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File #3: Mistaken Identity Part 3

Working part-time at the convenience store, pizza deliverer, a shrine a miko, a sales lady, cosplaying at a maid café and other part-time jobs you can think that easily earns money. All of it if Nami will say, proud she'd tried all of them. Well, except for the last part. She'd rather die than others will see her wearing girly stuff like what Hinata was wearing. And not that she's proud of her part-time jobs, it's just she has no choice but to work. No freeloading anymore…

That's what occupied most of her time after Persona disbanded and of course we shouldn't forget, her dating the ever beautiful Diva, Ray. She just can't believe that after revealing her real identity to Ray, the girl didn't seem fazed, much more livid or react like a normal person would do. Because she was hundred percent sure that Ray would hate her after revealing such ugly truth to her. Considering the Diva has a biting attitude before they met or to be exact before Ray fallen in love with her. So, she almost flipped when Ray just smiled at her and accepted the truth just like that. So simple yet complicated at the same time.

Missed being an idol? Definitely yes! When she voiced that thought to Ray, the Diva enthusiastically replied to her…

"Kai, you surely want to be with me all the time, I'm so happy. I'll tell Sarukawa-shachou you'll become my partner, we'll be a duo."

And with that Nami immediately dismissed the topic on hand which the Diva pouted cutely, not that she'll tell Ray she's cute though. But really, it would be great to go back in the idol world but not this way. Besides, she not ready to reveal to the entire Japan, especially to her family that now she become an "L". And the worst part? She doesn't want to tarnish Ray's reputation as a Diva; she cared for her after all. But the latter seems to no care as when she told Ray it might destroy her idol career if the paparazzi would found out about their relationship…

"I don't care, Kai is most important to me."

Their 'relationship' by the way which she denies strongly every time Asahi or Hinata would inquire about it. And the two would not leave her alone with their unending teasing. Those two, she sighed.

"Where are your friends when you needed them the most?" Nami uttered to herself while arranging some can of meat loafs.

Right now, she's working at the Seven-Eleven convenience store, one of her part-time jobs she likes the most.

"Is there something wrong, Kawachi-san?" her co-worker inquired since she heard Nami mumbled something from across the aisle.

"Ah…no, nothing Tsugunaga-san." She smiled at the aforementioned girl who was peering at her. And no less than a second her smile was returned.

"Okay…" energetically replied by the girl and they continue their work.

Nami thought how very genki the other girl was, always bouncing around with a smile not leaving her face; same with her other co-worker who happens to be friends with Tsugunaga-san. And it amazes her how she ended up working with the same shifts with them always, I mean always that she concluded that there's no dull moment when she's working with these two distinct girls. Always working with them that she can't help, but to notice their closeness, which brought her to remember her current dilemma. As much as she hates to admit it, she misses Asahi and the annoying Hinata.

"The subscriber you are trying to reach is out of coverage area or the phone is switch off, please try again later"

Every time she tried calling Asahi, the damn operator always answers her calls. Sometime she thought if the girl was avoiding her. Nah, Asahi wouldn't do that, would she? And since she can't contact Asahi she called Hinata. I never thought this day would come…

"The subscriber you are trying to reach is out of coverage area or the phone is switch off, please try again later"

She was tempted to pull her hair out of frustration when she heard the damn operators recorded voice again, but stop herself before she really do it, though it was really tempting. She just decided then she hates the operator now… or do her two friends hate her? And it's not that she's really desperate, she just really needs to talk to someone. She dialed Hinata's home-phone number.

"Hello?" a man answered the phone.

"Hello? Is this Hinata's father? This is Kawachi Nami, Hinata's friend." She greeted politely.

"No, this is Kageyoshi, the Otawa's butler."

Nami almost dropped her phone when she heard what the man said from the other line. Did I dial the wrong number? She asked herself and glanced at the number flashing at her cell phone screen. Nope!

"Bu-butler?" she stuttered.

"Yes. If you wish to speak to Hinata-ojousama Kawachi-san, I'm afraid to tell you that is not possible for she is in Finland currently as we speak." The butler replied in a smooth voice that left Nami speechless for a moment.

