Me: Hi y'all! Welcome to my show. Starring… ME! And our special guests, the Teen Titans!

(The Teen Titans walk out of the red curtains)

Raven: You've gotta be kiddin me. I hate this kind of shows.

Me:On cotré (SP?) Ravé, you'll thank me for this one. (giggles)

Robin: Oh boy.

Me: Okay, where were we? Ah yes, I have some announcements, this show will most contains some challenging so you've to do EVRYTHING I say.

Beast Boy: Seriously, anything?

Me: Yep! Anything! Now, with no wasting longer, let this show… begins!

Starfire: Oh! Glorious!

Raven: Yeah! (sarcastically voice)

First question:

Me:Ummmm… let see… Ah yes. This question is for… Beast Boy! Now, who do you like more? Raven or Terra?

Beast Boy: Tough one. Er… Raven?

Me: (Claps) Yeppie! I knew it!

Raven: (face turns red)

Second question:

Me:This one is for Starfire! (smile evilly) Do you like Speedy from Titans East?

Starfire: No, I do not.

(Robin breathe in relief)

Me: Oh wow! (Roll eyes)

Third question:

Raven: Let me guess. This one is for Cyborg, right?

Me: You've read my mind. Cyborg, how did you get you mechanical parts?

Cyborg: It was an accident. A BIG accident about a couple of years ago.

(The audiences gasp)

Fourth question:

Me: Terrible, isn't? Ahem… The next one is for Robin. Is it true that you use a huge amount of hair spray every day?

Robin: Yes, it is. I use about four cans of hair sprays.

Me: Gosh, that's a lot, huh? Thanks for the info. Okay, enough questions. Let's move on to the main part of the show, or which I like to call, challenge.

(The Titans gulp)

Me: Right after these messages.

After the commercials

Me: (On phone) Sally, I told you not to use red. No, not pink, too. Oh, are we on air? (Embarrass smile) Sorry. Let's all get this show on the roll!

(Audiences cheer and wolf – whistle)

Me: Love y' all! Now, I dare Beast Boy to listen to one of Starfire's bagpipes song until I say so.

Beast Boy: What! You can't be serious!

Me: Oh yes I do. Starfire, go fetch your bagpipes, girl.

Starfire: (Action) Get the bagpipes and starts playing an ancient Tamaran song. Beast Boy head explode after thirty minutes in the laughs of the audience and me.

Me: That is wonderful and so hilarious! Next, I dare Cyborg to get rid of his favorite CDs, on supervise of course.

Cyborg: No, not my CDs! Please!

Cyborg: (Action) He empties his CDs case and dumps them into the rubbish bin.

Now, it's 8:30 p.m

Me: Good. It's Robin's turn now. I dare you to play a prank call on Bruce Wayne.

Robin: No way I'm doing that! (MC gives an you – have – to – do – it glare) Fine. Hello? Is this Mr. Wayne? Is your refrigerator running? Then you better catch it!(hang up the phone)

Me: Marvelous! Let's try with Raven this time, okay? You have to say that you love to wear pink, bunnies and sunshine. While I record it.

Raven: Not in your dreams girl. Oh, you're gonna pay for this (talk with the MC).

Me: You have to do it, Rae. Or else.

Raven: (Angry) I love pink, bunnies and sunshine. Will you record it already?

Me: Wow! That's brave, girl. Yeah, perfect!

Raven: I tell you that as soon as this show's over, I'm gonna kick your ass and squeeze you to dead.

Me: Beautiful, isn't it?(fake cry) Okay, I think that's enough for today. The next episode will be better because we're gonna invite the Titans East and some of our Titans friends. Did I mention that some of them will sing until that their voices are sore?

All: What!

Me: Yes, you better believe it because it's true. Goodbye everybody! Drive home safety! See you all again!

(Audience applause)