Chapter 4: Avoid Part 1

It had been mostly unexpected that it would just suddenly happen. Professor Xavier could not believe what happened even as the outcold Gambit was taken away and Camoflauge was retreating into her mind after what had happened. From what he seen, Gambit had her pinned to the wall and she was looking very frightened when he came with some help. Of course it was a good thing that it was Hank and Wolverine who had been aware of her situation since the chain of events started otherwise anyone else would not really understand the story.

Wolverine did not waste any time in attacking Gambit, spearing him to release Camoflauge who was pinned against the wall. She was so scared that she had fallen down on her behind instead of on her knees. Wolverine was dealing with Gambit while the professor clearly saw Brandy shaking like a leaf. It looked like she was saying something but it was hard to hear. He almost called to her but the sudden noise has caused her to feel more panicked while she managed to move away from the spot where she was once pinned to the wall.

She was trying not to freak out but the overwhelming emotion was just there. It was hard to tell if she was aware that there was help for her. Wolverine had managed to knock Gambit out easily considering that he sent Gambit into the dresser. Brandy managed to move and over to where the professor was but she got down to her knees and just buried herself on his legs. He could feel the fear coming from her even without using his abilities.

Her hands nearly gripped onto his pants as he went to move his hand to check on her. She was trembling and tears were falling down her face and even before he had the chance to touch her hair, he had sensed something that seemed a bit overwhelming even for him. A silent gasp escaped him as he sensed that she was under a great amount of stress and was feeling confused by what just happened.

He could hear her faintly whispering to please make Gamibt stop hurting her and several other things. He did not know what was said but it was clearly causing her to be really shaken up. His hands had moved and touched the upper back on her shoulder blades while she was refusing to look up. Wolverine, Beast and the professor looked to Gambit as Wolverine went to grab him.

Beast asked," What should we do with him?"

Xavier looked from Brandy to Hank before coming up with an answer.

Professor Xavier ordered," Until we find out what happened, I suggest that we have him restrained so I can find some answers."

Wolverine replied," I'll take care of that Chuck."

Wolverine had a hold of Gambit's outcold body and had taken off with the body on his shoulder while the professor moved his hand along Brandy's hair. He could feel her trembling but in her mind, it was a different story. It was so confusing that it was hard to really make head or tails about what had happened and what she was actually feeling. Even as there was tension in the room, there was something to take care of.

The professor spoke," Help me get her on the bed Hank."

Hank blinked his eyelids, came over and managed to get a hold of Brandy's upper body. With some help from the professor moving his wheelchair, the two of them got her onto the bed. Her face had tears and her eyes made it seem like she was not even aware of the real world. Hank and the professor looked at her.

Hank observed," It seems that she's in a state of shock right now."

The professor nearly shook his head. She had almost moved herself away from him.

The professor told Hank," I can sense it as well but whatever was said seemed to have triggered something."

He moved his hand to touch the side of her head.

He added," I will have to find out some answers but for now, it would be best if she was left to rest. However, I will see what I can do because this was the last thing that needed to happen after all that she has been through."

Hank was aware that this situation did affect the professor but from watching what had happened so far, he could see that it ran much deeper than expected. The events had happened so fast that it had been given no real time to sink in. Still, he knew that the professor would do whatever it takes to protect this girl from having her life taken away considering that she had some bad experiences within two weeks.

To the professor, he knew that things might of gone too far and it did affect him more than he had shown around her. He knew that he was just reaching through only to have Gambit almost physically attacking her. He did not understand why he would do such a thing but there was something going on that the professor wanted answers to. He knew that Gambit's behavior had been strange once when he picked a fight and then did not even remember a thing about it.

Even as Xavier looked at her, he had recalled how he had used his powers but it was noted that she never said anything about it as if she did not have a problem with him being in her mind. He knew that he had been in there considering that she had suffered mental attacks in her sleep and during the day. Even with those mental attacks, she also had to deal with the loss of a team mate who was killed by the wing of an airplane that broke off while she was trying to stop it with her powers. Xavier knew that she had to deal with so much and at this point, the attack on her by Gambit was the last thing she had needed to happen.

The professor was not sure of what to even do even if he felt certain that she did not need to suffer like this. Still, he should of been able to sense it much sooner. He did not know what would happen but it did not matter. He knew that it would be hard to settle her down when she was in shock and in a great deal of pain. He knew that even with his powers,he could not take away the memories of those attacks. He knew that he had no right to do that to her and it would only help her get stronger if she could get past it.

Even if there was some poor choices made during this whole ordeal, it did appear that they were still able to save her despite some of the consequences. Still, things have been changing in an instant that caused things to be uncertain. Even now, the professor felt uncertain of how she might react and considering that Gambit's attack on her was unexpected, it was quite the blow. There was silence that made it feel like there was tension in the air.

Hank called, "Professor?"

Professor Xavier snapped out of his thoughts as Hank stood there with his arms at his sides. Hank was not certain if the professor had used his powers but there had not been a word from Brandy despite the fact that her eyes clearly looked like she was in shock still. Hank almost raised an eyebrow as the professor glanced over at him.

Hank asked," What should we do?"

The professor replied," I can only do so much to help her. I can get her out of her shock but what happens from there is up to her. Right now, she needs some time to get over what just happened and if she is willing, she might talk about what happened. Still, I do not know how she might react after all of this."

Hank spoke," You are right. It is hard to know but you have been there for her. I am sure that whatever happens, she will remember that."

The professor did feel somewhat assured by that but knew that it was really hard to know while he used his powers to gentley nudge her mind into getting out of the shock. Within the next minute or so, he saw her eyelids closing so with a bit of help from Hank, the two moved her body and sleep had soon claimed her. Hank moved away while Xavier pulled up the covers. No more words were really said as Hank seemed to move to be behind Xavier's wheelchair. Xavier had made a mental note to possibly move her to another room if necessary but there was not too much damage done to the room.

Hank touched the back of the wheelchair as Xavier nearly sighed.

Xavier told Hank," There's nothing more that we can do for her until she wakes up so let's leave her to rest because I know that she will need it."

Hank nods without saying a word and takes the professor out of the room. For now, they had no idea of what would happen and the professor had no choice but to wait and see what would happen even if the results might not be pleasant. It was now a waiting game and at this point, anything could happen.