"I u-understand." She stuttered again. Sweat forming in her forehead.

"Is there anything else, Kawachi-san?" the butler inquired.

"No. That's all, good day." And she hung up quickly, panting lightly as if she just had a morning jog. Shaking her head, she thought how silly that phone call had made her tired all of a sudden.

That surmised everything when she tried to contact her elusive friends. Though it caught her off-guard about knowing Hinata's a filthy rich, well not filthy but rich. Now that she think about it, the girl was from Shirobara Girls Academy and only those who were rich can afford to enroll their daughters to such prestigious school. So, why is the girl trying so hard to become an idol?

"Wah! Airin, kowaii yo…" Nami heard a girly yell which snapped her back to reality. Her brows furrowed upon hearing her co-workers yell so she decided to check what the girl has been yelling about.

She found the petite girl standing just a meter away from her and another girl towering over the small frightened Tsugunaga-san.

"Ano, is there a problem I can help with?"

Nami intervened as she saw the girl glaring at her co-worker who was wearing the upper part of seifuku and a green jogging pants that was folded up to her knees, and also a green jacket tied around her waist? Huh? Is the school allowing them to combine such clothing and the school uniforms? Nami thought.

"Yes!" the aforementioned girl replied in a thundering voice which made Tsugunaga-san squeaked and runs behind Nami.

'Great, now she uses me as a shield from this bully' Nami thought sarcastically, not that she can blame Tsugunaga-san. The weird girl was intimidating after all…..and she's taller than both of us, she added.

"Well, what seems to be the problem?" Nami asked coolly, not showing any sign of being afraid. Not that she's afraid in the first place, she may be has a small stature but she won't back down in a fight.

"I was asking her if you still have maruchou, urute and korikori." The green girl Nami thought pointed at her co-worker who was hiding behind her.

"And I told you it was out of stock." Tsugunaga retorted back who cowers upon seeing the other girl glaring at her again. Alright, this has to stop, Nami thought, rubbing her temples.

"If it's out of stock then were sorry for the inconvenience." Nami said and the glare was directed to her. But she stands still and looked back sternly to her. Does this girl don't understand proper Japanese or what?

"And you call this a convenience store?" the girl asked sarcastically who walks towards them slowly, Nami was tempted to step back but she didn't. The weird girl has a point though.

"The others are waiting for me, expecting me to bring those treats. And the other convenience store is far away from here. Wota would be furious you know." The girl stops just in front of Nami, looking down at her.

"Alright, if you're that eager to buy those, can you wait for like about…" Nami glances at the wall clock at their store.

"…one and a half hour? The new deliveries will arrive then." She explained while she saw from her periphery Tsugunaga-san nodded.

"Whatever…" the girl replied and walks towards the chair and uncharacteristically sat herself on it.

"Well, I guess she waits…"

Nami said after a while and strode back to her disrupted work followed by her co-worker who was clutching at her shirt. She looks back and saw the pleading look Tsugunaga-san gave her. She sighed, oh well I guess for the mean time she wouldn't mind having a tail for hour and a half.

It was after then the new stocks arrived and the weird girl who bought a lot of maruchou, urute and korikori who left with a big smile did Tsugunaga let out a relieved sighed. To which Nami chuckled a bit loudly, receiving a cute pout from her petite co-worker.

"Hidoi, Kawachi-san…" Nami grinned at her.

"…and here I thought I'm going to die."

"You're over reacting again, Momo-chan." Their other co-worker joined in. Their shift was almost over and so they're relaxing a bit.

"I agree with Suzuki-san." Nami said who high-five with the latter and the two broke out in a fit of laughter as Momoko's small eyes widened.

"Mou… but she's really scary, Airin. I'm calling Miya so that we have a bodyguard when we go home." The genki girl huffed childishly as she marched up towards the back of the store.

"Momo, were just joking…" Airi called out and shrugged her shoulders.

