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Chapter I: Mistaken Identity?

-It was another ordinary day for Maeda Atsuko. Waking up early in the morning, taking a bath, eat her breakfast and go to school. Followed by sitting on her assigned seat upon arriving at Maji High, pestered by her annoyingly loyal underling, unannounced visit by Rappapa President, listening to her teachers ramblings, finally going back home with Daruma tailing her. It was all the same everyday but thanks to some Rappapa members, Daruma and her unofficial follower Team Hormone her day got somewhat a little excitement. One instance when the usual silent Mukuchi refuses to let Atsuko go home by herself which Daruma strongly agree. She was claiming that since Maeda was MajiHigh's top yankee now, it is most likely the Yabakune would plot on capturing her. Maeda just tilted her head slightly, wearing a blank expression on her face as she muttered a simple "daijoubu". They already expected that reply from her but to really hear it dumps their mood greatly. And of course, we shouldn't forget the unscheduled dates Gakuran were claiming once in a while which made Daruma annoyed to its peak level.

"I wonder what my life could be if Minami is still alive?" Atsuko muttered to herself, one hand resting to the fence while gazing to the fading sun.

-She was currently at the school's rooftop, mulling over her dream. It was about her deceased bestfriend.

"If it weren't for me….Minami." She grasped the steel fence she was holding. The thought of her bestfriend dying for her sake still pained her wholly.

"It was all for me….and yet it's my entire fault too." It was unnoticed to her that a lone tear slipped from her eyes. That incident, the very day she lost her most important person was still haunting her. Silence.

"Forgive yourself already." Maeda snapped her head towards the voice, her eyes widening upon recognizing the person not far away from her.

"I heard what happened and it's not your fault." The said person whispered upon noticing Atsuko's silence. She sighed and shook her head lightly, walking towards and stopping just in front of the still silent girl. From what Torigoya told her, the Atsuko before was a wild one, the one that never backs down or turn down a fight. And she thought how similar they were.

"Acchan, I know your friend didn't regret fighting for you or standing up for you and even… losing her life for you." The last part was said in a hush tone, afraid that she might worsen the situation for mentioning such sensitive topic. And as a natural thing to do, she wipes the tears that now freely flowing from Acchan's eyes.

"You know that right? Because she loves you dearly…" Atsuko nodded, now wiping her own tears.

"Arigatou….Yuko-san." That made the Rappapa President smiled.

"Good! I don't want the future Rappapa President known to be a crybaby." Yuko teased while playfully patting Acchan's head and this made the latter smile, though Yuko has the reputation of being the fiercest fighter known to their district, she also has a good heart and a very good friend to which Atsuko just realized.

-Not far away from the two girls, the other Rappapa members were observing their President consoled the person who put their group into shame. But that was history already and they see Maeda as one of their comrade, the future leader.

"Never thought the almighty Maeda is such a crybaby after all." Shibuya chuckled while chewing her favorite gum; this earned a giggle from Gekikara who was leaning into the wall beside her.

"Yeah but don't forget that the very crybaby you were talking about rendered you unconscious in one blow." Sado smirked while gesturing to her forehead, reminding the blonde about her shameful loss. This made Gekikara giggled even more and a light laughed from Black who averted her gazed quickly as a glare directed towards her, courtesy by the blonde shittenou herself.

"You're one to talk to and I've heard she beat you up badly too." Shibuya replied indignantly while crossing her arms over her chest. Black cleared her throat while Torigoya continued to listen to their banter and Gekikara started to bite her nails, now giggling lightly.

"Well, yes. That's very true but you should know the difference between being beat up and rendered unconscious, Queen Shibuya." The vice-president replied wittingly, teasing the easily angered Queen. This time Black didn't stop herself from snickering; the silent Queen Torigoya did the same but in a subtle manner while Queen Gekikara giggled loudly which made the two girls not so far away from their group glanced at them.

"Shut up,Geki." Shibuya yelled and kicked the wall she was leaning at and left her comrades while muttering something to herself. Queen Gekikara followed her while calling out the blonde's name.

"Mou…you shouldn't tease her like that, Sado-kun." Torigoya said while pouting at the Vice-president.

