At a loss by Sonar

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Professor Charles Xavier was not usually a man that was left at such a loss but it appeared to be one of those days. He had the X-men save a mutant that once went by some other name to prevent her powers from being known but she now called herself Camoflauge. It had been some time since she was found in the hands of Magneto but alot had happened within just two weeks after bringing her to the mansion.

She had been emotionally, mentally and physically attacked resulting in alot of intense emotions. He had endured some of the experiences she went though and even felt her pain when she got tortured which resulted in her recieving a power when those aliens tried to use her shield powers. Even as he placed a hand to his chin, he was reminded how many times he had came close to losing her considering that he knew that he made some choices that were not always the right one.

Still, it was hard to react when Teklos managed to take them offguard. Even if he saved her life with the help of his X-men, Magneto and his Acolytes, she fell into a coma that lasted a week. She had almost died when there was a weakness in her barriers even if he placed barriers of his own into her mind. His mind had recalled the events too well and during the time that she was recovering from the physical bruises caused by the mental torture she endured before she got captured the second time, he could tell that she was struggling to open up.

Once she did recover, she was able to talk a bit but the ordeal has proven a bit too much considering her nightmares were more terrifying than the ones she had during her ordeal considering it was hard to know if Teklos was really dead after Wolverine killed his body. Xavier worked hard to get her trust but Teklos took over Gambit's body and gave her such emotional abuse that she locked herself in the bedroom for a good three days before talking.

Despite this, he was able to talk to her and help her through the events of losing her friend Mika who was cut in half by a airplane wing that broke off. Even the funeral felt hard and she needed help to deal with Seth. Things got more interesting from there when she suffered an emotional breakdown while trying to control the feelings she had felt inside. She had felt like no one even cared for her and that she would be left behind. Still, it was more than that as he had soon found out.

When he had read her mind, he had found out that Teklos told her of the situations where it felt like help arrived at the last minute, how none of the friends she seemed to have never even checked on her, how her situation was dealt with and so much more. It even left him at a loss at that point. He knew that Teklos had been well prepared for this situation and it did hurt him in a sense because it felt like he had abused her trust considering he never told her what happened when they were trying to rescue her and some details were left out during this whole ordeal.

He was taken out of his thoughts as there was a knock at the study door. It had been getting late and he was wondering who could be up.

"Come in", he spoke softly, waiting to see who was on the other side of the door.

The door seemed to almost make a creak sound as it was opened up to reveal Brandy. She must of been having a hard time remaining at ease. She looked hesitant to talk while moving her hair out of the way. Xavier realized that he had lost track of the time even though he did not even expect anyone to be up. He knew that there was still a long way to go in her recovery and her powers had not returned yet which was a concern for her. Still, he had a feeling that she just wanted to talk.

He asked," Couldn't sleep?"

She had nodded in response after closing the door behind her. How could she think of sleep at a time like this really? She had lost alot of sleep when this whole thing started and was only able to get a bit of rest during the ordeal after being rescued until the nightmares came back.

She replied," I know it is a bit late but it is hard to think of sleep right now."

She was a neutral type of person that doesn't want to be a burden to anyone yet she wants to have a father figure in her life. Her powers had activated when she was 3 year olds when she saw her parents killed in front of her but parts of her memory felt like it was missing.

He softly spoke," So much has happened in such a short amount of time."

Walking further into the room, she took a chair and just sat down. Sighing softly, she looked up at his face.

She told him," I never realized that I had those kind of thoughts in my head. I just feel terrible for not being able to handle it."

Could he blame her really? She was emotionally suffering and it had hit him hard as well when he realized that Teklos had been planting thoughts in order to keep her away from everyone. Still, he did not want her to think that what he said was true even if it was in a sense. He touched a button on his wheelchair and came from behind his desk.

He replied," Emotions can be a challenge at times and I could not blame you for how you have been feeling. I never realized that he had hurt you verbally but he won't hurt you anymore."

He knew that she was in pain and all he wanted to do was to get her to trust someone. He worked so hard on gaining her trust and it was not an easy task. He didn't know why she did not seem to trust but it was never easy to open up to someone you only known for a short period of time. Still, the two did seem to get along despite the problems that they had faced together.

He watched her face, knowing that it did seem to show some reaction to what he had said. In the short time he got to know her, he knew there was more to this girl than meets the eye. He could tell that she was aware of what he was saying. Then again, he had noticed how mature she appeared to be despite her age.

She said," I did not even know what to think. I was so scared, considering that I been through so many mental attacks and being near death. I wasn't even sure if I could even open up about what he said. It was just too much professor."

He had understood her while his wheelchair was right in her view considering that he was in front of her.

She continued," I was honestly worried that it would hurt you if you had found out and I wasn't sure if..."