"…well, we really can't help it since this district was full of yankiis around." With that the girl followed her friend, leaving Nami to herself.

Now that she think about it, what the other girl had said was true. The other night she met a group of yankii high school girls and it was a terrifying experienced. But what's bugging her was that Asahi was with them. The sweet and caring Asahi she knew wouldn't associate herself with such people, well except with Jiro.

"Nah…maybe I was imagining things." She brushed off the idea.

Much later that day she found herself treading the familiar street towards her home. Free from work and free from her problem for a while, she thought. She grimaced upon remembering the happy face of Ray when she said…

Nami shook her head side to side as if to erase the memory from her head. She really needs to talk to someone and the only person she can think of is Asahi since Hinata is out of country. She really needs to find her….fast.

"Eh? Is that Asahi?" she asked herself while eyeing the girl walking across the street with another girl.

"And she's wearing a matching jacket with another girl?" she uttered again and found herself calling out the girls name as she cross the street.



The aforementioned girl didn't stop walking.


She called out again but still no response.

Nami decided that calling out her friends name was not working so she decided to run up to her and grab her jacket. 'Asahi' looked at her with wide eyes and all of a sudden she felt her butt connected to the ground.

"Wh-what's your problem?" to say that Nami was caught off guard was understatement.

"You've got guts to grab a Queen, chibi…"

The blonde beside 'Asahi' spat at her, she deduced it was that infuriating girl that flung her to the ground. And she called her shorty? No one calls her that and get away without a scratch. She's asking for it…..she thought.


Nami said in a menacing voice before she launches herself towards the unsuspecting blonde and the two of them tumbled on the ground; fighting over dominance as they tried landing a direct hit to each other's faces.

"What the?...You two, that's enough." 'Asahi' yelled at the two who were still wrestling on the ground, still fighting for dominance.

"Come on, stop!" The two fighting ignored her so she grabbed both of them, away from each other.

"Shibuya-chin…that's enough." 'Asahi' said with her soft voice and the blond brows furrowed. Nami on the other hand was panting slightly.

"This isn't over yet." Shibuya said to Nami as she shrugged the hand grabbing her jacket.

"I'm going ahead." With that Shibuya left, striding with all her glory as one of the heavenly Queens, giving Nami one of her trademark Queenly glare.

When Shibuya left, 'Asahi' let go of Nami's hood. They looked at each other and Nami frowned.

"What's with you, Asahi? And what are you wearing?" asked the shorter girl as she dusted her clothes off. On the other hand, the so called 'Asahi' who was really Torigoya of the shittenou was forming a quick lie.

"Ah, nothing…this kind of the latest trend in our school." Torigoya replied which made Nami looked at her incredulously, so she removed her jacket quickly.

"Really….?" Nami eyed her suspiciously.

"Last time I remember that's not the uniform of Yumeoka Public School." She continued while pointing at the uniform Torigoya was wearing. The Queen suddenly felt lightheaded…is lying would make you feel like this? She thought. This is bad…

"Or was it? Anyway I've been trying to contact you, did you change your phone number?" Nami asked and boy Torigoya was glad.

"Ah…h-hai. Someone was pestering me and calls me now and then, it's really annoying and you know me…"

Torigoya exclaimed while smiling awkwardly at the other girl, hoping she would buy the lame excuse. And she remembered her shattered phone, she's still mourning over it. Damn those bikers…..

"Hmm…..someone? You mean you're childhood friend, Jiro?" the shorter girl asked, grinning at her.

"Why don't you just give him a chance, he's a nice guy after all."

Nami suggested while playfully elbowing Torigoya on her side who doesn't have an inkling who's this Jiro guy the girl was talking about. Er…don't tell me that blonde guy with Asahi that looks like a pervert? Urg! No way in hell, the Queen thought.

"Ah….I'll think about it." She replied, grimacing at the thought of dating someone she doesn't know. This goes unnoticed to Nami and the latter perceived this as a no-no. Poor Jiro, she thought.

"Say, let's eat. My treat…" and with that Nami dragged Torigoya to the nearest café she knew.

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