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"He had a very good motive. He was a dedicated volunteer at the animal shelter and Dobson was abusive to his horses. I don't understand why you trust him. His alibi hasn't even been checked yet." Bones scolded, walking beside Booth as they looked around the shelter. They had just talked to their subject, a volunteer who had once come to blows with their latest victim over his horse's condition.

"I just know. My gut's never wrong." Booth declared with pride.

"Unless you consider that time you decided to move on with Hannah because your gut told you that I didn't love you." Bones pointed out calmly. Booth laughed because he knew she wasn't mad about that anymore, just using it as reference.

"I'm glad my gut was wrong then." Booth chuckled, swatting her bottom playfully. She smacked him lightly, but grinned happily at him in return.

"There are so many animals here." She murmured.

"It's an animal shelter, babe. Why so surprised?" Booth chided fondly. She pinched his arm and giggled. They had only been official for a few months, and he had already learned how to make her giggle. He had learned quite a bit about her, her tendency to wake up at the slightest noise, her preference for kettle corn over buttered popcorn. One particular afternoon she had been typing at her laptop, not paying him any mind, so he had done what any normal man would have done. He had pinched her sides. Seeley Booth had never thought that a woman like Bones would squeak, but she did. She had threatened to abstain from him, she had promised to break his fingers, but without fail he could never resist the urge to push her buttons.

A playful kitten swatted at them through the cage. Several people were trying to get its attention, cooing at its friendly antics.

Booth saw Bones clench her jaw before continuing through the line of cages.

"Not a cat person, Bones?' Booth laughed.

"I am." Bones scowled.

"Then why'd you glare at fluffy over there?" Booth asked, frowning.

"I didn't."

"Yeah you did."

"I just don't like how people only want to adopt animals that are young and playful. I'm sure that the animals here that are older and shyer are much harder to adopt. They deserve homes too." Bones seethed. Booth felt a twinge in his chest.

"Was it like that in the foster system?" He asked her gently.

"People are good, and many did want older kids, but sometimes it seemed like every couple wanted a baby. I tried at first to be friendly and sweet when they came by, but I got so sick of it." Bones sighed. "I was angry and bitter and needy, and that didn't help convince people to take me in"

"Let's go Bones." Booth called.

"Where? What are we doing?" She frowned when she saw him talking to one of the workers.

"Of all the cats here, which one has been here the longest?" Booth demanded.

"Um, Tripod I guess." The woman stuttered, obviously confused by the question. She led them to a cage that contained a blue-eyed and short haired Siamese. The tag on the cage indicated that the animal was three years old, spayed, and had all her vaccinations. They way she tottered around the cage indicated that the animal only had three legs. One ear was tattered and half her tail was gone.

"What the hell happened to you?" Booth asked the cat curiously. Tripod chattered in a conversational way and rubbed against the side of her cage in an awkward way.

"See her Bones? She's no kitten and she's been through hell, but that's her charm. And she's worth anyone's time." Booth informed her quietly. Bones smiled at him softly.

"How much is the adoption fee?"

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