Once Upon a Destiny

Life is a journey which may take many twists and turns, but the final destination is unavoidable.


In the opinion of a certain commanding officer of his majesty's army, today was a beautiful day. The flowers were in full bloom, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and he could hear a pig squealing probably on its way to the slaughter house.

Now, the commanding officer wasn't a very bright man, as it turned out. For the sound he mistook for a squealing pig, was actually in fact one of the young princes being held in a headlock by his supposed loving older brother. However, the officer was soon brought back to reality when a handful of mud hit him square in the face, some of it getting in his mouth. And since mud isn't particularly tasty it is no wonder that said officer started to gag.

After he had tried his best to wipe the mud off his tongue, he surveyed the scene. The oldest of the princes was wrestling one of the twins, whom he could never tell apart. The angry prince seemed to be shouting at his brother and behind them the officer spotted the other twin who seemed to be looking at him in horror. He realised that the boy's right hand was covered in mud. So he was the perpetrator.

The officer thought for a moment before deciding this was way out of his league. Sure, he could handle being on a battlefield surrounded by enemies. No problem. But angry young boys were another thing entirely. Especially when there was mud involved. The officer prided himself with appearance.

Coming to the conclusion that he should fetch someone else to break up the fight, he tried his best to wipe the mud off his face and retain some of his pride before fetching one of the servants.

Today is not my day, he thought glumly.


"APOLOGISE! You destroyed it on purpose, so apologise!" Christian screamed at Teddy, whom he held in a headlock.

They were in the courtyard and though there was a cheery rainbow in the sky from last night's rain, none of its cheer reached the struggling boys on the ground.

"Why should I? It was trash anyways, it's not like it would've worked!" Teddy managed to say while twisting away from Chris's grasp. He managed to get away only to be tackled to the ground.

Chris glared angrily down at Teddy before replying, "It was not trash. It was a work of genius, which you destroyed!"

"Stop it!" Harry pleaded from a safe distance. He wasn't brave enough to try to pry them apart. He valued his life. After a few moments in which neither of his brothers seemed to be listening to him, he picked up a handful of mud from the ground, a memento from the previous night's rain. Though it lacked the beauty of the rainbow, it had its uses. Harry threw the mud at Christian's back, or tried to at least. His aim was undoubtedly the worst in the kingdom and instead of hitting his brother, the mud hit home on a very important looking person's face. Horrified, Harry put his hands to his mouth, successfully getting mud all over his face.

"Not until he apologises!" Chris said with a gasp. Even though Teddy was the younger by a year, he had managed to get behind his brother's back and had twisted his arm behind him in a rather painful looking position.

Harry was getting nervous. The important looking person had left the courtyard with a determined look on his face. "Really, you two outta stop fighting!" He shouted as he saw the important looking person coming back with the history tutor, Miss Corbin.

"And what do we have here?" Miss Corbin spoke in a kind, but strict voice.

"Nothing, Miss," Christian and Teddy scrambled up from the ground and, with Harry, spoke in unison with wide eyes, trying to look as cute and innocent as possible.

Miss Corbin looked at them sternly obviously unaffected by their cute and innocent façade. "Who started this?"

"Chris did! He punched me in the gut for no reason! It really hurt, Miss!"

"It wasn't for no reason! You purposely destroyed my robotic flower planter!"

"A robotic flower planter? Would that be to help the gardeners?"

"Yes, Miss. They always work so hard so I thought I could make their job easier." Christian spoke attempting the cute and innocent façade again and apparently without effect.

"That's so sweet of you Chris. But that cute act won't get you anywhere. I still have to tell your parents."

"Please don't, Miss! It won't happen again! We promise!" Christian and Teddy chorused.

Miss Corbin thought for a moment. "Well, what if you told each other you were sorry and that you really love each other. Then maybe I'll forget this ever happened."

"EEW! But Teddy's my brother! I don't love him!"

"I meant love each other as brothers. There's more than one kind of love."

"Fine, I'm sorry for hitting you, Teddy."

"I'm sorry for breaking that piece of trash."


Miss Corbin simply shook her head as the two brothers continued to fight again. Opting for a more direct approach, she grabbed both of their ears and pulled them to their feet before marching them out of the courtyard. As she was doing this, she finally got a good look at Harry.

"What happened to your face?"