6:22 AM Yusuke's Bedroom, Room 316, ACU UP Apartments

Ren was standing on the roof of their building. She was wearing an openbacked top, and her wings suddenly sprang from her back in a burst of glowing white light.

It was beautiful, pure...right. The way she was meant to be.

'I know that isn't true,' said a voice. 'The Ahiru are disgusting, horrid creatures. Made to fill the earth with light, they perverted their power and filled it instead with darkness.'

"Sh-Shut up!" Yusuke yelled. "You don't get to talk like that and live!"

But then he realized that that voice…was his own. His own thoughts.

'I need to fight her,' it continued. 'I need to destroy her. Before she fills the earth with darkness.'

"She is Ren!" Yusuke yelled back. "She isn't evil! Stop it!"

'If she is so good…' the voice said. 'Then what is she doing with someone who has thoughts like these about her?'

A flash, and he saw himself, as the Mazaku, stab Ren in the neck, killing her. He watched as her wings went limp.

'If she ever uses her powers in front of you or you transform in front of her, there will be a battle, and this will be the end of it.'

His eyes widened with shock and he was forced awake.

7:46 AM, Ren's Bedroom, Room 316, ACU UP Apartments

"Hey!" Yusuke poked me. "Come on, get up!"

"Huhmm…" I muttered. I reached out, swatting at him.

He grabbed both of my wrists and pulled me up gently.

"Hiei wants you for training," Yusuke said.

I yawned, absently falling against Yusuke's chest. "Training for what?"

"It's just what he said," Yusuke replied, slowly putting his arms around me.

I suddenly realized what I was doing, blushed, and pulled back. "I…uhm…come with me?"

"Wait…what?" Yusuke was shocked.

"I want…you to see them," I said. "My wings."

Yusuke paused. He looked down. "No."

He stood up. "Go ahead and get ready for school. I'll make breakfast and tell Hiei you'll be along after class."

"But Yusuke, I—"

The door was already closed.

I quickly dressed and ran into the kitchen. "Oi! What's the deal with you, Yusuke? You on your man-period?"

Yusuke twitched and set down the plate. "No. Look, just don't use your powers in front of me."

"What?" I was shocked. "Is there…something wrong with having wings? Are you ashamed to be around me now?"

"It's not like that!" Yusuke yelled. "We just can't use our powers in front of each other or we'll be forced to fight and I-I…don't like the ending."

I sighed. "I see. I'll just go to class now."

9:23 PM ACU UP Apartments

"What was with you?" Hiei snapped at me.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean your lack of focus at training," Hiei said. "Did the detective do something?"

"N-No!" I said. "H-He…I was…we were…it's nothing."

I went to my room, slamming the door.

I sat down on the bed, breathing hard.

Yusuke's never gonna look at me the same now. Never. I wish I had something. Something that got my confidence up.

'But you do,' the voice of Rin entered my head.

What are you doing in my head?

'Simple,' Rin laughed. 'You released me when you destroyed my feather. Now if you want confidence, go drink some demon blood.'

That'll make me kill Yusuke.

'Hardly,' Rin replied. 'No amount of demon blood will take away your free will and convictions. If you don't want to kill him, you won't. The only time he is in danger is if you are in your Ahiru form around him. At that time your instinct will kick in to view him and all demons as enemies.'

All demons? Meaning Hiei as well?

'Ahiru are protectors of humans, and demons and humans have always been enemies.'

I sighed, falling back on the bed. It was so depressing, being an Ahiru. No one was like you at all. The only ones who wanted to train you were people you were supposed to view as enemies.

That explains why…I poisoned Hiei…that time. Because he's a demon. All my friends except Aiko are demons.

I pulled the drawer open, pulling out the vial. I sniffed it. Sure does smell like blood. And I can tell it's from a demon.

A moment passed with me staring at it. Then I downed it. You ask me why?

I would say that I wanted to know what it was like to be like them.

11:42 PM Living Room, Room 316, ACU UP Apartments

Yusuke heard the sound of footsteps. He turned his head and almost fell off the couch.

