Beast Boy's Past

By: Keiko Kanani

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans.

Chapter 2: Dreams and Dates

*newly revised version

Beast Boy jumped awake. He remained lying on his bed shivering with fear. He stared at the ceiling as he tried to catch his breath. He just had a nightmare about… her. He hadn't even remembered her until he had that dream. It felt too real to be a dream though, but she possibly couldn't be here. Right? Beast Boy rubbed his temples and tried to stop himself from shaking. "It was just dream. She's gone now. She's not ever coming back."

Despite repeating those thoughts over and over, he couldn't help but be scared about the possibility of her returning. "Ebony Scarletta… She can't be back."

Beast Boy entered the kitchen after calming down, but he was still a bit shaken up from his nightmare.

"Hey, B, you okay?" Cyborg called from the table. "You don't look so good."

"Yeah, I'm fine," he replied with a smile. He began taking out supplies for a tofu omelet.

Cyborg grinned mischeviously, "So, I heard you and Raven are dating now."

"Wha-!" Beast Boy was caught off guard and dropped the pan he had been holding which knocked into some of the spices he had brought out and the teen made a huge clatter trying to catch everything. "Wh-who told you?"

Cyborg laughed as he replied, "You did right now. I've noticed that Raven's been acting all weird around you and you've obviously always had a thing for her. Then last night, I saw you go into her room and you didn't come out till an hour later. When you did come out, you were all happy and had that lovey dovey look on your face that I see Robin have when he and Star first started going out. I put two and two together and just had to ask to see if I was right."

Beast Boy just gaped at Cyborg when he heard the surprisingly well-thought out conclusion.

"Sorry, B, but you were the only one who couldn't tell she liked you."

"So even Robin and Starfire…"

"Yeah, they figured it out, too," replied Cyborg with a grin and a chuckle. Beast Boy blushed, all thoughts of his nightmare vanished when he thought about Raven. "Was it really that obvious?"

Suddenly, Starfire flew in from behind Cyborg crying, "This is most glorious! It is wonderful that you and Raven are dating!"Beast Boy just continued to blush.

"Hey, Star, where's Robin?" asked Cyborg.

"Right here," he answered as he entered the room. Starfire flew up to him and they lightly kissed each other. "It seems that everyone is dating except-"

Cyborg cut off Robin saying, "Actually, Bumblebee and I are dating."

"Really?" the three Titans said in unison. Cyborg nodded with a faint blush evident on his face.

"This is glorious! We must celebrate everyone coming to find someone they love!" Starfire exclaimed excitedly.

"Well, actually, Starfire, Raven and I are going on a date tonight, so we can't celebrate," muttered Beast Boy. Starfire gasped excitedly and smiled with her jade eyes glistening.

"Where are you planning to take her?" Cyborg asked with a grin. "Beast Boy's finally growing up. Taking her on a classy date."

"I was just thinking at that pizza place we always go to," he replied.

Silence proceeded.

"Maybe he isn't exactly as grown up as I thought he was."

"Beast Boy," Cyborg began slowly, "you can't just take her to a pizza place."

"Why not? That's what me and Tara did," complained the green teen.

"Number one rule of dating, NEVER talk about the ex-girlfriend," Cyborg quickly stated. "Hmm… I don't think you're ready to date someone like Raven. You and Tara were barely dating. More like best buds. Raven isn't Tara so you got to treat her differently."

Starfire, Cyborg, and Robin suddenly huddled and whispered amongst themselves before turning towards Beast Boy again. They all had a mischievous glint in their eyes.

Before Beast Boy could say anything Raven entered the room. "Good morn-"

Raven found herself being whisked away by Starfire just as she walked through the door. "C'mon Raven! This will be most glorious day!"

At the same time, Cyborg and Robin ran off dragging Beast Boy in the other direction. Raven and Beast Boy made eye contact for a nanosecond before they were placed in their respective rooms.

"What is going on!" shouted Beast Boy as he was dragged into his room.

"Welcome to Dating 101!" called out Cyborg.

Beast Boy face palmed. "Oh please no."

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