"She easily gets riled up and it amuses me to no end." Black interjected while earning a frown from the softhearted Queen (if she's not in her evil-seer mode)

"I concord to that." Sado replied taking out her favorite toy, the kendama.

"Oi, what happened to Shibuya-chin?" The three remaining Rappapa members startled upon hearing their President's voice. When did they come over? The three wondered why they didn't hear the two approaching them.

"You knowShibuya, she's just being herself." Sado said while started playing her toy in her hand while trying to balance it.

"Yuu-chan, Sado-kun was actually bullying Shibuya-chin." Revealed by Torigoya and the Vice-president failed to catch the ball-like thing, she sighed and decided to put the kendama back to her pocket instead.

"Again? Poor Gekikara then." Yuko shrugged her shoulders while earning a confused look from Torigoya and Sado. Black was the only one who knows what their President was talking about. She grimaced at the thought that the fiercest shittenou can be boss around by the blonde Queen.

"Anyway, let's go treat Acchan a dinner." She continued and dragged the silent girl towards the stairs.

-Atsuko was wrong after all. This day, today was no ordinary day like she predicted at all. Though she lost one friend she gained a lot in return and it's multiplying without her noticing. When the five of them were out of the campus grounds it's already nearing 7:00pm and a chilling wind hit them.

"Cold."Torigoya muttered and a second passed the President had her hands held, sharing her warmth. Atsuko watched them enviously. It reminded her of her bestfriend, how Minami always looking out after her.

"Yosh! Let's go and eat Ramen." Yuko announced happily which made her snapped out from her reverie. She smiled. It was no ordinary day but was an extra ordinary day to spend time with her former enemies now her friends. She glanced at their faces one by one while they're walking side by side and she smiled again, not noticing the person running towards her.

"Acchan,watch out!" Torigoya warned but it was too late as the unknown person collided with her friend. The two sprawled at the ground with Atsuko beneath and the stranger on top of her.

-Seeing the future Rappapa President down, Yuko and Sado's reflexes were turned on in an instant and just like a snap of a finger the stranger found herself being yanked up by two powerful hands, away from the girl she collided with, Torigoya on the other hand kneeled down to help Atsuko.

"You okay?"Sado asked, still holding the stranger.

"H-hai." Maeda replied, holding her head in attempt to alleviate the pain she was feeling from that impact. Torigoya helped her stand while Black picked up her bag that flew towards her.

"Now give me a valid reason for not skinning you alive." Yuko demanded in a sinister tone to the stranger while Atsuko still nursing her throbbing head, not giving any attention that caused her such pain right now.

"Ah…I didn't mean it. I didn't see her; I swear…..I'm really sorry." The stranger rambled too fast and Acchan thought the stranger was hundred percent scared after hearing Yuko's threat so she decided to give her a re-breather and just let it go. Besides it was an accident. She slowly glanced at her….

"It's alri-….Minami?" Acchan spoke her best friends name softly. Pain forgotten as she looked at her alive bestfriend, her eyes started to water again. Sado and Yuko loosened their grip to the girl called Minami. Torigoya recognizing the girl from her vision gasped, earning all their attention except Atsuko who was intently looking at Minami. Not believing what she's seeing right now. Too shocked to comprehend or forcing herself that what was happening right now was not a dream.

"Asahi?" the so called Minami asked while looking at Toriyoga confusingly, the latter looked back too, mirroring the expression the girl had.

"KAI…? WHERE ARE YOU?" all of them heard a distinct yell by a woman not far away where they are. The so called Minami widened her eyes and looked at the direction of the voice. The others followed her gaze and it landed in a beautiful woman wearing a white dress reaching her knees while her long raven locks flows freely behind her as she strode towards them. The girl held by Yuko and Sado panicked and they noticed it.

"I'm really sorry about this but I have to go." As she said those words to Atsuko she freed herself by the already loosed grasp by the two Rappapa heads and bolted out.

"Minami…!" Acchan called, snapping out from her shocked state, at the disappearing figure of her so called bestfriend but it was too late. She was gone…again.

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