It was Ren, but what was she wearing? The halter top was better. Where the hell did she get that dress?

"Hey…what are you…wearing?" he asked.

"So this ultimate power feeling…" she said softly. "Is it what it's like when you're a demon, Yusuke?"

"Sometimes…mostly when I first got it, and…wait, what?" he looked confused. "What's wrong with you?"

"Everyone tells us we should be enemies…right…" she said, sitting down next to him. "What if you and I were together instead? I mean…it would stop all of the fighting."

"Ren…what are you saying?" Yusuke asked, backing off a bit. He did harbor feelings for her…but he wasn't going to get his hopes up. Ren was guarded. This just didn't add up.

"Do I really have to say it?" Ren asked. She leaned forward and kissed him.

Yusuke felt her pulling him in as he kissed her back. He didn't want to, and he knew this wasn't her…but part of him wanted to be with her.

6:17 AM Living Room, Room 316, ACU UP Apartments

I woke with a massive headache. "What the hell…?"

I looked down. "Sheesh…why am I wearing this lingerie…oh wait…NO WAY!"

I fell off the couch.

"Will you calm down," Yusuke said. "It wasn't that bad, really…"

"MAYBE NOT FOR YOU!" I yelled. "I can't believe I did that! Aw damn it!"

"Look, let's just forget it and move on," Yusuke said. "I'm sorry."

He stood up and turned to leave.

"No wait!" I said, a little too loudly. "Dammit. I didn't mean…I just…I'm awkward okay? And you're attractive…and now I'm going to be really weird for awhile…"

"You already are kinda weird," Yusuke said. "But it looks good on you."

7:19 AM Yusuke's Room, Room 316, ACU UP Apartments

Ren knocked, then entered. "Hey did you see my toothbrush?"

Yusuke turned and looked at her. "Wait a second…were your eyes always coal black like that?"

"Nah, they're colored contacts for Halloween," she said. "Like 'em?"

"Look lady…" he said. "Don't play games! You aren't Ren, so who the hell are you?"

"I'm fine!" she snapped. "Sheesh, if you don't wanna help me out you could've said so."

She opened the window, and the tattoo on her back glowed.

Shit. If those wings come out…we'll end up killing each other!

"Don't do it Ren! I don't want to have to fight!" he yelled.

"It's destiny, no one can change it!" she replied. Black wings shot out of her back.

But Ren's feather was white…and this is the color of the betrayer of her people…

A shock shot through him and he realized that he was reverting back to demon form. Damn…that girl will fight me. Because that isn't Ren…

"DETECTIVE LOOK OUT!" Hiei yelled.

A stream of razor sharp feathers shot at Yusuke. He dodged, but barely.

Hiei glared at the black winged angel. "You will die for taking her body like this!"

He gathered mortal flame in his hand and shot it in the kill spot—directly at her black wings.

The girl collapsed, wings folding and returning to her back while still aflame.

"Ren!" Yusuke had been frozen, but now ran to her side. By this time he had fully transformed, but he didn't care. She could be dying now!

But then something happened, and he dropped her. Her wings sprung back out, white again. Her blue eyes opened, wide with fear.

"Yusuke? Yusuke don't—"

Something in him had snapped. He was still in control, but he was being driven by instinct, not anything else.

"You're not…You're not Ren," He said, taking the blade from her waist and stabbing it into her feather tattoo. "Die, Ahiru!"

"Unh…I'm happy…to have it end…this way…" Ren looked up at him. "I wish I had been able to be…with you a little longer…"

"Ren?" Hiei leaped forward. "Detective you killed her!"

His hand went to his sword hilt.

"My last wish Hiei is that you don't kill him," Ren said. "He…already hates himself…now…I'm sorry Yusuke…"

Her eyes closed.

Yusuke knelt down. Blood trickled from her neck. She was no longer breathing.

"Dammit…" Hiei said. "Dammit. You idiot. See that there?"

He pointed to a small feather tattoo next to Ren's original one.
"Detective, the girl conceived a child!"

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