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"Gravity is a contributing factor in nearly 73% of all accidents involving falling objects."

Making Memories

After Tom had watched the three children glide upstairs, he took a seat behind the bar and poured himself a drink. The siblings were all kinds of unsettling. He sat drinking for several more minutes before calling Marcus, his assistant, over. "I be needing to step out for a tick, mind thee shop while I'm gone." And then he floo'd to Dumbledore's office in Hogwarts.

It may have been summer, but one could almost guarantee that Albus would be sitting at his desk filling out paper work and eating sweets. Tom was not disappointed. The aging professor looked up from the boring document, managing to look both surprised and unsurprised at the same time. Very few people had access to the Headmaster's fire place and Tom was one of the lucky few who did, but rarely did he ever use it.

"Tom, my boy, what can I do for you?"

The barkeeper took the offered seat, declined the lemondrop and the cup of tea while exchanging pleasantries before getting down to business. "The strangest thing just happened to me, Albus."

He was forced to pause as Professor McGonagall walked in, setting a stack of papers upon the Headmaster's already overly cluttered desk. "Ah, Minerva, perfect timing," Dumbledore commented with a knowing twinkle in his eyes while unwrapping a lemondrop with long fingers. "Please have a seat, Tom was just about to tell me all about this strange morning he has had. Lemondrop?"

Tom started to speak again as McGonagall refused the offered sweet. "'bout twenty minutes ago, three children walked right into the Leaky Cauldron, triplets probably, two boys and a girl, no older then a first year, if that. They approached me and requested a room for 'an unspecified amount of time,' their words, not mine. If I hadn't known any better I would have them pegged as Malfoy's kids. Their pale, like they never get any sun, and their hair was white, almost silver, dyed strangely at the end.

"They talk and behave like purebloods. British…probably, if no' born then raised at least, though there accent was mixed, as if they spent a lot of time traveling. Either tha' or they are really good at faking. After I retrieved the room key I activated the compulsion charms and asked them if their parents would be need'en a room when they arrived and …"

He trailed off; eyes flicking to the ground before continuing at the elder woman's gentle prodding. "The two boys went blank, Albus, it was like nothing was there. And the girl looked as if I had just tortured her puppy, I had honestly thought she was going to break down and start bawling."

"But she didn't," Albus asked, his question sounding more like a statement.

Tom shook his head in negative. "It was almost scary how quickly she pulled herself back together. It was obviously too painful to talk about and I couldn't bring myself to ask. It was heartbreaking, watching someone so young trying to be so brave. They had probably just recently lost their parents, cuz' they don't look like they have been on their own for long."

Minerva decided to enter the conversation at that point. She could only imagine how those children must feel, alone in a strange place. "What about relatives or a guardian?" When Tom just shook his head sadly she sighed. "I'm sure they have relatives somewhere. Give me their family name and I will have someone look in the registry."

Tom brought a hand up and scrubbed his unshaven face with it. He looked weary almost, and just a little lost. "That's just it, they didn't give me a family name, or any name in fact. When I told them I didn't catch their names, the girl just turned around and gave me this eerie smile and replied with 'I know'…I'm telling you Albus, somet'in just no' right abou' them."

Dumbledore leaned back into his extravagant and rather comfy mahogany chair, and steepled his fingers in thought. He was silent for several minutes as he started at the chess board to the right of his desk. The appearance of the children was indeed curious, and he could be reading more into it then what was actually there, but he needed to be cautious just in case.

After several silent minutes in which Tom fidgeted and Minerva sat bored, Albus finally decided upon something. "I think some introductions are in order," he began, once again straightening in his chair. "I will stop by tomorrow around noon; make sure they are there, Tom. Minerva, would you care to join me?"

Professor McGonagall just inclined her head in acknowledgement and the matter was closed…at least for the time being.


Lunette was the first to awaken. It was a little before noon and she knew her 'brothers' would stay asleep for several more hours. For that she was glad. It gave her just enough time to do what she must.

They were different people, here, with different experiences and different memories. But that was the problem; they didn't have 'those' memories. She had suspected that new memories would be needed to be made and she settled herself down to start.

Lunette would slip the memories in while her brothers were still sleeping; it would make it easier for all of them. As she closed her eyes, her mind began to pull existing memories apart and reshaping them into what they needed. Placing her small delicate hands upon the two pale heads, she began to insert the modified set of memories. Not even Dumbledore would be able to tell they were fakes since her procedure forced the mind to 'live' the experience, thus making it a valid memory. She just hoped her lovers could forgive her.


When Tom returned to the Leaky Cauldron it was well past noon. He had probably stayed at Hogwarts longer than he should have, longer than he intended to at least, but one simply could not refuse a lunch offered by Albus Dumbledore. Besides the fact that the Headmaster was considered the second coming of Merlin, Hogwarts food was just simply delicious. How could one say no?

Tom returned to the bar, grabbing his grubby apron along the way and got to work wiping down the counter. Lunch was in full swing and showed no signs of letting up anytime soon. He was about to go back into the kitchen when he saw the triplets gliding down the staircase. The girl was leading this time, her two brothers bringing up the rear. The girl appeared quite smug while the boys looked almost to be sulking.

