. Rarely a Seer could view the future be it minutes, months, or even years. Luna could do all three.

The color also held a lot of meaning. The tattoos were vibrant silver showing their level of power, silver being one of the most powerful. While the blonde Witch's tattoo went directly down the middle, classifying her as a support Mage, mastering in the arts of Healing, Protection, and Defense, the side positions of Harry's and Draco's labeled them as Battle Mages.

Positioned on the right, as is with Harry, represented heavy offensive and attack magic with a lot power. The type of hexes used by said caster would be bludgeoning and great to use on large groups, with enough power to annihilate multiple targets. The down side is that was they take time to cast and tire the caster that much faster. If positioned on the left, as is with Draco, then it was lighter offensive magic with greater stamina. These spells were quick to cast but dealt less damage.

The symbols and designs on Luna's face showed Mastery of Mind Magic. That meant that she could defend her mind and invade another's simultaneously whether it be to gather information or to take complete control. She was also not restricted to humans.

She had once accidentally seized the mind of a falcon that went after her pet rabbit and killed it before she realized what she had done. By vacating the bird's mind too slowly, the raptor plummeted into the unforgiving earth below when it was left with too little time to pull out of its dive. She never quite forgave herself for that and was always extra careful after that first unforeseen incident.

Draco's and Harry's Mind Magic was much weaker as they could only defend. Since their tattoos only touched their temples and didn't proceed further into the center of the forehead, they could not attack another's mind, but it also showed that their defenses were immaculate and impossibly strong.

Hidden within the loops, swirls, and symbols on Harry's side was a form of a twisting and entwining snake, declaring him not only a Parseltongue, but also a Master over the reptiles. Draco Malfoy also had a hidden design in his tattoo but his was a dragon declaring him a tamer of said beasts.

Each symbol, each loop, each swirl held a specific meaning that usually only the bearer of such marks could interpret, but where they were acquired was far more interesting. In Harry's seventh year the Boy-Who-Lived battled with Lord Voldemort, the Bastard-Who-Wouldn't-Die. Sadly, there was to be no victor that day, and none after either. The price of the battle was the blood of many.

Hogwarts had been completely demolished before being consumed by fiend-fire. There had been nothing left of the once glorious castle that had lasted over a thousand years and numerous wars. Although Harry mourned the loss of the only place he had ever called home, the destruction of the school had been the smallest of his losses by far.

They couldn't win the war, not with the ever dwindling number of fighters. In order to fight Voldemort, they needed to become stronger somewhere where his dark taint couldn't reach them. With nothing to keep them there, and nowhere to go, Draco, Harry, and Luna, some of the only survivors, fled from Europe. After four years of traveling they gave up their search for power and accepting that Voldemort would not be defeated, they ended up settling down in Canada of all places. Not even a month into their stay, they were approached by a hooded figure in the middle of a moonless night. A week later the three friends were enrolled in the Circle of the Moon.

For many centuries the Circle of the Moon had been rumor, a fairytale in the magical realm. Many suspected it existed, but none could find it. Only those who attended or taught at the mystical school could know of its location, and once you left you could no longer remember where it was. Rumor had it that anyone of any age and species could attend or even teach if you had the knowledge.

The three inseparable friends and sometimes lovers attended the Circle for seven and half years. They had spent one year and five months in each of the five towers, a fact that their Mage tattoos displayed proudly and few could claim. Most who went to the Circle only attended one tower, sometimes two, but very rarely all five.

Luna sighed dreamily as her eyes glazed over. If one were to look at her but did not know her, they would have assumed her mind had wandered into the clouds with fanciful thoughts. Their assumptions could not have been more wrong, and both Harry and Draco knew better.

The two older men looked at the blonde Witch expectantly and waited patiently until the once Ravenclaw could pull her mind back from wherever she had cast it. They did not have to wait long. Seconds later Luna lost the dreamy look that had earned her the title of Loony Lovegood.

Her silver grey eyes locked onto those of her 'brothers' and whispered two words in the eerily silent room. "It's time."

The two once rivals were shocked immobile for several seconds before Draco cleared his suddenly dry throat. "How much time do we have?"

Was that his voice that just cracked like a pubescent teenager? If it was then the others had the decency to not comment on how high his vocals had squeaked. "One hour, twenty-six minutes, fourteen seconds."

The Witch's declaration slammed them into motion with the grace of a dozen of stampeding Hippogriffs. Draco threw himself out of the room and Apparated away the moment he was beyond the Anti-Apparation wards. His job was simple, two weeks prior they had approached a man in Knockturn Ally about having specialized wands made.

Harry's shattered during the his Last Battle with Voldemort. Unfortunately the damage was irreparable and the Boy-Who-Lived found himself without a wand. Draco had lost his ten inch, Hawthorn Wood, with Unicorn Hair…slightly springy, several months after the Last Battle. Harry suspected Draco had lost it when they were in Cancun. Luna on the other hand planted hers in what was once the Herbology Room just before they had left in their travels. She didn't explain and the young men were afraid to ask.

They hadn't bothered replacing them since becoming Magi did not require such conduits to tap into their Magic. But they would need wands where they were going. For nine years they had been planning for this day.

Nine years they had chased what others would claim a foolish impossible dream, a child's fable. But now, after nine years of research and preparations it was finally going to become reality. Harry entered the dungeon slowly before taking his place in the center of the room. The walls, floor, and even the ceiling were covered in runes and words written in dozens of languages…some dead, some not. The writing was a garish red against the pale grey of the stone. It was written out of blood.