He cuts her off by raising a hand. It did affect him but still, he would never treat anyone any differently. He knew that she feared that the others would reject her after what he had been put through. When he looked at her, she had looked like a frightened child at times that had lost too much and felt that she would have nothing to gain. In time, he knew that any burden she held would be removed.

He takes a deep breath and touches one of her hands in an effort to provide some comfort.

He said," Now, Now. There is no reason for thinking like that. Some situations could not be handled and despite what has happened, we must move foward and learn from the experience. I had my moments when I had feared that the worse would happen but it made me more determined to help you. It has taken alot out of us but there is no more looking back because you will become stronger once you deal with this. I help anyone that is in need and help them heal."

Even when he had a few nightmares, he still had to focus on the here and now. He had understood her situation more than anyone else. He had reached out to her and was not intent on letting her lose herself in those thoughts that had hurt her mentally and emotionally. Considering that she was the one that left her future in his hands, he was not about to let her down.

He applied some pressure to her hand, knowing that she had almost lost some hope while this was going on. Still, he had not really opened up about what he had felt because it was probably the same feelings that she had felt. She did seem to relax just a bit but not completely.

He continued," It is a long way to go and even if I was taken offguard by what was inside your mind, I could not blame you for not being certain. Still, you need to allow yourself to open up. I will be here to help you with anything you need but I had told you that before."

She had nodded as it had almost felt like a lecture. Still, he had not really raised his voice at her unless it was trying to save her from the mental attacks. She had listened to his every word, knowing that he had meant every word he had said.

She softly said," Like you said, it might take time."

He saw her look down towards his hand.

He responded," It will take time and there is nothing to fear anymore. I know that it has not been easy but we will take it one step at a time. I know that there is alot to deal with but I won't rush you through this. I know that we been through alot but it doesn't stop one from learning. The end result may seem uncertain but I know that in the end, you will over come this obstacle."

She saw a smile on his face when she looked up after he removed his hand. She wished she could let herself share what she even felt. There was some moments when she could. He knew it was getting late but he had to make sure that she was all right first. He had felt protective of her because he had not revealed the whole story to the X-men and they only knew parts of it.

He asked," Is there anything else on your mind?"

He knew that she had been concerned about him even without reading her mind because she had once asked him how he was handling this situation. She had often wished that she was able to be a bit casual in conservations at times.

She answered," I am not sure what is really on my mind but I'm hoping that I get through this night."

He replied," The nightmares will fade in time but you need to focus on rest. We do got much to discuss but hopefully I can learn some more about you. In time, you will be able to interact with others more without the fear that they will hurt you."

He knew what she was thinking in a sense without having to read her mind. She had alot to deal with and it would take time. A yawn had escaped her as he knew that she was starting to get tired.

He suggested," How about we continue this tomorrow?"

She asked," Are you sure?"

He knew that she did not want to intrude if he had other things to deal with. He knew that she had been considerate despite the chaos going on.

He nodded," Don't worry. I will have a few things to do tomorrow but I do have time for you. I know you still feel tense but you did make the right choice in letting me see inside your mind once more. I don't want you to hold anything inside anymore. I know that the things that had been said do not represent you or anyone else."

It had made her feel better. She seemed a bit calmer now as she moved her hand to move her hair aside.

He added," I know that you will become a better person because of this. You are such a interesting and kind person and it's pleasant to have you around."

He could not resist a smile as he saw her blushing. He had caused her to blush more than once but it was to help her feel better. Still, it had been said truthfully. Chuckling softly, he motioned her to get up.

He spoke softly," It is getting late so I suggest you get off to bed and get some rest. If you have any nightmares, I will be sure to wake you up."

Her face returned to normal as she got up. However, she paused for a moment.

She said," Professor, I'm sorry for not being able to express myself more and for not sharing this stuff with you earlier."

He replied," It's all right."

She had a thing for apologizing but he could not blame her. He would of probably done the same unless it brought him to the breaking point. He went with her to the door and opened it.

He said," Goodnight and sweet dreams Brandy. I will stop by in the morning but when we get a chance to talk, I will contact you all right?"

She replied," All right."

She walked out of the room and he had soon followed. However, he noticed that she had stopped and something was her mind. He raised an eyebrow but what he witnessed next was a bit unexpected. She had turned around and had suddenly hugged him. He had nearly jumped as her upper body was bent a bit. He smirked and touched her arm. However, he was then taken offguard with a simple kiss to the cheek.

She said," Goodnight Professor."

She moved away before he had the chance to react and headed towards the staircase to get to the room that she was sleeping in. He blinked his eyelids twice and realized what just happened. A smile escaped him as he touched his cheek.

He thought," Well that was interesting."

He places his hand on the arm of the wheelchair and makes sure that the door to the study is closed before he leaves to go to bed for the night. A long road was ahead but all that mattered was that he knew that she was slowly recovering.