The owner of the Leaky Cauldron moved from around the counter and started to make his way over to them, appearing all around friendly while keeping in mind the questions Dumbledore wanted answers too. But before he covered even half the distance, a patron demanded his attention. Upon looking up, the children were gone.


Lunette walked confidently into Gringotts, her brothers several paces behind. If looks could only kill…they had yet to stop glaring at her. She couldn't blame them though, not really. Especially not after the hell she just put them through.

They had gained many benefits from their 'travel' but unfortunately a clean start it was not. Scars still littered their young bodies and burned their ancient minds. Through the next few years they will have to tell many a false story based upon truth. They could not afford a discrepancy especially if a Master Legimens like Dumbledore and Snape broke through their defenses.

Glancing back, she caught the slight wince from her brothers as a nearby floo flared into activeness, the bright green flames exacerbating migraines both were no doubt suffering from. Lunette also had a headache, but it was mild in comparison since she excelled in the Magic of the Mind.

Their heads had to be aching something fierce though, since she did just cram their life experiences into eleven years, and that eleven years into three hours. Though, at the moment, a headache was the least of their problems. Right now, dealing with the Goblins was their first priority.

Haydn elbowed Daemion discreetly and nodded his head towards an open teller. The once Malfoy sifted away from his brother in annoyance and stared at his pale sister meaningfully. Lunette just turned to him with that creepy smile of hers and then shifted her glazed eyes upon the open teller before sighing dreamily. Daemion also sighed, but his expressed disbelief and annoyance before he made his way to the goblin. This just could not end well.


Despite Daemion's trepidation, their meeting with the Goblins ended quite well for them…even if they were there for just over five hours. Aside from that small detail, everything else was a success. They had agreed not to open a new vault, and instead keep the money from their previous life upon themselves. Haydn wouldn't put it past the Ministry to seize it at the first sign of rebellion, and oh how they planned to rebel. It was what their Ministry would have done.

Despite their original plan to remain anonymous, they had agreed to do a family blood test and claim their ancestors vault; well 'vaults' would be a more accurate word. They had seven in total…seven. Who in their right mind needed that many?

After they confirmed their lineage, they were asked if the eldest would like to claim the title of Lord or Lady. That is where things became confusing. Since magic had brought them to this alternate reality, they were 'born' to this world at the exact same time. After almost an hour spent arguing amongst the Goblins, the triplets sitting in silent amusement, they came up with a simple if unorthodox solution. All three would claim the title.

The solution was considered unorthodox because very rarely did anyone willingly share the title of Lordship, even amongst siblings. But the triplets were anything but normal. The Goblins had been wary, and though they didn't quite buy the story of magic birthing to explain their age problem, they didn't question it further.

Though they were warned that if the family magic found any of them unworthy, the consequences would be devastating and irreversible, they all agreed to go ahead with it. Lunette had been the only one not worried. Her brothers, unsurprisingly, did not draw comfort from that.

In the end, the boys were both wearing the Lord rings of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Pendragon, Haydn on the left hand, opposite of his tattoos, Daemion on his right. Lunette was adorned with the necklace proclaiming her Lady Pendragon, the house crest resting on the hollow of her throat.

By claiming the title of their family, they had automatically become adults in the eyes of the law and rightful citizens of Great Britain. Unless they outright broke the law the Ministry of Magic could not touch them. The side effect of multiple people claiming the same title of such an old house that was steeped in tradition was not an unpleasant one, at least to themselves. They were now bonded, or in more modern terms: married.

Now they found themselves bonded, with more money than they knew what to do with, hundreds of artifacts they couldn't wait to do something with, five seats on the Wizengamot, and better protection than they anticipated. Sadly, after over six hundred years of dormancy, an estate was not included.

Though the fortune was safe from Ministry laws, thanks to the Goblins, the estates were not. The law of heir stated that if the family could not produce an heir, or the heir does not claim their heritage in 267 years, than all assets are forfeited to the Government to be seized immediately and used for/at said Government's discretion.

It would appear that they would have to stay at the Leaky Cauldron a little longer than expected…just until they figured out something more permanent. Chances were though someone else would figure it out for them.

The three hardened warriors walked slowly back to the Inn. A large dinner was in order, followed by a goodnights sleep. They wouldn't be getting much rest in the following days, they knew. The Goblins had warned them they would be getting a visit from the Ministry soon, possibly form the Minister himself. The creatures were bound by treaty to inform the Magical Government of any and all claims of Lordship. They were also expecting a visit form the Headmaster as well.

After some carefully worded inquiries, and the Daily Profit, they were mostly up to date on the happenings of the new world. There was no Boy-Who-Lived and Lord Voldemort was very much alive, though this one seemed more subtle. The War was in full swing but not anywhere near the level it had been at in their world, and Dumbledore was the leading force behind the Light. Currently the War seemed to be at a standstill, with not much happening, but both sides were recruiting and building up their armies.

The triplets were a new unknown factor, and Headmaster Dumbledore hated uncertainties, even ones as young as themselves. Yes, they were expecting his visit any day now. Sadly, the one thing there were not expecting was that both visits would take place at the same time…well, not much could be said for Lunette. The once Loony Lovegood just smiled wickedly as they entered the Leady Cauldron. Maybe she did know after all.