Spoilers: 8x24 'Pyramid'

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So what were your thoughts on the season finale? What do you think Tony will be doing over the summer? Will he and EJ bump into each other around Washington? Will the writers show us Jimmy's wedding?

The return of Gibbs, Vance, Secretary Davenport, Special Agent Barrett and ME assistant Jimmy Palmer was greeted with a huge sigh of relief from the entire NCIS building, especially once it was established that aside from being wetter and bruised the two hostages were none the worse for wear. Tony ushered Jimmy into a quiet corner at the first opportunity.

"You okay?" asked Tony a concerned look on his face, a quick visual inspection confirmed what both Ducky and the EMTs on the scene said, that Jimmy was fine, wet and shaken but ultimately fine.

"…Yeah," Jimmy replied unconvincingly. "I will be," he continued before pulling the blanket around his shoulders closer. Tony nodded at that. Jimmy was right; he would be okay after the shock had worn off. "So…you talk to EJ already?"

No," Tony answered with a slight frown.

"You didn't know did you?" asked Jimmy looking at his friend curiously. At Tony's surprised look, Jimmy just shrugged. "You find out a lot when a serial murderer has you and someone else hostage, particularly just why it's personal for him and Agent Barrett."

"I can't believe she never mentioned that to me," Tony said still frowning. Sure EJ had only been in DC for just under three months but he thought that they might have the possibility to be something more.

"Well, can you blame her?" asked Jimmy. When Tony said nothing Jimmy tried a different tactic. "Do you make a habit of telling people that you come from money?"

"No," Tony replied curtly. He never advertised that fact; even if he never saw much money from his father, he did have a substantial amount from his mother. Angela Paddington Dinozzo had come from a wealthy English family, one that went back centuries and was a member of the British aristocracy. At the beginning of his career as a cop, Tony decided that he would never reveal that he had money if he could help it because he did not want his fellow officers to think that he was just some rich boy playing cops and robbers. He was serious about being a cop that was what he wanted to do forever.

"Exactly, she wanted people to judge her on her merits instead of automatically assuming that she got her assignment and team because of her uncle."


"Now that the Port-to-Port Killer case is over what are Agents Cade and Barrett going to do?" asked Jimmy over their takeout. It was late and Jimmy had not been expecting Tony or anyone for that matter but when Jimmy opened up the door, he found Tony standing on the other side with takeout.

"Cade's being reassigned here stateside, at the Bremerton, Washington office," Tony answered as he searched for a soy sauce packet in the takeout bag.

"What about Agent Barrett? Is she forming a new team in Rota then?"

"Actually EJ is giving up Rota, she's taking a leave of absence to figure some things out. Aha!" Tony gave a triumphant cry after he found a soy sauce packet. "She's going to hang around DC though," he added as an afterthought.

"Really? Are you two going to still see each other?" asked Jimmy curiously.

"Well, DC is a small town, we may very well end up bumping into each other," Tony answered.

"So does that mean that she'll be your plus one at my wedding?" asked Jimmy. Tony just gave a mysterious smile in return.