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Summary: RosaliexEmmett. Starts from when Rosalie was changed(; Emmet's introduced later on.

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Rosalie pov

It was a dark and windy night as I walked home from Vera's. I held on to my hat harder as the wind picked up.

The loud, drunken laughter of men floated to me. It was coming from the side of the street. In an effort to avoid them, I hurriedly crossed the road.

Maybe I should have asked my father to walk me home.

"Rose!" some idiot said in drunken stupor.

Wait, that voice sounded familiar.


He was with some of his drunken friends, other rich kids.

"Here's my Rose!" he repeated stupidly. "You're late, we're cold, and you've kept us waiting so long!"

I've never seen him drunk before. He told me he didn't like champagne. I didn't realize then that he preferred something much stronger.

"What do you think, John? Isn't she much prettier than all your Georgia peaches?" Royce said, grabbing my arm and pulling me nearer.

"It's hard to tell, she's all covered up," John drawled.

I wrenched my arm out of Royce's grasp.

"I'll see you tomorrow, when you're sober, Royce," I said firmly.

They laughed, Royce like the rest.

"Show him what you look like, Rose!" he continued in that drunken voice.

He ripped my jacket off me. It was a gift from him. The brass buttons scattered on the road.

I gave a little gasp, shocked. He laughed at my reaction.

Then he tore my hat from my head. The pins wrenched my hair from its roots. I yelled in pain.

His friends seemed to enjoy that. The sound of my pain, that is.

I don't remember the rest very clearly. I do remember that once they had their fun, they left me in the street to die.

I was surprised by how long it took for me to die. It had started to snow and as I lay there in the street.

More than the pain, the fact that death was taking its own sweet time bothered me. There was so much pain that I was simply numb.

He found me then. Carlisle.

I'd never liked them much. Dr Cullen, his wife Esme, and her brother Edward. They were exclusive. It also annoyed me that they were more beautiful than I.

Carlisle bent over me. Suddenly, I felt like I was flying. Maybe death had finally come. But why was there still so much pain?

Then I was in a bright room. Maybe this was the "bright white light". It was nice and warm, and my pain began to dull.

Suddenly, something sharp cut me. My throat, my wrists, my ankles. I screamed. Had he brought me here to hurt me more?

The fire started burning through me. I started screaming more. I begged him to stop, to just kill me. When Edward and Esme returned home, I begged them to kill me.

Carlisle held my hand and apologized over and over again.

Sometimes, when I stopped screaming, I could hear Edward's complaining.

"What were you thinking, Carlisle? Rosalie Hale?" He spat my name like a curse.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the pain started to fade.

And I opened my eyes to a brand new world.

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