Three identical black robes hung in the corner and Harry made his way over to them. Grabbing the one on the far right, he put it on slowly before moving over to the three chests that lay nearby. The trunks were very inconspicuous and rather plain in design. All three were a midnight black with a lock and several volatile curses in place for those who were unlucky enough to attempt to open them. Their only distinguishing feature was the letter engraving on the front. One was labeled with an intricate L while the one next to it held a D.

The Wizard ignored those two and instead went to the one labeled H before he waved a hand over it, wandlessly shrinking it and placed it into his enchanted pocket. Seconds later Luna Lovegood entered the chamber with a goblet of blue bubbling potion. She set the silver cup gently on the cobbled floor in the center of the room before grabbing her own cloak and placing the newly shrunken chest labeled L in her own pocket. Now the just needed to wait for Draco.

They didn't have to wait long. Ten minutes later found the blonde aristocrat rushing into the room before taking the same actions at the other two. Once they were all ready, they found themselves seated in a triangle around the bubbling goblet. It was now or never. Once they went through with this there was no going back.

The potion before them would have made the late Potions Master, Severus Snape, proud. It was one to make Clan. By placing their blood into the carefully brewed concoction and drinking it they would no longer be separate, but bound in blood. They would be family. It was originally designed for families adopting an heir if they were unable to procreate. By doing this they could ensure that the bloodline continued and not just the name.

With the help of Luna and Draco, they were able to tweak the potion to fit their own needs. The original function was to change one person into a blood relative of one or two others, not change three into each other.

Harry had been informed of the permanent changes that would take place and he was ready to accept that, it was the pain he was worried about. The effects would take nearly thirty minutes to complete, and they needed to be finished before they moved onto the next stage. If they screwed this up they wouldn't get another chance…well, not for another twelve thousand years at least. Harry didn't feel like hanging around that long.

The second spell would work only during a full Planetary System Eclipse, and even then only during the climax of it. They maybe had a two minute window, three at the most…but that was pushing it.

Sighing deeply, Harry steeled himself for what was to come before he picked up the silver dagger with gentle fingers. Placing his shaking left hand over the goblet, he sliced a deep cut into his palm and clenched his fists to force the crimson liquid to drip into the substance below. The potion hissed like cold water on hot metal before turning a glorious shade of red.

Draco was next and he took the dagger with cold fingers and a numb heart. Soon his life force joined that of his best friend, confidant, and yes, occasional lover. The concoction turned a vibrant green and then changed to a deep blue as Luna closed the trinity with her own blood.

"By Blood we shall Be," together they chanted, hands joined and eyes closed. "As by Blood we are Made. Forged in Life this trinity, everlasting through Death…So Mote It Be."

The potion hissed and spat at them as their words rang through the silence before changing into a pale white and stilling completely. Harry was the first to unlink their hands and reach for the goblet. It was cold as ice in his healed left hand. Vibrant green eyes met those of his companions before he brought the cup to his lips and took a large gulp.

It was the foulest thing he had ever had the displeasure of tasting and he had to force his body to swallow it. The goblet was removed from his slack grip before he could drop it and he felt a moment of gratitude before pain of the likes he had never felt before consumed him. He clutched his head as the pain overtook him and he was sure he was screaming. Seconds, an eternity later, two other voices joined his in the cacophony of agony.

His body was being purged of what made him a Potter and obliterating his Evan's heritage, destroying all that was Muggle. It was an adjustment made by Luna to the potion. Where they were going they could not have any relations to their old selves, so she had designed it to find the one connection between them. The purging of all that was Muggle was a bonus too, allowing them to have far greater magical reserves then before.

All three of them came from Pureblood families, so they had to be related by some connection. Unfortunately that ancestor was back by a few centuries…well, a millennia and a few centuries to be precise.

After what felt like eons the pain finally ended and Harry James Potter, Luna Elizabeth Lovegood, and Draconis No Middle Name Malfoy ceased to exist. In their places stood Haydn, Lunette, and Daemion Pendragon.

Haydn, once Harry, stood up slowly before rushing to help his friends…no siblings…up. They needed to start the spell now or it would have been all for not. He assisted Lunette to her feet before he shoved Daemion into his proper spot and stumbling over to his. Once they were all in place they began.

Arms up, palms facing out, they chanted quietly. The Magic began to condense around them as the blood runes glowed in the near darkness. The planets aligned and the Magic snapped as the tension released…the climax had been reached. Slowly the residual power began to disperse and the symbols faded from existence. The room was empty.

On the 20th of December in the year 2012, three people ceased to exist. On June 7th, 1991 three small figures appeared in an ally near the Leaky Cauldron in a world not there own. Time could not be re-written to such an extent that they had wanted to achieve, but they could change one future that had yet to happen.

The three small figures began to stir, the Magic around them crackling in blue and purple sparks. With a new path set out before them, the three were prepared to take on whatever this new life threw at them. As the sun began to rise it was a new world that greeted them.


Harry = Haydn (pronounced Hey-dn, not Hi-dn)

Luna = Lunette (pronounced Loo-net)

Draco = Daemion (pronounced Day-me-un)

Possible Dumble's bashing in the future (not sure yet, I have always loved him as the manipulative old coot) and maybe Severitus (I love you Sevie). There will be slash so expect it, main paring is MxFxM with a love triangle between Luna, Harry, and Draco...though mostly between the boys. Though the potion does make them related I highly doubt that it makes their relationship incestuous as they are not really siblings. Minor parings will include Remus x Sirius (Possibly Remus x Sirius x Severus later on...I don't know) Lily x James, and maybe Hermione x Ron, we will have to see.

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