_we will be here when you fall_

Epilogue; 'Kind words can unlock an iron door'
Turkish Proverb.


Coraline sat on her bed, staring at her music box. Tucked away, safely inside it was the key Eve had given her. She hadn't quite worked up the nerve to open the door just yet, but she knew she couldn't put it off forever. She felt weight on the bed beside her, and turned to see Cat. He blinked his big blue eyes, and flicked his tail.

"Hello you" She smiled, stroking his head. He twitched his whiskers.

"I know… I know" She sighed. "I'll do it today"

Cat gently headbutted her.

"You probably miss her, huh?" He blinked at her again, and she interpreted that as a yes. Coraline opened the music box, and pulled out the key, before following Cat down the stairs into the drawing room. She knelt by the door, her heart in her mouth. Cat sat down beside her, and together, they just stared at the little door.

There were still tiny scratches from when she'd clawed her way out last time, and it sent a little shudder through her body.

"It's okay Coraline…it'll be okay" She told herself, putting the key in the lock. They stayed still for a moment.

"I gotta say sorry…right Cat?" She looked down at him, but he was just staring at the door intently. "Sorry for being a brat… and thankyou, I guess. For teaching me a lesson"

Cat shuffled a little closer to the door, and Coraline turned the key in the lock. It almost seemed to echo.

She shuffled a little on her knees, and the little door swung open with a creak.

There was the tunnel, dusty and dirty, and full of junk like it had been the last time she'd been through there. A cold breeze came through, sending a little shiver down her spine. It smelled old.

Coraline was finding it very hard to be brave, especially when she noticed the back of the door. It looked like someone had attacked it with a knife, and left deep, rough gouges in the wood.

Cat darted in front of her, and made his way through the tunnel. Then at the end, he vanished.

Coraline leaned forward a little, hearing a gentle rustling sound, along with soft murmurs. How was she supposed to show her face to her Other Mother, after what she'd done?

Her heart jumped up into her mouth as she heard a soft voice.

"…Coraline? Is that you?"



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